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Icon Textures Set 11 - Colors and Lights II



25 textures total, all 100x100 icon-sized. More colors and lights along the lines of this set and the red/gold lights set. This one has more bokeh and also brighter colors overall.

Originally shared and made by request back in 2005 on my old LJ. Comments always still appreciated!
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Yay! I'm so glad your stuff is still up! I've used it a ton throughout the years (on LJ), but I lost some of the old files. Thank you for going to the effort to make it available again, and independently of other sites ^^ I love how colourful your textures are, and the pretty flourishes and geometric patterns in so many things you made.

I'm glad to see it from an archival perspective, too! A lot of stuff from then is just... gone, whether the creator deleted it or not, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say your resources were meaningfully influential on a major part of the online amateur graphic design scene. :) Your textures, patterns, and brushes were definitely some of the more definitive editions of the Trendy Things back then, and I've seen you and 1-2 other makers in EVERY single icon credits post I've looked at today.