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Hiya, I'm Coloran!

I'm a young mother and art student, who is engaged to their best friend and working on developing my art skills and imagination.

I enjoy making many different types of things: comics, cartoons, t-shirts, murals, shoes, short stories, storyboards, videos, etc. I'm always making something different.

I don't always ask for critique but I appreciate constructive criticism on any given NEW piece. I've been on dA for 6 years. There are some bad things if you go back into the depths.

I have times where I get on deviantART every day and others where I neglect it for months. I get busy and forgetful. So if you ever need me right away, please send me an email at

I love drawing animals and creatures. With dogs (more specifically pit bulls) being my favorite. I have been a pit bull owner for 8 years so I know without a shadow of a doubt, that how you raise them is how they behave.

I am a civil rights advocate. That means I frequently upload art with a message of equality and love. Do not spout hate about any group of people around me. I have zero tolerance for discrimination and ludicrous stereotypes or generalizations.

So if you like wacky characters, cute animals and bright colors...I'm the artist for you! Follow me here as well as on Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube!
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Favourite Visual Artist
Lynn Munsinger || Jim Henson || Charles Schultz || Bill Peet ||
Favourite Movies
The Lion King || Spirit || Bolt || 101 Dalmatians || Star Wars || Balto || Marvel Superheroes (Disney Universe)||
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure Time || Steven Universe || The Lion Guard || The Last Airbender || The Legend of Korra || Fraggle Rock || The Muppet Show
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hip Hop || Rock || Pop || Country || Rap || Alternative
Favourite Books
Kids Storybooks || Mystery || Informational || Graphic Novels/Comics
Favourite Writers
Dr. Seuss || Dav Pilkey
Favourite Games
Pokemon || Animal Crossing || Nintendogs || Spyro
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS and PS2
Tools of the Trade
Colored Pencils || Watercolor || Photoshop
Other Interests
Animals [especially dogs (especially pit bulls)] || Stuffed Animals/Toys/Puppets || Nature || Comics || Walking || Family || Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I hope everyone was able to spend time with the people they love the most to celebrate another rotation around the sun! I'm looking forward to 2017 and what art I will make. I know the general consensus for 2016 was that it was garbage but I had a great time being alive. There were definitely rough and rocky months but I'm just working hard to make every day better than the last. I have great friends, great family, money is tight and I have problems with myself that I am still working out. But yeah, baby steps in the right direction. So a few updates. I graduated! Yes! It's true! It still hasn't sunk in y
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Pokémon Go is becoming part of my everyday life. And I'm ok with that. <3  Also, I need to get a new phone. Just so the app will run better.
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I haven't been a premium user in well over a year and I was starting to miss the convenience of it.  Finally I decided I would wait for some special or sale and finally it happened! 6 months of Core for the price of 3! Woot!  Now to enjoy the ad free...
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Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great one!!! :D
Happy birthday Maranda! Been following you for a few years now! ^^
Yer husband made me discovered your deviantart account
:iconsocksthemutt: suggested me to ya! XD
Happy birthday