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box ad 2.1

I was cutting a part our Symposium poster today and ended up making a box, which started my wheels turning. A couple of hours later, here you have it - a sort of... resume/self-promo box. I'm not sure it's big enough to print out and fold up, but you can sure try!

I'm looking for "groovy things you can do with this box" ideas, so PLEASE SUBMIT!!
Other ideas welcomed as well. :)

edit: ya'll were right... it looks better divided...
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Put a chocolate inside the box, and hand out the boxes already made?
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Oh wow! This is absoultely stylish and stunning! I adore the colour combinations you used here, and the designs on it look absolutely eye-catching and wonderful! And the whole box idea is so cute and neat! Awesome stuff here!
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I love the idea! It pretty much guarantees a second look as a personal promotion. Very clever. :aww: I do kinda agree with ~Biohazard-Artemis about having to turn it to read once it is a box. It would be better if each box had it’s own set of info. Also, I like the colors, their classy. :aww:
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Thanks :) I'm considering the separate sides thing... very understandable why that would be better.
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What a cool idea. I dig. My one thing is, and this is probably purely a person preference (nice aliteration there, if I do say...not to mention a pain to read...ANYWAY) the brown to green side is a little bothersome that you have to turn it. Again, that could just be me but I think it would be cleaner and crisp if those two panels were their own separate identities. :shrug: Still cool though.
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"Advanced Critique Encouraged
This user has opted to encourage critique-heavy comments for this deviation in order to better help him or her improve. Critical and non-critical comments are welcome, but critical comments are most appreciated."

Ummm... you stink! Your mom goes to college! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

are those critique-heavy enough for ya? Okay I suck at this... cuz your box is good, of course!
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hee hee... THANKS! I'm gonna go cry now, you JERK! (bleh... I'm picking up too much punk attitude from some nerd I know...)

I forgot to take it off that. Hee hee.. thanks though! ;)
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