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:happybounce: Hiiiii!!! So how are we all??! Our little boy is now 6 months old!!! And he is as fantastic as ever :heart: :heart:
I recently had a birthday in october and Ian bought me the new limited edition pokeball DS! Its sooo nice! I am putting my pikachu 3DS up for the little one when he wants to start his pokemon adventure :D :iconpikaplz:
There won't be any new uploads for a while as i just dont have time to draw. Lol My DS time is when everyones asleep :,) lol!
Hope your all getting excited for Christmas we definitely are!!!
Take care!
Kaiya :iconpikaplz:

embedded_item1510950441366 by Colorful-Kaiya
:iconpikaplz: Hello everyone!! IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!! :iconimdeadplz:

As you know myself and :iconwolxhound: were expecting a baby boy!! Well as of April 2017 we have become super duper proud parents of baby Theodore Atticus !! 
He is truly beautiful and we couldn't be happier!! He's now 9 weeks old and is smiling and chuckling away! :heart: :heart: 

I hope you are all well!! please send me a note or comment for a chat as id love to catch up with you all!

I will TRY to keep checking back as often as i can!! 

Mummy Kaiya :happybounce: :iconpikaplz:
:iconpikaplz: Haiiiii everyone!! :iconpikaplz:

So update on the little bab! :)

Weve found out a couple months ago that were having.....

A BOY!!!!!!

Were over the moon! We didnt mind the sex atall! But now we know we can start decorating and choosing colours!!! :D  

:happybounce: APRIL 2017 :happybounce:

How was all your christmas'? Festive, full of food and presents i hope! A belated MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! :heart:

What did you all get? :3  we had a lovely time! Was spoilt rotten as always ;)

I really want to get drawing again but my motivation levels are so low im exhausted majority of the time lol!

Take care all!! :glomp: :tighthug:
Hey everyone! So its been 9 months since my last journal! Life has been a whirlwind!! Haha :D

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

Myself and Ian! Are expecting our first baby!!!!! :D im due in April 2017! And we cannot wait!!!! Very very happy! Im the size of a small hippo and can no longer see my feet :') hehehhe!  

So im sure u will understand that i may not be as active haha! I am however going to be on my 3DS alot as we got the new pokemon games today! And ive just seen! SWAPNOTES BACK!!! but now called swapdoodle! Hehe i love that little app! So yeh! Please feel free to comment or note me or send me a pic on swapdoodle! ;D

Hope you are all well!! Keep me posted with everything and will be checking this every week now so i can keep up to date with u all! :)

Thanks guys!!!

KAIYA! :iconpikaplz: x

Add me if you havent already! 3ds - 5171-9881-0513
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:new: Hai! My etsy page is currently under construction! but i do have my items available to purchase on here or on my facebook page here…
Thanks for your support guys! :new:

{ Free Icon } --  Game Boy by Hardrockangel { Free Icon } --  Game Boy by Hardrockangel Hai hai hai! Hope you all are well!  { Free Icon } --  Game Boy by Hardrockangel { Free Icon } --  Game Boy by Hardrockangel
As you have probably noticed i just uploaded about 4 deviations! 
Sorry for the spam!  Free Avatar - Pink DS by Kiki-Myaki
But i wanted to upload all of my creativeness to share with you all!
Free icon: Pencil by slothkittensIve been really busy making stuff the past few days to share with all you lovely people and on my etsy page too! Free icon: Pencil by slothkittens 

I am deffo missing drawing pokemon for you all tho so i may have to take a break from the stickers and hama to draw some pokemon to get my fix :')  FREE Crayon Icon by Sunshinewish

But if you love panda's  FREE Panda Icon by Sunshinewish you will like my newest stickers! :D  FREE Panda Icon by Sunshinewish I kinda went panda crazy ;) 

Anyway thanks guys! If anyone wants a chat with any suggestions comment or note me!  Love Note - Free Avvie by r0se-designs

Thanks guys!  Heart Balloon by MissLadyMinxKaiya x
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Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Hai ALL! SO VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! .....  Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher

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I am stocking it everyday  Free avatar Note book by zozioxp as only have 2 products in there at the moment but am in the process of designing at least 10 more designs and Hama bead accessories! 

