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Hello Lovelies!

So, remember how I said I had no plans to post any of my resource downloads and such over here? I take it back... after 10 years, lol. In the coming days, I'll be reviving this DA to upload many of my old resources and also to eventually add new ones.

Previously, I hadn't wanted to do any of that here because everything was already sorted on my website and I was also cross-posting on LJ. Throwing DA into the mix just felt unnecessary at the time. Fast forward to now... my website is currently offline for a complete overhaul that has been taking forever to do, LJ has changed to the point where it's no longer a platform I'm comfortable continuing onward with, and in the meantime, I'm stuck in limbo and also feel super bad about people asking where they can get the downloads because someone's computer crashed and so on. :\

So this is where I am now. To anyone who may happen upon my DA for the first time, I hope my old archive of resources can still generate at least a little interest (despite many of the goodies dating back to around 2003-2006). 

(Edit: I have a lot of stuff -- with just the individual textures alone numbering over a thousand, never mind other resources like brushes, patterns, and whatever else. What I'm trying to say is, please do give me some time to sort through my mess of files and slowly get them all back up!)
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