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Before Dawn Cruel Lessons of the Night: Chapter 1
Before Dawn Cruel Lessons of the Night, Cinders in the Rain
Rated: T - English - Suspense/Romance/Mystery/Supernatural/Drama

Chapter 1: A Thought of Life in Death

Because I could not stop for Death-
He kindly stopped for me-
The Carriage held but just Ourselves-
And Immortality.
~Emily Dickinson~
Never would I have thought my life would turn like this, little did we think that this would end together.
The words I learned from Emily Dickinson, no more than ninth grade in junior high, the words of Because I Could Not Stop for Death and I Heard a Fly Buzz- when I died, kept twirling in my mind. However, no matter how troubling, we knew the inescapable had come. We were to face death.
Was it really that long ago that I met one of my best friends in ballet class, the new neighbor, or I suppose I was that new neighbor across from her, a house I had just moved into. Such a frien
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Why Not Live a Little? Chapter 1 Part 2
Inside Out Fanfiction
Chapter 1: The Day the World Turned Upside Down (Part 2)
The emergency vehicles took forty minutes to arrive having most of their personnel and supplies already aiding in the valley summer fires, some that spread wickedly earlier that day. The dispatch was drained and the park was even for Santa Rosa standards far out of town nearer to the red woods and a little past many of the cities wineries compared to the more well-known parks. By the time anyone could arrive, it was reported there were several injured and no one knew how many casualties. Possibly one confirmed, but no one could be for sure till they arrived on scene. There chaos reined terror like never before.
The ground unthankfully was wet due to the park owner trying his best to keep the park prime during the summer hot spot. Being owned by a millionaire, the man could easily pay for such care of his property, however, it did not help on a day such as today. Those who stoo
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Why Not Live a Little? Learn How Too Breathe!
Why Don't You Live a Little in the Moment? Learn How Too Breathe
Inside Out Fanfiction
Chapter 1: The Day the World Turned Upside Down Part 1

Warm, probably the warmest summer Riley could remember. Or so her emotions kept guard of for her.
Much of the air was dry with snaps of cool wind. Not a good sign when it came to summer or so one emotion often feared.
The others did their best to ignore their trepidatious companion and his petty fret over weather. For today, the day was nice. Except for the fact that only Fear could see the dark underline in the altogether wonderful horizon. Though it kept their girl in line, his worry was overbearing, though they had to admit it was his job to worry more than most. And he was one of the most diligent workers, at least more thorough then his teammates. As an extreme perfectionist, if not a despotic over achiever when it came to filling their paperwork had its own hands in this.
Their friend
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Sneezy Finally Gets His Wish! One Moment of 4Ever! by ColorGuardSweetHeart Sneezy Finally Gets His Wish! One Moment of 4Ever! :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 11 2
Night Falls Upon Journey's End! Prologue: Add Up!
Night Falls Upon Journey's End!