Reach out for the stars by CitricLilyPlease check it out…   Reach out for the stars by CitricLily

I have also been busy creating a Facebook page :iconfacebookiconplz: to show my updates! So a Like on that would also mean alot!  Cute Star - Free Avatar by Hardrockangel…; Cute Star - Free Avatar by Hardrockangel

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Thank you everyone!  Love spin by UnicornReality

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F2U: love by emocx - Kaiya  
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Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors  Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors  Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors  Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors  Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors  Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors Raining Hearts by Twisted-Scissors 
Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher Hai guys!  Crazy Dancing by Colorcatcher 

So good news! im currently in the process of opening my first ever Free Avatar- Jumping Bunnies by indigobunny ETSY SHOP! Free Avatar- Jumping Bunnies by indigobunny Yay! xD   

There wont be any POKEMON!!  FREE Rabbit expressions by etereasavatar, it will be ALL MY OWN DESIGNS!  Free avatar Note book by zozioxp

Stickers, badges, postcards and necklaces will be on sale.  Bunnyploop - Free Avatar by 0xo

Initially just stickers to begin with while i get my prototypes mocked up! :D  LovToshop by CCpotteranimator

lol :D  The next journal will have all the details in! SO Love Hug - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityPLEASE    Love Hug - Free Avatar by UnicornRealityPLEASE Love Hug - Free Avatar by UnicornReality PLEASE Love Hug - Free Avatar by UnicornReality keep a look out! ^_^  
Thanks everyone! 

- Kaiya  Heart Pile - Free Avatar by UnicornReality

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:RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase

check out this cute pokemon by piesoup check out this cute pokemon by piesoupHey hey hey! :D How is everyone? Hoping most of you are still active! :iconpikaplz: 

So! Im back online, and back into my drawing, i have got my digital suite back so can draw digitally again! 
And Ian is in the process of making me a little art studio at home so i can focus on my art again :FeelingFree: by MenInASuitcase and hopefully sell a few pieces too! 

So if you would like to see anything drawn (probably pokemon related) then please feel free to contact me! 

FREE AVATAR - Emoticon Muncher by jennifuh Cant wait to get back in contact with you all!!   FREE AVATAR - Emoticon Muncher by jennifuh


Kaiya-Chan! :heart:  check out this cute pokemon by piesoup check out this cute pokemon by piesoup
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Hai! :iconpikawaveplz: everyone! its me Kaiya im still here! :D hehe just been soooooooooooooo busy in real life! 

As you can probably tell from the title! 


IM soooo freaking happy, excited, overwhelmed just yeah! 

Weve been together since we were 18 so nearly 7 years now! And yeh just over the moon!! 

Also got royally spoilt for xmas too which is always a bonus ;) 


- Kaiya :iconpikaplz: 

p.s will be posting more after the new year! 
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Hi Guys, 

So 2 weeks ago, my nana was taken into hospital, we found out she has brain tumor which is inoperable. There isn't anything they can do as chemo wont even work. I've always been close to my nana,
and am finding it so hard to cope as she only has 3-6 months to live. My anxiety and Depression has been really bad, and...yeah... :icononionwoeplz: :iconmiseryplz: 
Luckily i have Ian to keep me going if it wasn't for him id be so much worse. He has kept me going and keeping me strong. I love him so much I cant tell you how much! :iconwolxhound: :heart: :heart: :heart: 

Me and my nana used to catch frogs and put them in a bucket in her pond when i was little, its one of my fondest memories! Because of this im thinking of getting a pokemon frog tattoo (just a small one) to honor my nana and i know shed love it ^-^. If you have any ideas or suggestions in regards to what style i should get or even if you wanna make me a design up that would be awesome. I have a few ideas but not 100% just yet! :) at the end of the day frogs in general arent cute ^^; but politoed is quite cute so may go down that route. But yeah so may be inactive for a little while as things are ridiculously hard to cope with right now. And to you who have me on 3ds i have been online literally every day until early hours as i cant sleep and i need to keep my mind busy so 'hi'  ^-^ 

To those of you with the free commisions they will be done as and when i feel up to it  - hope you all understand! 

