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Ladybug Plushie Doll by ColorfulCupcakez Ladybug Plushie Doll :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 22 12 Pearl Plushie Rag Doll by ColorfulCupcakez Pearl Plushie Rag Doll :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 47 6 House Stark Box by ColorfulCupcakez House Stark Box :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 9 0 Yuri On Ice Agape Jewelry Box by ColorfulCupcakez Yuri On Ice Agape Jewelry Box :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 21 6 Viktor Nikiforov Stammi Vicino Jewelry Box by ColorfulCupcakez Viktor Nikiforov Stammi Vicino Jewelry Box :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 23 6 Utena Tenjou Jewelry/Keepsake Box by ColorfulCupcakez Utena Tenjou Jewelry/Keepsake Box :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 16 0 Sweet Valentine Earrings by ColorfulCupcakez Sweet Valentine Earrings :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 7 0 Weiss  Schnee Jewelery Box by ColorfulCupcakez Weiss Schnee Jewelery Box :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 30 14 Princess Jasmine Ballet AU Crown Commission by ColorfulCupcakez Princess Jasmine Ballet AU Crown Commission :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 3 2 Sailor Saturn Rag Doll by ColorfulCupcakez Sailor Saturn Rag Doll :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 19 3 On Love Eros Resin Heart Pin by ColorfulCupcakez On Love Eros Resin Heart Pin :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 7 0 Ciel Phantomhive 1,000 Sleeping Princes Crown by ColorfulCupcakez Ciel Phantomhive 1,000 Sleeping Princes Crown :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 5 1 Sailor Moon Cosplay Accessories by ColorfulCupcakez Sailor Moon Cosplay Accessories :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 4 0 Unicorn Horn Earrings! by ColorfulCupcakez Unicorn Horn Earrings! :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 12 0 Unicorn Magic Potion Bottle Necklaces by ColorfulCupcakez Unicorn Magic Potion Bottle Necklaces :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 5 2 SVFOE MonStar Horn Necklaces! by ColorfulCupcakez SVFOE MonStar Horn Necklaces! :iconcolorfulcupcakez:ColorfulCupcakez 14 0


Part of your world by kawacy Part of your world :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,922 60 The soldier by Ravennist The soldier :iconravennist:Ravennist 20 0 Heartful by Kaze-Hime Heartful :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 844 27 Sweet Rendevouz by Kaze-Hime Sweet Rendevouz :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 592 21 Space Koala by Tresity Space Koala :icontresity:Tresity 40 8 Wanna go out for dinner? by MegS-ILS Wanna go out for dinner? :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 234 10 Eternal Station by renataeternal Eternal Station :iconrenataeternal:renataeternal 16 0 .: Bishoujo senshi: Sailor Moon :. by PuriPurix .: Bishoujo senshi: Sailor Moon :. :iconpuripurix:PuriPurix 107 8 The Final Battle by renataeternal The Final Battle :iconrenataeternal:renataeternal 7 0 Chibiusa grown-up Manga Coloring by LaMoonstar Chibiusa grown-up Manga Coloring :iconlamoonstar:LaMoonstar 12 3 Marinette purse by AnilachanEtsy Marinette purse :iconanilachanetsy:AnilachanEtsy 6 0 Moonsong by Drachenseele Moonsong :icondrachenseele:Drachenseele 161 11 Sailormoon x Miraculous Ladybug - Bonus kwami by Airipyon Sailormoon x Miraculous Ladybug - Bonus kwami :iconairipyon:Airipyon 9 2 The dancing swans by bakashalaatti2 The dancing swans :iconbakashalaatti2:bakashalaatti2 17 4 Fairy Chess Pieces: Mari as Amazon by Cain88 Fairy Chess Pieces: Mari as Amazon :iconcain88:Cain88 30 2 The Amazing Spider Meme by LizzieShiro The Amazing Spider Meme :iconlizzieshiro:LizzieShiro 16 0




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Ladybug Plushie Doll
Tikki, Spots On!
It's official guys. I've fallen into Miraculous Ladybug hell and I am LOVING IT! The show is just so gosh darn cute I just HAD TO make a doll of Ladybug herself!
All of the spots on her suit are sewn on individually and the spots on her yoyo are black sequin!
Fun Fact: I made the rainbow macarons specifically for Ladybug's background! Same goes for the Eiffel Tower. Just like Pearl, I don't know how well she'll go over in the shop so there's only 2 of her up there for now. Feel free to check her out if you want one!…