Prologue: When Miracles Don't Add Up!
[It doesn't add up] The transparent green long haired ghost thought as he held his chin traveling over the trees far beyond Amity Park. Far enough no snooping ghost kid could find him; while he was far too many state boarders away that he would not draw usual attention from anyone who was looking for some trouble.
Sighing his long white hair could not help but stand on his head, and it was not due to being shaken by the idea that hours ago they were moments from the entire planets destruction. Though it would not destroy the ghost world, unlike a few less knowing premonitions from some punk. The over flood of humans with vengeance, and other sorts of unfinished business would destroy the lives many of them had spent hard making for themselves within the Ghost Zone.
[Heck I'm not living like some Little House on the Prairie shit!] He told himself f
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Missing You, Still Wishing You Were Here Again! by ColorGuardSweetHeart Missing You, Still Wishing You Were Here Again! :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 7 1 Two That Were Meant To Be, They Complete Eachother by ColorGuardSweetHeart Two That Were Meant To Be, They Complete Eachother :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 15 3 Morning Our Doc, Careful Who You Trust! by ColorGuardSweetHeart Morning Our Doc, Careful Who You Trust! :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 5 2
Killing of Delight: Prologue-These Days We Spend
Killing of Delight
Prologue: These Days We Spend, Alone am I (Killing of All Delight)
These halls are empty remnants of the lost
Reminders of a time a place they once were known.
In these walls the bells would toll and long would wails sound.
In these walls we lived, we laughed and spent in joyful song.
In these halls music would sing and regal colors would spring to life.
But all is lost, for all is stolen even the splendor from me and time.
Outside is empty, where all jollyous things come to die.
The grass long grown, roads grown over, houses destroyed and
The square where a town before its time once stood and thrived
Has long been raw as a rotten core, broken down to the earthly demise.
These halls we walk still held joyness of life, in once upon a time.
Even when the world around us appeared to die,
We remained the humble servants of the land we knew as home, yes we stayed.
Stayed behind for years to come, with the only abode we o
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Boc Dee and his Father Doc Dee of the 7-8 D's by ColorGuardSweetHeart Boc Dee and his Father Doc Dee of the 7-8 D's :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 3 4 It's the Final Countdown: The Blame Game!!!!! by ColorGuardSweetHeart It's the Final Countdown: The Blame Game!!!!! :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 16 7 Something Evil Lurks Behind by ColorGuardSweetHeart Something Evil Lurks Behind :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 11 12 Wanted By the Shadows! Rebel Resistance Symbol by ColorGuardSweetHeart Wanted By the Shadows! Rebel Resistance Symbol :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 6 1
Green Fields! Prologue Part 1: Home is With You
Green Fields of the Cul-De-Sac Grounds
Ed Edd n Eddy Fanfiction
Purgatory Theory Fanfiction
Prologue Part 1: Home is With You
The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year,
Of wailing winds, and naked woods, and meadows brown and sere.
Heaped in the hollows of the grove, the autumn leaves lie dead;
They rustle to the eddying gust, and to the rabbit's tread;
The robin and the wren are flown, and from the shrubs the jay,
And from the wood-top calls the crow through all the gloomy day.
Where are the flowers, the fair young flowers, that lately sprang and stood
In brighter light and softer airs, a beauteous sisterhood?
Alas! they all are in their graves, the gentle race of flowers
Are lying in their lowly beds, w
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Green Fields Cover Art by ColorGuardSweetHeart Green Fields Cover Art :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 10 6 Cutie Cupi Ed Edd n Eddy Purgatory Victim #9 by ColorGuardSweetHeart Cutie Cupi Ed Edd n Eddy Purgatory Victim #9 :iconcolorguardsweetheart:ColorGuardSweetHeart 10 9


Livedraw BNHA and hero doodles by InYuJi Livedraw BNHA and hero doodles :iconinyuji:InYuJi 44 8 Shouto Todoroki by InfinitePieces Shouto Todoroki :iconinfinitepieces:InfinitePieces 28 4 BnHA = Liwayway Ref Sheet = by KristalDawn07 BnHA = Liwayway Ref Sheet = :iconkristaldawn07:KristalDawn07 43 11 Deku Izuku Midoriya - Movie Concept Art by BlueWolfArtista Deku Izuku Midoriya - Movie Concept Art :iconbluewolfartista:BlueWolfArtista 74 20 BNHA::. Autumn Lovers by Prissmon BNHA::. Autumn Lovers :iconprissmon:Prissmon 142 26 Katsudeku- Captain America AU by luckylizart Katsudeku- Captain America AU :iconluckylizart:luckylizart 102 20 My Marvel Academia...LOL wtf by DuckLordEthan My Marvel Academia...LOL wtf :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 781 23 Boku No Marvel Academia art 3 by DuckLordEthan Boku No Marvel Academia art 3 :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,099 55 Boku no Marvel Academia art2 by DuckLordEthan Boku no Marvel Academia art2 :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,334 59 Boku no Marvel Academia XD by DuckLordEthan Boku no Marvel Academia XD :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,916 111 [YCH, Set price] Secrets [OPEN] by tshuki [YCH, Set price] Secrets [OPEN] :icontshuki:tshuki 71 5 Weapon of the Spirit by giadrosich Weapon of the Spirit :icongiadrosich:giadrosich 89 79 Within by giadrosich Within :icongiadrosich:giadrosich 104 56 The Storyteller: Color by giadrosich The Storyteller: Color :icongiadrosich:giadrosich 92 52 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Finished) by giadrosich Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (Finished) :icongiadrosich:giadrosich 191 23 Mei by NeoArtCorE Mei :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 5,757 92



Journal Entry: Sat Jun 17, 2017, 4:18 AM
Hey everyone,

Again I'm back from the dead... Eye Roll Belle Roll eyes plz   Quiet seriously...