Thank you! 

- Kaiya .... If you have made it to the end of the journal, please go and tell your mom, dad, nana, grandpa, sister, brother, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, cat, dog.... whoever ! tell a loved one how much you love them because you never know when theyre going to be gone. :iconorzplz:
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Hai guys!! :D :iconpikaplz: 
So ive got a list put together of peoples commissions! :D There is no specific order i'll draw them in! :D :happybounce: 


   1.    :iconcheeyev: - Virizion,

   2.    :iconmaroonmaverick: - Emolga,

   3.    :iconmawcarby: - Mawile,

   4.    :icontaqresu650:  - Noibat,

   5.    :iconpeep911: - Shuckle,

   6.    :iconkarmadash: - Persian,

   7.    :iconthesonicgeek: - Gardevoir,

  8.   :iconcomannderrx: - Lucario, 

   9. :iconvelvet-rainbow: - Ninetails

If you would like a FREE POKEMON COMMISSION! please comment on this journal or note me! and ill add you to the list! 
There is no time scale! So ill get them done as and when and you'll know asap once they've been drawn :D

Thanks everyone! :iconpikaplz: 

- Kaiya! :heart: 

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Hai! :iconpikaplz: :iconsayhiplz: 
So as you guys have seen i have been very active lately even submitting art! :D haha ^_^ 
Well as my college year is pretty much over i can be more active and get drawing again! :feint: 
Due to my arm (STILL) being in a sling, it takes me a little longer to draw. But i have lost my touch a little,
and need some practice thats why! Im opening commissions once again! I have also set myself a target.... 
Im printing a list of every pokemon ever! and my aim is to have drawn every single pokemon on that list! (I have no time scale) 
So just going to do it as and when and build up a nice sketchbook! ^____^ so if you want a free commission then either comment on here or note me!
unfortunately they'll all be traditionally drawn as ive sold my macbook with PS on. And i draw in a3 and no longer have an a3 scanner but will make sure the
photo is clear :) The commissions will have to be pokemon so i can get my sketchbook boosted up again! :happybounce: 
Thanks everyone! :iconpikaplz: 
- Kaiya :heart: 
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Hi guys! :iconsayhiplz:  typing one handed sucks!! So as you probs have seen ive been inactive this month. BUT! I have a good excuse.... my arm is in a sling :( .... The hospital think ive got a torn rotary cuff (in my shoulder) which helps my arm move. It is soooo painful!! :( im still going to college which is a struggle as my rucksack alone weighs the amount of a small elephant lol ! so yeahh..... I haven't been able to draw :iconcryingplz:
SORRY AGAIN TO THE WINNERS OF MY HALLOWEEN COMP!!!! I will get them to you soon ! (when I can draw again)
Ive gotta go back to hospital middle of next month so will be frustrated for a bit longer :( :iconimdeadplz: Iwill be online still replying to you and going to try to update my pokemon group :iconpoke-gen-6: !