And be on the lookout for more Miraculous inspired stuff coming soon cuz I am INSPIRED and this creative hype train has no breaks! WOOOOOOOO!
Ladybug Symbol .:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette Miraculous Chibi - Happy Ladybug Icon Tikki 2D ~ Miraculous emoticon Miraculous Yin-Yang icon Ladynoir fistbump plz Miraculous Ladybug - Cute Tikki Icon  
Pearl Plushie Rag Doll
A doll handmade with love inspired by my favorite character from Steven Universe! I've always loved her ballerina aesthetic and her pastel color scheme, and I did say I planned on making more of these when I posted Sailor Saturn, so I figured why not start off with Pearl! Same as Saturn, I can never find buttons in the size or color I want for these and paint is out of the question so as per usual, I made em out of clay! same goes for the pearl on her head! And to add a little something extra (because you guys know by now that its not me if its not EXTRA) I beaded some really pretty yellow sequin onto her star! On a side note, I am SO glad I decided to go with a more stylistic approach to her hair instead of trying to make a pink traffic cone on the back of her head. XD I did that with my first attempt of Lapis did not go well XD
Plus I like it much better this way. Oh and yes that is my entire (current) collection of Pearl peropheneilia pinned onto the background (In case you guys haven't noticed I am complete trash for Pearl) I currently have 2 of her up in the shop right now and plan on making more if she goes over well! I also have a lot of other pictures of the close up details on the listing that I couldn't fit in this collage so feel free to check it out if you want to see more detail pics!…
And here's an idea!if you have a steven universe or pearl ita bag, get yourself a key ring and sew it into the head so you can clip it onto the bag! Instant epic addition! That's what I plan on doing with the one I made for myself anyway!

Oh and  comment telling me who your favorite gem is so we can all geek out together!
.:Ministrife Pearl:. Pearl  Pearl .:Pearl ICON:. Steven Universe - Free Pearl Avatar PearlLA Rose's Rose - RED Pearl Icon 0 2 2 Pearl  
House Stark Box
Winter is almost here! I hope you guys are just as hyped for Season 8 of Game of Thrones as I am! I actually made this box over a year ago, but apparently I never posted this one to my gallery either! Man, I really gotta start keeping track of what I post on here XD 
Anyway, since we're only 2 weeks away from the beginning of the end I figured now would be perfect timing! So I guess it ended up working in my favor huh? Compared to the rest of my boxes, this is definitely more simple in style, but that doesn't mean it didn't have any less detail worked into it! Because oh boy am I proud of how that Direwolf came out! 
If you wanna snag this box for yourself, this one is actually still up on my etsy store so feel free to check it out before the whites come and we all get added to the army of the dead!…