For those of you wonder... I had one of the worst years for school imaginable this last year. Besides scavenging my last bits of money my Nana had saved for me (something very hard to say goodbye to, it's like loosing her again. And I'm not happy with this quarter turned out. I feel like I could have saved most of it for next year and rather feel like I wasted what she saved for me by all that happened). 
Anyways, Long story short... I got really sick back in December... Actually all of December and part of January. While my mother went through a complete arm surgery, in the same time I was nearly hospitalized. BECAUSE OF SOMETHING I FREAKING CAUGHT FROM VISITING THAT FREAKING HOSPITAL... COMMON PEOPLE!!!!!
This is coming from a Purrell hog. So the idea that using all the right stuff, getting sleep, drinking all the teas, taking all the vitamins and wiping places I went down (no I'm no germ aphobe or ocd, though parts of my life seem it) I just have very bad experiences with hospitals and me. We just don't mix. Like very-very-very VERY distant friends, who won't go near each other with a ten foot pull and only one is invested in helping the other to a degree but are completely bad influences on each other.... Or like frenemies bad near each other, but good at a healthy distance...
Thing is just even visiting a hospital didn't do anything to repair the relationship me and hospitals have...
To tell the truth whenever I'm at one, I'm a literal Human Walking Talking Petri Dish... No kidding.

So yeah I spent all December and half of January (to the point of missing two weeks of Winter quarter and because of this nearly flunking all those classes, had I not managed to go to school by the third week), while having to be my moms literal nurse I may add.

Ever since then, I have not fully recuperated, the last six months have been an upward/downward battle of getting severely sick. My immune system was severely weakened it' seemed after that time at the hospital... (That's what I get for spending the night at a hospital... Although I sweat I felt it coming on earlier that day).... Huh, oddly enough within a week or two of me being sick (of the month and a half long sickness) I saw on the news that hospital was ranked lower then the fifty percentile of cleanliness or proper cleaning procedures and such, and worst they were getting in trouble cause apparently the time were were there someone with some serious contagious illness was there and numerous people got sick... Guess who the lucky petri dish was the lucky duck to be one of them... YEP THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since then, I've had at least three other times I've gotten severely sick....

Just recently after completing my OPera (which was amazing by the way.. I hope to do a TF, Attack on Titan and Seven Deadly Sins themed art towards it with my fellow cast mates inspiring the characters I draw in a TF context... But that depends whenever I receive the email with pics....)
But last day I suddenly began feeling similar to how I did in my time visiting the hospital. And the time after that. Within a day I went from soar through but able to sing my high soprano solo's and act out for my character. To hacking my lungs out so to speak, and having choir concerts and finals to get through.
I had already been sick enough and used my sick days.
Push came to shove, antibiotics didn't' work. Whatever I had became Bronchitis, and I went over a hundred degree temp, when my norm is low at 96 degrees.... Well one thing led to another, and I got stuck having to beg teachers not to fail me, to give me WP's, to miss the first choir concert since Senior Year when the swine flu was big and I happened to get it before our Fall Concert (sucks when your a senior and graduating).... As of today when I performed at graduation, I couldn't help but feel that the choir professor (and awesome, tough guy, really knows his stuff awesome professor) I could feel him giving me the cold eye and angry beyond belief at me. I swear it felt that way thought friends told me he wasn't angry. It wasn't like I could do anything about it.
I mean the day of the choir concert and juries I nearly went to the hospital.... I know he counts on me since I'm a 1st soprano that can move around if he needs And he rely on me a lot in the Alto section since we were heavily lacking in Alto's this year sadly.....