Hope your all well! love you all! :iconpikacuddleplz:

- Kaiya! :iconpikaplz: 
Hai Guys! :iconpikaplz:
:iconimdeadplz: So as you can gather ive been supppper busy! with college and personal things but yeh! currently working on 2 yes 2!!! SHAKESPEARE plays which is hard lol ^^; and 3 other subjects also including psychology and sociology! But wading through! :D
Hehe! I also last Wednesday went to the houses of parliament to honour my college course was picked out of all the people at college so was quite honoured! And as I live in the UK was just a short train journey to London anyway! But had a fab time and met some very important people! :iconhaloplz: ! :')

I know I have some prizes to draw still and im sorry to those who I owe to you will get your commish I promise! its just taking a while right now!  >.<  but they will be done I swear it! :iconheroposeplz:

Hope your all still awesome!

Speak soon guys! ( im actually at the library haha ^^; doing 'work' )

:heart: Kaiya! :iconpikaplz:
Hai guys! :iconpikaplz:
So my first semester of my Access course is complete! Literally 5 minutes ago handed in my 15 page psychology assignment ... :faint: I spent so long on that!! lol :D Hope I get a good grade ! :3
So I REEEEAALLLLYYY want to get into my fanart again! I love drawing and have been so busy with college and RL I haven't had the chance and when I do I just wanna bum out on 3DS or TV haha!
So yeah! I have some prizes being drawn for the contest winners of my Halloween comp which should be on here soon! I will hopefully get them done by this weekend!
So yeah guys come on and MOTIVATE me!! :D x3 :iconmotivationplz::iconpikadanceplz:
Hope ya'll doing good and being awesome! Im on here nearly everyday so keep faving and watching and hopefully some more kaiya-art will be up soon!! :D

-:love: KAIYA! :iconpikaplz:
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Hey! :iconpikaplz: 

Happy new year everyone! ^0^ 
I have been very busy with christmas i got sooo spoilt by my amazing boyfriend :iconwolxhound: :love: :heart: :love: Ty so much baby  and new year and family so been inactive but im back now and back at college so will be online more! yaaaay ^-^ 
Im going to start sorting the prizes out for the winners of the halloween contest this week also! 
But for now i have 3 assignments to start and hand in just over a week :iconimdeadplz: :faint: 
I hope you all had a magical xmas and new year!! Cant wait to see what the new year brings and hopefully get some more art uploads on here! I already have so many ACNL screenshots to post haha ^^; 
Take care guys! 

- Kaiya :iconpikaplz: :happybounce:

p.s Also i got 4 B's at college yesterday for my poetry exams and assignments woop!! :happybounce: :iconpikacuddleplz:
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Hey everyone!!
Im still alive just been crazily busy!! With exams, essays and christmas of course! So the people i owe prizes too i shall get them going in the new year i promise and :iconfucal: your prize will also be posted in the new year! Thankyou for your patience! :3
MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!!!! Be safe and have an amazing holiday!! :3 :)
- kaiya x
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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 6:18 AM
Hai Guys! :iconcolorful-kaiya: 

Just wanted to let you know im here just had flu again coz of the flu jab .. (ironic right?!) :iconsickplz: 
To the winners of my comp, those who i owe prizes and commissions too i will start them next week! and post the prizes next week also! thank you for your patience! 

Now i must get back to my essay :iconimdeadplz:

P.S POKEMON SOON!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :iconpikadanceplz: :happybounce: :iconlazycryplz: :iconheartrollplz:

- Kaiya :iconpikaplz:

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 5:44 AM


Hai all! :iconcolorful-kaiya:  THE HALLOWEEN COMPETITION HAS CLOSED! 

Thank you to the very few of you who entered i really do appreciate it! And am thankful to you all! 

IF YOU DONT WIN please please please dont take it personally or get upset as all of the entries i received were awesome and all very creative!!  


