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Seamless Patterns: Set 01 - Random Assorted

By colorfilter
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12 seamless/tiling patterns in assorted basic styles and colors. Adobe Photoshop CS6 .pat + jpeg image pack for the individual pattern tiles.

*EDITED TO ADD: By request, I've updated the set to include these patterns in 1400x1050 backgrounds as well. Please keep in mind that the backgrounds do not tile and are best used as is. The tiling versions are in the image pack folder.


Originally made/shared back in 2006 - is it obvious? ^^;

(Note to long-time users: If you've got a lot of my old patterns and have it sorted by my numbering system, please note that both the PS .pat file and the individual images do not correspond to the original numbering and may show up as "duplicates" of different patterns. I'm sorry if this messes things up. My pattern library is enormous and unfortunately also in a mess after the computer crash, so I had to go in there and reorganize the stuff that I didn't lose. They're being renumbered and re-uploaded in a different order than they were when I initially shared them and will apply to all patterns I put up from here onwards, whether old or new. I hope this won't cause any confusion!)
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This is what it looks like once I unzip it

Capture2 by SPURSFAN2016  
Love the patterns; however I'm a photoshop cs6 dummie and just trying to learn the program. I'm trying to download the .pat only tiles, but all it shows me is the "IE" symbol next to the folder thats got the same name however has the .pat file extension when I double click on it all it  does is ask do you want to save or open and i've tried both and still can't get to the extract the .pat only.

How do I go about doing this?
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Hi! :) The .pat file is a Photoshop pattern preset meant to be opened/loaded directly in Photoshop. When you've got Photoshop open, select the Paint Bucket Tool and choose Pattern in the options bar. Then click the little gear icon on your pattern library and go to "Load Patterns..." and you should be able to pick the .pat file you want to load in. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Photoshop, but I hope that wasn't too confusing! This link via google has a screenshot of the areas/menus I mentioned plus a quick tutorial as well, if that might help. Let me know if you still have any questions!
Thank you but no I'm not even able to get the .pat to unzip .. when it unzips and pops open it has a list of all the images in the jpg format and then 1 entry that has the "e" for ID in front of a blank like paper and the name of the folder and it says .PAT application, however when I double click on it some other box pops up and it just asks if I want to open or save it.. I've done both but it does nothing.. I'm a photoshop dummie to the max.. thinking maybe its just my computer. I never had an issue before..
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The third file in your picture is the .pat file. It's a Photoshop pattern file and you have to open/load it with Photoshop, not double-click it. Have you tried starting up your Photoshop and loading it in there the way I explained in my previous comment yet? If not, please give that a go.

I don't know why the .pat file is showing up with an IE icon though, since it's a Photoshop file. I don't use Windows, so I'm not sure what's going on there. But just to double-check, are you using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or another version? If all else fails, and you can't get the .pat file to work, you can also load the patterns in by using the included image pack.
I have Photoshop CS6 Extended version.. ok well I'll keep trying to figure it out... Thanks for respnding
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I tried to look into this earlier, specifically in regards to the IE icon showing up. It seems the default application associated with the .pat file extension is assigned to IE when it should be Photoshop. This might be why it does nothing when you try to open it, because it's using IE to read the file. Try changing the default program settings for .pat file extensions to Photoshop and see if that works?

Have you tried using Photoshop .pat files before? I'm trying to figure out if it's a general .pat file issue or if it's mine only that's causing the problem. If you've used .pat files with no issues at all in the past and this is an isolated incident, we can narrow the problem down a bit more and perhaps it's something I need to alter on my end instead.

Sorry I wasn't able to help more!
yes I have and its not you.. unfortunately I got this version of Photoshop CS6 free off of youtube.. but as usual its never like the actual program.. I even bought an electronic version and I had some issues in other areas for it.. I just I'm trying to learn how to do my own stuff and its understandable that nobody wants to share theirs with someone else.. but until I guess I get good serial number to use with the trial version that I can get ahold of.. I'm sorta stuck.. Thank you so much for communicating back and forth me .. 
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Ah, I see... that's rather tricky as it's hard to figure out what the issue may be in these cases. To my understanding, there are a lot of bad copies of Photoshop floating around on the internet. I hope you find something that works well for you in the end!
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