and while I'm here, comment and tell me what house you're in! 
|F2U| Winter Terrarium Blue Snow Globe Game Of Thrones Icon Game Of Thrones Icon Wolf Attack Loop Rue Grin Go go llama Crown Emoji 
Yuri On Ice Agape Jewelry Box
And now for my OTHER Yuri On Ice related jewelry box inspired by my best boy, Yurio! Fun Fact: This box tooks the longest amount of time I've ever taken to finish a box, due to me being too broke to get the supplies to finish it, so she sat shelved for over a year before i was able to buckle down and finally get her done! I gotta say my favorite part of the whole thing is how the shoulder feathers turned out! And yes I sculpted the feathers by hand out of clay. No mold! They just look more organic that way to me! As for the stones on the box those are also swarovski crystals just like viktor's box had! Now unfortunately,this one is no longer for sale either because this one actually sold on New Year's Eve! And she was the very first box I ever sold! I was so happy! And that day I was beginning to think that nobody wanted them! It really renewed my confidence and determination! So I guess you could say this box also has just as much of a story behind it as Viktor's! And now she's in her new home all the way in Paris, France! (for reference I'm in Texas so that it FAR! As well as the first thing I've ever sent overseas which is still so crazy to me!) However, if you would like to commission me to make you your own Agape box or any other cool idea you have in mind, feel free to contact me and I shall see what I can do!
Yurio On Ice Icon|Yurio yuri plisetsky|Yuri on ice|Circle [ YURI ON ICE ] :Yuri Plisetsky: |YURI ON ICE|GIF|YURIO|VICTOR|YURI| 
Viktor Nikiforov Stammi Vicino Jewelry Box
Not really a new thing I made, but I was looking through my gallery and discovered I never posted this beauty! WHich is a shame because this was actually one of the first jewelry boxes I ever made! I put a lot of love into this one. And sparkles...lots and lots of sparkles. The whole thing was inspired by Viktor's hella extra phone case! All the gold cording is made of polymer clay and the matching gold piped boarder is made of silicone! As for the tiny rhinestones you see on the top, only THE BEST would do for Russia's Living Legend! So although its hard to see, they are indeed tiny Swarovski crystals! It's actually really funny how this all started with this one box. Buckle up cuz this box has a hell of a story behind it! It was at the time the official Yuri On Ice jewelry box came out and out of curiosity, I decided to check it out. I almost had a coronary when I saw what it looked like and how much people were going to have to shell out just to get it! Sure it played music, but the box was so small, you couldn't even fit a charm bracelet in it! "Fans are paying $80 plus shipping for THIS?!" I ranted aloud to myself. That's when I decided screw this nonsense, I'll just make one myself that's actually worth that money! And I ended up making it $10 cheaper minus shipping! And then I made a matching Yuri one and then one thing lead to another and it was all downhill from there XD. And the rest is history! Now unfortunately I don't have an etsy link for this one because it FINALLY sold about a month ago! HOWEVER, you can commission me to make you one! I'm gonna warn you though, I do make these out of recycled wooden cigar boxes so I don't often get the same size of box more than twice so yours could end up completely unique from this one! Which sound like a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! But I digress, if you want me to make you one, feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can work my magic! 
[ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov 2: [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov ice skating: F2U Victor from Yuri on Ice [ YURI ON ICE ] Happy Birthday Viktor ! VICTOR ICON Pink Heart Icon heart eyes motherfucker 
Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I made a journal entry, but hey life happens.
Anyway, after making so many things and improving in my craft and growing a lot, I have decided to take a new approach to some of my older creations, and do a complete overhaul makeover of all of my Sailor Senshi Unicorns since there are definite improvements i could make to them! But making those girls are NOT CHEAP! So in order to afford the supplies to do that, they need to be sold off! I still have them up in my etsy shop, but I only made 2 of each, so once these guys are sold, they're sold until I make the new and improved versions! Each unicorn comes with a unique pair of matching earrings! However, if you don't wear earrings I can totally make one of them into a necklace upon request. I also do commissions for the unicorns so if you want me to make the outer senshi or the villains or tuxedo mask, feel free to message me! (plz guys I NEED an excuse to make Unicorn Galaxia)
Some improvements include resin gems and swarovski crystals to replace the clay gems on the front bows, tiaras, and earrings
Hair in thicker strands so they look more fabulous,
and improvements to each senshi unicorn's unique accessories and what not!
So I'll put 2 separate links here…  this one is for all the senshi… and this one is for Queen Serenity!

Feel free to take a look and give one of these candy colored crime fighters a good home if you so desire and I look forward to turning them into the glow up of the century!
until next time,
Paiton:) <3
*Free Icon/Emote* Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Swirling Water #55 Free Icon: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) Sailor Jupiter in front of her planetary symbol Queen Serenity La Emoticon GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle Galloping Unicorn... GIF Gravity Falls - A Pony (Celestabellebethabell) 


Paiton Pike
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hi! :) My name is Paiton and my entire life is art. Anything and everything it entails from costume making to painting, making jewelry boxes, jewelry, fairies out of clay, baking, you name it! I'm also a nerd so I love cartoons, anime, manga and books! I'm in so many fandoms at this point, I would have to make a list on paper since I'd probably lose track if I just counted on my fingers. Since I last used this account to actually post art instead of collecting favorites, I have been a year out of High School by the way of graduation, so now I have more time to dedicate to my passion and that is Art itself! I even opened up my own Etsy store so I could sell some of the stuff I make! I love all of my creations, but as a famous Panic! At the Disco states, if you love something, let it go. So yeah. Oh, and You will definitely get a taste of some of the fandoms I'm in by looking at the stuff I post, so feel free to scream into the void about them with me! I definitely won't be posting just paintings on here, though. I get inspired to make different things all the time like I stated earlier, so no stagnation here! That's not how I roll! I'm glad I resurrected this account and I look forward to finally being active in this wonderful community of artists!


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