Well what I'm trying to say in general is I'm so sorry to anyone trying to get a hold of me, all the groups I ran or helped with and might have let down. And just anyone awaiting art from me.
My health was seriously depleted in the last seven months and I greatly apologize but there was nothing I could do.
I also had a problem accessing Deviant Art. I could oddly enough access it through google images to like an image. But I couldn't access more then that. I wasn't able click on my profile or note area as they froze...
I'm sure its my own fault. Since I was always playing catch up for the last half a year. I really didn't have the time to worry about why I couldn't access most of my stuff...
Also what sucked is I didn't have a phone anymore. At least since it had charging issues and refused to charge except with a particular cord that cost $40 and had since been lost....
So I've been really living a interesting several months.

I hope you can all forgive me....

As for anyone waiting for me to post more art, Update stories... And most Importantly Post Commissions. I have them... And seeing that DA is now working for me again... I'm not going to waist most time and they should be posted in the next two too three weeks... Depending on when my phone should be fixed, or if I can still access the school scanner (since i had to beg all but Opera to give me WP's I may no longer have access to their scanners which takes a quarterly password to use)

As of now I'm much better, I'm still getting better as I've only been what can be described as normal since yesterday (well considering the time it's more two days ago) In other words Thursday. I'm still foggy brained and my thoughts aren't as clear as they could be. But it's getting better. Soon as I found I could come here. I made sure to add this Journal. Because it was dully needed....

I HAVE NOT ABANDONED YOU GUYS... I'M HERE, I ask please that you prey I can get my life back together here. The way this quarter ended worries me. Especially how my teachers may think of me... Since I'm going to have to almost completely redu this quarter in the fall.... I could just ask and really ask for prayers that this next school year will be one of my best and most diligent ever... I really could use the prayers for focus and clear mind, ALSO NO MORE SICK DAYS...For when the next quarter starts...
Also I'm trying to get a second job my current one has really cut my hours again, I'm struggling to just pay for bills (which could explain why DA was iffy with me since I'm a paying member... It makes sense) I just need prayers and everything that I can find a second job or means of making more money I could really use the prayers in that sense...

Thank you for listening... I give me deepest apologies... You all are wonderful people, each and every one of you. Please never forget that.

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Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! C.G.S.H. (Blurr's Girl)Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! 

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ColorGuardSweetHeart's Profile Picture
Breanna B.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Love To Dance, Sing, Dance, Color Guard, Winter Guard, playing Football, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey etc. Sports Aholic, Jazz Aholic, Dance Aholic, Music Extreme Aholic, Art Aholic, Musical Theate Aholic, Acting Aholic, Picture Alolic.
I'm ninteen going on twenty, in college but having some issues with the school homework sites ;P... I am mostly an A student without the issues. I'm a Christan very Conservative in beliefs yet I was also raised with some Liberal ideas. I love art, favorites Van Gogh and Thomas Kinkade....
I am very happy, get complements for smiling all the time and looking like everythings at peace, when everything is really pouring over with stress (It's funny what strange trait I hold when I shouldn't) So I guess I smile all the time and quite happily like I'm carefree of things around me.... (Shrugging shoulders, it's just what people tell me)
Anyways love drawing since I was a child, paint not so good but working at it, love pencils especially watercolor ones their awesome.
Love writing stories.
I'm extremly multi talented, and thank God everyday for all my talents in the Arts, Sports and Science... As well as for my strong stand up nature where I'm not afriad to go out and face my fears and do something others will not.
I thank God everyday for many things, believe he is my savior and that Jesus died on the cross for man and for my sins. I try my best to spread his messages in the little things I do, I believe in redemption and in the Bible and I am not afraid to say it. For without God I would not be living on this earth, and my parents would not have a child.
I am also not afraid to say I was adopted, I do not know my parents, I am a b... child (Love child as I like to call it) and I am against abortion because I would not be here if my 'mother' choose that route.
On a lighter note, I love singing and have been singing since I was a child. I wish to become a forensic scientist, and am going to school to hopefully become one, as it is a goal in my life. My GREATEST ALL TIME GOAL is I wish to help people as that is all I wish to do, and hope to do it well.
Also I love hanging out with friends and just being my fun loving zany sassy free spirited funny sweet kind gal self; for I believe being yourself is one of the most important things you can do, and not let others influence who you are or will be, be your own person. :) ;) :D ;D



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