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Sakura tortles ! by Muuneart
closed Adopt | little DEVIL girl by GALDWAYTERN
commission-momo by BastardPeachy
Disney | Rapunzel by NicoMelba
-NEW- Traditional Works
A qucik portrait of my sister, Eloisa by vargas28
A quick couple figure drawings by vargas28
Kangelaslik Jeena Achillesuse nime all by YiguirroRyukyu
Caramelldansen! by Bananomynous
-NEW- Digital Works
Custom CM| EggRoll105 by 1waly
Commission for Tori H by Rina-Li
M by JackCheeseJ
Cherry blossoms by Fluffydezeehond
-NEW- Fanart
SELFIE! by johnnn77
Day 261/365 Nui Harime by Nahzo
Summer Seele by greenscorpeon3
Albedo [FANART] by AceMadoxX
-NEW- Open Adopts and YCH
[OPEN] Adopt 154 by PandaPI7
Adopt (open) by ILisAmil
[Open] Adoptable Insta Ramen #2 by GZara by GZara
-NEW- Crafts and Merch 2
[CLOSED OUTFIT AUCTION]: Chocolate golden dress by Heisedebao
adopt auction (open) by dnovaa
adopt auction (open) by dnovaa
Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by Hayicon
-NEW- Pixel
adopt auction(GIF animation)\open by wei39
[AT] Mika by sene2002
The Beauty and the Centipede by R4DIO-HAZARD
Sunset And Twilight In Life Jackets by LoneBoy48
-NEW- Cosplay
Ragna VS Noel by sarifromwonderland
Kirito and Asuna by sarifromwonderland
KOF COsplay by sarifromwonderland
Ready to Fight by sarifromwonderland
-NEW- Journal ads and commission info
Commissions: OPEN~! [0/4] by seikeruwu
Fork YCH || OPEN by bunnyangeladopts
-NEW- Not sure? Post here
OTA gaia adopts #49 - OPEN by KimmyButt
Duckie and Rubber Duck Guile by Innocentium
P2U Base by Elegantooo
P2U   Base by Elegantooo
Traditional art
Happy New Year 2021 by Mystar21
Traditional Art 2
2020... Good night. by Stardust0130
Digital Art 7
2021 by yokoe2go
Digital Art 8
SPECIAL: Mother's Day by AbraxasRiku
FanArt 3
Face by byebyeocean
Animal And Anthros 2
Showtime by mimilovegood13
Adopts 3
Witch adoptables open by AS-Adoptables
Pixel 2
[COMMISSION] Ethereal.png by Legendarypixel
Cosplay 2
OPEN Auction - Outfit Adoptable Set 3 your colors by iononion
Cute Crafts 2
crona charm 2 by TheApatheticKat
not sure, submit here
Galaxy by mimilovegood13
Digital Art -Full-
Ipo Aikau (Commish) by Akuma-Niuk
Digital Art 2 -Full-
. : luca : . by prince-no
Digital Art 3 -Full-
Toonish summer by AndyNyanDraws
Digital Art 4 -Full-
''Come with me'' [TL] by TheLukrie
Digital art 5 -full-
Adopt 29 : Oni Gear | Close by I5HIMARU
Digital Art 6
Road to the Moon by TianaSama
Fan Art
Smooch by GalaxySugarr
fan art 2
Applenyan by dengekipororo
[CONTEST] Alexa Carter DTIYS by QuartzStash
Animals and anthros
Happy new year 2021 by NecoyasikiSiro
Adopts 2
Doberman dog - adopt OTA CLOSED by H0LL0W0
Adopts -Full-
Adopt auction #36 [CLOSED] by egoNorainu
Black Rose by GhostYumeO
Cute Crafts
YCH - Christmas kitty [OPEN AUCTION] by Cogamori
Journal Ads
Commission Info (Updated) [CLOSED]Commissions are closed for now! Let me know if you would like to be added to the waitlist! Update: I have increased my prices because I feel like my art has improved a lot and that my previous prices were too low for the amount of time and effort I put into each drawing. >.< Thank you for understanding!What I can/will drawOCFanartBoys and GirlsKemonomimiCute/Girly CharactersCouplesWhat I cannot/will not drawOverly complex designs or backgroundsRealistic peopleFurry charactersR+18/NSFWFetishesGore, MechaAnything else I might be uncomfortable withDrawing styles: Since I´m still experimenting with my artstyle, I can offer drawings in two different drawing styles:clean lineart style (clean lineart, more detailed shading)Examples:,,,soft painted style (includes hair without lineart, painted/sketchy lineart style)Examples:,,,Commission Types: Waist-up  Example:,Base price: 33 EurosSimple decorative background and/or transparent background includedHalfbody Example:,Base price: 43 EurosSimple decorative background and/or transparent background includedFullbody Example:,Base price: 53 EurosSimple decorative background and/or transparent background includedExtra Fees: Additional characters: double/triple the base price etc.Characters with complex design (including multiple layers of clothing/accessories, frills, wings, very long hair etc…): extra fee of +5 Euros and up, depending on complexityPets or plushies: extra fee of +5 Euros and up, depending on size and complexitExtra props like swords, wands etc…: extra fee of +5 Euros and up, depending on size and complexityComplex background such as sceneries, landscapes, rooms etc: extra fee of +10 Euros and up, depending on complexityRushing fee: If you would like to get your commission done by a certain date, I will charge a rushing fee of +10 euros and up, depending on how close the deadline isImportant! Please read before ordering: Paypal only! I will send you an invoice after I confirm your order, I will start on the commission after paymentMy commissions are for personal use onlyPlease only send visual references of your character, no written referencesYou will receive the full resolution version via noteYou can ask for WIPs at any timeDo not copy, trace, change, reupload or sell my art without my permissionAlways credit me when sharing my art on social media etc.Note that my art is still developing, so there may be some inconsistencies in my style; feel free to check my gallery for more samples and specific styles <3And finally, please be patient with me! I still have full-time college to attend, so the normal waiting time can be up to 2 months or longer, depending on the complexity of the commission. But rest assured that I will always do my best to create beautiful artworks for you, no matter how long it takes! How To Order:If you would like to commission me, please fill out the following form and send it to me via note or comment on this journal:Type of commission (waist-up, halfbody or fullbody):Drawing style (soft painted or clean lineart):Visual Reference(s):Who did the original design? (optional, only for credit purposes):Desired pose and/or expression (optional):Background: (simple or complex):Any extra info you would like me to know (regarding the pose, age, personality of the character etc.):Your paypal adress:After I receive the form, I will tell you the price in total. Please do not send any payment before I confirm that I accept your commission, thank you! I will start working on your commission after payment is done.  SLOTS: @GlitterBobOMB @GlitterBobOMB @Kloana-Chan @SCCRLM2 Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me!! <3 If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me anytime!...
Submit here if you're not sure
Song and Roro-chan by Bee--48





Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid~Rules~ Pretty Pink Little bow divider by Glycyrrhizicacid

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by GasaraAnyone can join

Vintage Lace Heart Icon 03 by GasaraKeep to the correct folders, Thank you

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