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Nice Girl
I am a nice girl.
This, I have always been.
I can't abide gossip;
I hate to hear it.
This, I have always thought:
"I am safe."
I hate to say it:
I was wrong.
I am not safe—
I'm bleeding from my back.
This is wrong.
I feel the digging of the knife.
I am a nice girl.
Gossip can't abide me.
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Kiss Me Silent
I'm afraid of my own temper,
afraid to move a muscle.
If my fingers touch the keys,
who knows what I'll say?
Afraid to move a muscle,
I bite my lower lip.
I know what I'll say:
I'll blame them.
Bite my lower lip.
Kiss me silent.
I'll blame you
if I'm not sufficiently distracted.
Kiss me silent;
catch the anger on my tongue.
If I'm not sufficiently defused,
I'll start a war.
I'm afraid of my own temper.
If my fingers touch the keys…
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What Can I Leave You?
What can I leave you?
I don't have much to give.
I've been careless, true,
with the life I had to live.
I don't have much to give;
I hover at the door.
With the life I had to live,
I wish I could give you more.
I hover at the door;
my soul pulls toward the sky.
I wish I could give you more
before I had to die.
My soul pulls toward the sky.
I've been careless, true.
Before I have to die,
what can I leave you?
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Mature content
Blood Lily :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 0 3
Damage Control
The living room smelled of cinnamon and pine. The Christmas tree twinkled away in the corner, standing proudly over stacks of neatly-wrapped gifts. There should be music playing, something jolly and bright. Instead, the quiet in the house pressed in on me, making me want to scream to break the silence. I checked the impulse—it was getting to be habit, but it was getting more and more difficult each time I had to do it. It felt like each time I held it back, the outburst made it a little further up my throat. If relief didn't come soon, I thought the next time, it might make it out.
I'd be in trouble, then. I brought my eyes up from the coffee table, looking for a distraction.
I watched my sister, Jaya, run a hand through her thick, shiny black hair, and marveled at the change in her. Her hair was at her shoulders now, cut flatteringly around her face, and colored a uniform ebony, instead of streaked with bright blues and acid greens. She was sitting on the very edge of the sofa cu
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List of Words
I have a list of favorite words.
I run through them every day;
I need them to be heard.
I need to hear them to feel safe,
to calm my heart and its pounding ache.
Fear climbs my chest, giving chase;
convictions and muscles start to shake.
Repeat the words over again,
mantras to make the panic end.
Journaled prayers fill a book
with brambled paths the panic took
and hopes for safety in the dark.
Peace is granted, tears are shed:
The sources of my fears are dead,
and thus the demons miss their mark.
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Happy Summer Postcard by ColorfulGreyscale Happy Summer Postcard :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 1 0 James McAllister Collage by ColorfulGreyscale James McAllister Collage :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 2 3 James McAllister by ColorfulGreyscale James McAllister :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 2 5 Snow by ColorfulGreyscale Snow :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 1 0 Glamour by ColorfulGreyscale Glamour :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 0 0 Guardian by ColorfulGreyscale Guardian :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 0 3 New Journal Layout by ColorfulGreyscale New Journal Layout :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 1 3 Adriene by ColorfulGreyscale Adriene :iconcolorfulgreyscale:ColorfulGreyscale 1 3
The rustle of a lady's skirts.
Swish, swish, swish.
The cadence of an old-time dance.
One, two, three.
Sunlight cascades, giving gowns--
softest silk so fine--
a glow that's gentle and divine.
Hear the angels whisper.
Every day we practice.
Turn, turn, again.
Always done in secret.
Shh, shh, shh!
We dance alone in empty rooms,
feeling quietly grand.
We laugh in voices hushed and furtive,
always watching the door.
What would the lords and ladies think
if they could only see their chamber maids?
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Peace has become my favorite word.
I write it over and over
in neat script
until the page is covered
and my heart is calmed.
Peace, peace, peace, the paper says.
Peace, please, peace, I silently beg.
I stare at the lines of precious script
after my hand has stilled,
and I take in and release my breath,
enjoying a moment's relief.
The anxiety is gone.
It spilled out in rapid writing,
panic lost in motion,
only pretty peace in its wake.
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shouldn't still love you
"Kenshin, you're in the wrong la-- Kenshin, what are you doing?!" The voice, which was normally of a mellow tone, was now reaching new heights of panic with every rotation of the wheels of her fiance's vehicle. One hand, whose nails were covered with artificial plastic daggers to keep herself from biting them down to the quick, was clutching to the plastic handle of her door, as if throwing herself out of the car was in any way an intelligent decision. The other hand was keeping the lid of her four fifty mocha on top of the flimsy cup, as she would gladly be damned to hell before sporting the brown liquid as an accessory all over her brand new white blouse, specifically worn for this occasion.
"We're getting off here." Was all the usually calm red head replied, burning rubber as he swerved onto the exit ramp. As the few cars around them recovered from the shock of it all, the woman in the passenger seat nearly started a fire as she reached over and violently turned the steering wheel i
:iconsarcasticxpoetess:SarcasticxPoetess 2 11
Why the Wind Wails
Why the Wind Wails
Long ago, when gods and demons were more numerous and powerful than today, there lived in one corner of the world a Jaguar.
Now this Jaguar was no ordinary beast, for he grew far larger than others of his kind, until he towered over the greatest trees and began to rival even the smaller mountains. He knew hunger then, for being so large there was no game that could sustain him for long. Ravenous, he left the jungle and trekked north in search of better hunting.
He entered a desert, where at first he found only jackrabbits and the occasional coyote, neither of which was more than a tiny mouthful at a time. Besides which, the thunder of his belly rumbling sent most of them scurrying for their burrows before he ever got near.
The Jaguar was nearing the point of despair, about to lie down in the dust and wait to breathe his last when a musky scent wafted teasingly across his nose. Cresting a mountain, he sighted in the valley below a herd of gigantic pronghorned antelope
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A Toast to the New World
"How was that New World, Smith?" is the only greeting he gets. But it is nine o'clock and the pub is full, everyone already considerably drunk. Smith used to know this man, but it has been a few years and he never really liked him, anyhow.
"A waste of time with no good alcohol," Smith says as he signals for the bartender to bring him a drink.
"Heard you got shot."
"I did."
"Bloody savages…" the other mutters into his pint. "They killed my brother, ya know."
"All too well. It is the only story you seem to remember while drunk."
"Bastards think they run the place."
"But of course. It is their land, after all."
The other man looks affronted, either with his beer or with Smith, who could not care less. Smith pays more attention to his drink than to the man's tirade on how, exactly, the savages murdered his brother.
"What would you say if I met an Indian girl?" Smith asks calmly as the man cools down with a few more gulps of alcohol.
"I'd say you're an idiot. Unless she was s
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SW: To Whom it May Concern
Prince on vacation.  
Rescued myself.
- Princess
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 470 121
Wizard of Oz
Women fighting over red shoes -- predictable.
:iconneonsquiggle:neonsquiggle 501 371
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Marcie Wood
United States
I'm a writer who likes to play graphic artist and pretend she can sketch (getting better at it). I'm friendly, but self-conscious. I'm planning to try new things this year, both in art and in other areas of my life. I love people.

Current Residence: My house :D
Favourite genre of music: Country, Pop, soft rock...I listen to a lot.
Favourite photographer: Heather!
Favourite style of art: Digital painting.
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: Sandisk
Favourite cartoon character: Do bishies count?
Personal Quote: "Happy Vampire's Day!" <--On Valentine's Day


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 14, 2009, 9:37 AM

Not much to report, but here's a word count thingy.


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