:bulletblue: mewnoelle  - Says youve deactivated if this is true then entry is void.. if not note me :)  

:bulletblue: :iconfucal: :bulletblue: 

:bulletblue: :iconharleymoon9692: :bulletblue: 

:bulletblue: :iconcheerycandy: :bulletblue: 

:bulletblue: :icontaqresu650: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: :icontheonlylightindark: :bulletblue: 

:bulletblue: :iconninja-jamal: :bulletblue: NOTE - :iconninja-jamal: Has said he does not want to be apart of the winning group or recieve and prizes and he wanted to support a friend (me) and just enter for fun. So this entry will not be anywhere in the top 3 as he has declined this. However his entry is still awesome and deserves to be shown!! -  

:bulletblue: :iconpeep911: :bulletblue:

:star: All really talented people entering! thank you all! :star: 

:star: WINNERS!!  :star:

1st place - :iconfucal: !!  CONGRATUALATIONS!! 
PRIZE - 10 Pokemon cards from my personal collection! 

2nd place :iconcheerycandy: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
PRIZE - 3 pokemon cards from my personal collection!

JOINT 3rd - :iconharleymoon9692: & :icontaqresu650:  CONGRATULATIONS!!
PRIZE - You both get a pokemon commision from myself for free!! 

:iconpikadanceplz: I shall note all of the winners after this journal upload to get details prizes! :iconpikadanceplz:

Thank you to you all for entering it was amazing seeing your artwork and loved that you took part in this competition! I hope you keep following me and supporting my artwork! Thank you all again! & Hope you had a spooktacular halloween!! :iconheartrollplz:  

- Kaiya! :iconpikaplz:


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 12:37 PM

Hi guys! :iconpikaplz: 
:new: :new: YOU HAVE 1 DAY!!!! 1 DAY !!!!! TO GET YOUR AWESOME ENTRIES IN PLEASE NOTE ME WITH THE LINK TO THEM THANK YOU!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :new: :new:


Hey everyone! IM BACK! 

So lets continue with the competition which is OFFICIALLY OPEN!! <da:thumb id="293485552"/><da:thumb id="293485552"/><da:thumb id="293485552"/> 

Here are the rules & guidelines: 

:star: NO explicit entries!
:star: It has to be your artwork no stealing someone else's 
:star: Has to be in on deadline not after if not wont be used (deadline below)
:star: If you are entering this please could you watch me as i dont want to kinda be used just for the prize would love the support in my artwork too! :3
:star: There must be 2 pokemon in the entry

DEADLINE - :bulletred: Friday 31st October 2014 :bulletred:

What you need to enter:  

Its a HALLOWEEN themed competition therefore i want to see halloween pokemon!! So this can be ANY gen, ANY pokemon, They can be doing anything e.g, carving a pumpking, eating sweets whatever you like! Just make sure the halloween theme is in there! 

:star: PRIZES! :star:

So the prizes will be: 

1ST PRIZE - 10 pokemon cards from my personal collection (DO NOT ASK FOR CERTAIN CARDS)

2ND PRIZE - 3 pokemon cards from my personal collection (AGAIN NO REQUESTING) 

3RD PRIZE - A free pokemon commission from myself :iconcolorful-kaiya:

I wont be accepting any personal requests from you regarding the cards as its kinda rude lol. I MAY note you if you win or come 2nd and ask but not a promise.

Any questions please post below!! Please also still share this with your friends as many people can join along as art is in by the deadline!

When you do want to submit an entery just note me with the link of the entry and ill put it in this journal so please watch me and keep checking for updates!! 

THANKS GUYS!! GET DRAWING!!!!! :iconpikadanceplz: 

- Kaiya :iconheartrollplz:

:star: :star: :star: ENTRIES  :star: :star: :star:   

:bulletblue: mewnoelle  - Says youve deactivated if this is true then entry is void.. if not note me :)  
:bulletblue: :iconfucal: :bulletblue:  Trick or treat? - Contest entry by Fucal

:bulletblue: :iconharleymoon9692: :bulletblue: The Nightmare Before Pokemon by HarleyMoon9692

:bulletblue: :iconcheerycandy: :bulletblue: Pokemon Halloween by CheeryCandy

:bulletblue: :icontaqresu650: :bulletblue: Halloween Mischief by Taqresu650