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Red Marten by missfelidae
Graypaw Reference Sheet by Sidonie
Lil Shali by Shalinka
Traditional Commisson - Dancing Tatiana by Shalinka
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T-rex sketch by JeneryFilly
Pretty by Sofiko-PNG
Demon's run [Wallpaper] by FotoFurNL
Kitsune On'na by Shalinka
Rad Pink Claret
Ziggs by MikaFrostwolf
Sargon bird by ArtemyMaslov
BADGE for tinymars by LiLaiRa
Headache by SHADE-ShyPervert
Orange Brown Ochre
Thirst by RHADS
Tank Girl : Church of Booga by blitzcadet
Starnose by Alivis
Loki - Oil Painting by AstridBruning
tailed cowboy frog by JupiterWaits
coyote by GaudiBuendia
Reptile by yanadhyana
Critter Commission by Spacefriend-KRUNK
Green Emerald
Butterfly by woutart
Giraffe dragon BC by Kahito-Slydeft
Ancient God of Bull by Denewer
The most cozy place to sleep by beareen

Mature Content

Purr... by Spighy
mermaid by rerekina
Sea  Elemental by Tira-Owl
Abby by KatieHofgard
Hedgehog by eris212
OWL for SALE by stardust12345
Celestial fox by Manticora-Miorro
Slayer of evil by KitsuNeka-san
White Grey Dark
Water nymph by MikaFrostwolf
Inky madness by MikaFrostwolf
Dogs Of War #1 by Kwazar
Baby Penguins by RamalamaCreatures
Kitsune by Quberon
Yarn deer by veracauwenberghs
Curious Lady by seuris
Floral Frolic : Sneeze - HARDCOVER BOOK UPDATE!!! by blix-it
Orange Brown Ochre Old2
Morning Stroll by synderen




Welcome to ColorFurr Group!


How to become a member
To join this group click on the "Join Our Group" button. You can also simply watch the group as you would do for a single deviant.

How to add deviation
Any member may submit a work to the group. Click the "Contribute Art" icon on the top of the front page, choose which deviation you would like to submit, and choose the category you would like to submit it to, your choices will be shown on the top left of the submission page.

Some rules:

:bulletblack: This group is devoted to furry art, so we accept works directly connected with Animals, Anthros, Nekos, etc. Our group also accepts pictures of humans as long as they're not the main subject and are riding/walking an animal. We also accept landscapes as long as they contain living fauna.

:bulletblack: The group accepts images of fantasy creatures as long as they are primarily based on real animals, such as centaurs, mermaids, dragons, nagas and so on.

:bulletblack: This group filters featured content by criteria of quality, such as precision, professionalism and completeness. This is done to ensure maximum comfort and interest of the group's participants in reciveing updates. We have the aim of inspiring people with the works of other artists and helping talented artists find their audience.

:bulletblack: The group accepts works made using any traditional or digital technique.

:bulletblack: The group accepts photographs under the following circumstances:
a) When the photograph is of the artist's own craft (assuming it is the only way to display your work),
b) When the photograph is considered to be heavily manipulated (such as a collage).

:bulletblack: The administration reserves all rights to accept or decline a submitted work into the group.

:bulletblack: Group members may only submit up to three works a week.

:bulletblack: All art will be sorted by color, which means that if your artwork has a certain dominant color, you may submit it to the relevant folder. If you don’t know which folder is relevant for your artwork, you may contribute it to the “Featured” folder and the administration will sort it into the proper place.
The same applies to art with using three colors or more, where you can’t separate the dominant color.

Inspire and become inspired!

ColorFurr is the collection of the best works of furri-artists! We accept all styles, the only restriction that your works should be artistic, talented arts of high quality.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Gods and Goddesses, Teachers and Students, Novices and Masters, fellow celebrators of Imagination, I greet you all.

The club has been growing from strength to strength for a while, and I've increasingly felt the need for a new rule concerning submissions.

Henceforth, submissions that show that very little time and effort was put into them will be declined. While bearing in mind that its not always obvious how much thought and skill has gone into an artwork due to differing skill levels, the club will be taking a stricter stance on deviations that seem too rushed or hastily put together.

May your imaginations stay limitless!!
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