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Jetra Virsai Sketch by ColorCodedShadow Jetra Virsai Sketch by ColorCodedShadow
The character belongs to a friend of mine that goes by many names and whom I've mentioned a few times in my journals. Nox, Fate, Jetra, Fay....... whatever, just call him Nox. In any case I tried to keep this sketch similar to how I would fundamentally practice in applying details through a schema of such and softening up the lines to give an illusion of depth in the drawing. Getting precise lines is really hard in general and I don't utilize digital shortcuts and tools too often.

The outfit was randomly selected from Drawbot, a discord bot I use. So I got rumpers. Pose reference composed in DesignDoll.
DesignDoll really does have some fundamental problems. Been thinking about using daz3d or something...... but learning.... I'm bad at that.