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Super Mario Bros Knit Patterns

By colormist
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Couldn't decide if this was digital work or fiber art. It's meant to be used for a fiber art application, so more people would look here rather than in the digital section. -- Moved to the tutorial section/artisan crafts. :)

First installment of several. Backgrounds of the pieces can be whatever color you choose. I think my backgrounds are going to be grey or blue.

I'm making a super mario bros. blanket and thought I should share. ;)

Super Mario Bros (c) Nintendo & et. al.
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OMG! Thanks so much for sharing!! I had no idea if my patterns would actually work (as I had no time to test them). I am so happy to see the end results!! I'm going to share it with all my friends! :D
awesome! I plan on trying more of them, so I'll def share more pics as I go. Thanks for the great patterns!
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How do I get knitting patterns for Mario characters
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This is just a knitting chart. You have to know how to read them and be able to apply them to your sweater/scarf/hat/etc appropriately. I made the above patterns using sprites

Here's a link to get you started: [link]
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May I post to my site, crediting your dA?
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Sure, so long as you provide a link back. I also have the patterns on Ravelry (same account name), if that's easier for you. :)
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I never understood how to read these patterns. Is one small square inside the larger squares a single stitch?
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I do believe so. I actually have not tried to knit this and it was my first attempt at making a pattern. O_O I have yet to see any results from people knitting with this pattern. I don't think that's a good sign. :(
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gah... can't knit it without knowing @-@
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I'm in the midst of a scarf right now. I'll whip out my yarn for this project and try one next. Then we'll have a definite example. :D I'll be sure to post the example in my gallery and link in the comments of the patterns.
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THIS IS AWESOME! I'm soooo knitting this after I'm done with my Ugly Christmas Sweater ^.^
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OMG, I would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to see any result at all. I have no idea if these patterns actually work. O_O
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My wife has asked me to say thanks for these... they're on her needles now :)
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She is definitely welcome. :)
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this is awesome! :D
Hi i LOVE these patterns!!! I found them through and my son started begging me to make them into a blanket for him. I know you were talking about mabey using Fair Isle or Intarsia but i am almost done with the ghost block and i used Tunisian Crochet. It is turning out really nice. (a bit smaller than i thought i need to go up in needle size.) I just wanted to tell you and say thanks for sharing. Rachel
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Yay! I'm glad someone finally made them. I never thought of using crochet (as I hadn't crocheted in decades when I made this pattern), but just recently started crocheting a blanket, so I might have to try that instead.

Did you post the results on Ravelry or DA? I would love to see pictures. :)
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Would you be able to recommend any other tutorials on how to read these patterns? I'm only a basic knitter atm but would like to be able to attempt this awesomeness xD
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There are two ways to implement this pattern: intarsia and fair isle.

I tried fair isle and failed horribly (on the simplest block pattern), so I'm going to recommend intarsia. This tutorial looks pretty simple and straight forward: [link]

I have not tried intarsia yet, so I'm not sure how easy it is to do. :\

Good luck and let me know how it works!
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I just randomly found this on a google search looking at knit patterns. I couldn't believe this when I saw it. I'm currently working on a Super Smash Bros Brawl blanket for my boyfriend who loves the game to death. I'm making the roster with all 35 characters. I have two left to make and then I'll be working on the name tags and then sewing it all together. I'll have to put a picture of my finished product up once I'm done. Otherwise you can check out my knitting blog: [link]
I haven't put up any other photos than the ones I have on there now. I will eventually though.
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Awesome! I made these patterns a long time ago and have yet to knit it all up (to even see if it'll work). The worst part so far was finding the appropriate yarn colors.

I'd love to see your final version when you're finished. :D
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