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Countdown to December Color Contest Ending

Thursday, December 31st @ 10:59pm

Throughout the month of December, the color-me-club will be hosting the "Dystopian” Color Contest. See the club blog for details and information on entering your contest submission!

Who’s the winner of the November Lineart Contest? 

13 deviants said Dystopian by 0Mandala
10 deviants said Dystopian by sakanakojam
5 deviants said Night Surf by MelitaGermaine
2 deviants said Eternal Desert by Viny-Chaos
2 deviants said Dystopian by Ederraaa
1 deviant said Dystopia - Lineart by violetice
No deviants said Tank Girl Lineart by MiraeMartin

Quick Links and Club Schedule

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- :bulletblue: - By submitting lineart to the color-me-club, you automatically give permission to others to color it and showcase it in their deviantArt gallery.
- :bulletblue: - You may still enforce additional provisions in the image description or gallery descriptions as long as they do not conflict with the permissions granted above. We will decline work if there is a conflict, as to not infringe upon your terms.
- :bulletblue: - Illustrated work only. No photography, photomanipulations, 3d, animation, or other non-illustrated medium.
- :bulletblue: - Only submit lineart that is on cleanly scanned medium. We do not accept work on midtone, pulp, or lined paper.
- :bulletblue: - The 'download' option needs to be enabled.
- :bulletblue: - Do not submit work that has the obtrusive dA watermark on it. Watermarks are allowed only if they're small and unobtrusive to the lineart.
- :bulletblue: - Lineart must exceed 1200 pixels in height or width.
- :bulletblue: - All submissions must be in either of the following image formats: .PSD .JPG, .PNG, .GIF (no animation), .BMP, .TIFF.
- :bulletblue: - NO TRACES OF COPYRIGHTED WORK. Ever.
- :bulletblue: - Lineart must be predominately black and white with minimal shading. Do not submit work on midtone paper.
- :bulletblue: - Mature content must be submitted to the 'MATURE CONTENT' gallery.
- :bulletblue: - All lineart must be free. We do not accept images that require money or points to download the high resolution file.

- :bulletgreen: - Only submit colored versions of lines acquired from the color-me-club.
- :bulletgreen: - Colored work must have a [link] to the lineart it uses.
- :bulletgreen: - Submit all colors to the 'Colored Work' or 'Mature Content - Colored Work' gallery.
- :bulletgreen: - Make sure your colored work adheres to any additional provisions set forth by the line artist.
- :bulletgreen: - Do not remove any watermarks, signatures, or contact information the line artist put on their lineart.
- :bulletgreen: - Paintovers are acceptable, as long as it still resembles the content of the original lines. Drastic changes to the lineart (example: removing a character's clothes) will be declined.

- :bulletred: - Inks must be extra clean and precise. Unlike linearts or colored work, inks are required to have a high standard.
- :bulletred: - Inks must use a legitimate inking medium. Digital and vector inking is allowed. However, inking with ball point pens, or any other medium that leaves smudges or inconsistent filling, will not be accepted.
- :bulletred: - Only submit inks of lineart that can be found on deviantArt.
- :bulletred: - Inks must provide evidence of permission, either in the image description or comments.*
- :bulletred: - Do not remove any watermarks, signatures, or contact information the line artist provided on the original lineart.
- :bulletred: - Substantial changes to the original lineart (example: removing a character's clothes) will be declined.

Gallery Folders

Lineart: Magic Shop by Vylla
Butterflies Lineart by RiverCreek
Stories to Come True .lineart by silverybeast
French vegan Foods lineart by Estheryu
Lineart - Anime Style_Not Fanart
Inktober #11 (2020): Day of the Dead by MelitaGermaine
Inktober #15 (2020): Autumn Portrait by MelitaGermaine
Inktober #16 (2020): Pumpkin Girl by MelitaGermaine
Inktober #17 (2020): Skull by MelitaGermaine
Inked Versions of Others' Pencils
The Archont By Thomasblakeartist by greenjaygraphic
Wolverine Inks by CrisstianoCruz
Wonder Woman inks by Fendiin
Savage Rogue Inks by Fendiin
Lineart - Pin-up Non-Mature
Pineapple by JadeDragonne
Pineapple - Text by JadeDragonne
Horns and halo by JadeDragonne
Lady Death Tribute (2020) by xavor85
Lineart - Comic and Cartoon Style_Not Fanart
Cereal killer by JadeDragonne
Bowl of cherries by JadeDragonne
Bowl of cherries - text by JadeDragonne
Felinid Axilla Concept 3 by ChristopherLine
Lineart - Realistic and Highly Detailed Images
My friends (sketch) by AnastasiaNe
Todd by hellbat
Reflection by hellbat
Dwight and Caroline Line Art by RiverCreek
Lineart - Scenes
Dystopia - Lineart by violetice
Dystopian by Ederraaa
Eternal Desert by Viny-Chaos
Oct.29th, 2020 by Feriberri
Lineart - Animals and Creatures
Southern Cassowary base (f2u) by Cairina-Creatures
Dingo/canine base (f2u) by Cairina-Creatures
Dreaming of Breakfast Decked out in Pearls. by phritzi
Baby Godzilla by phritzi
Lineart - Fanart_NO TRACES
Finn the hell devourer 1 BW by AmilcarLlacer
Princess serenity Line art by magicpotion
Lugnut by hellbat
Sonic and Knuckles by Kagyrra-Zr
Lineart - Backgrounds and Landscapes
Flower 1 by tpallmann
Flower 2 by tpallmann
Coloring Page - Some Sukkulents by Viny-Chaos
Limestone cave by Lemniskate
Lineart - Abstract,Surreal, Miscellaneous
SU-57 PAK/FA by hellbat
Colored Work
Eternal Beauty by neshemadarkangel

Mature Content

Aunt Goei Lineart by chancero
Quick tutorial to quick colours Part 2 by Enteli
Lineart Archives
madoka magika line art by xaznminigrlx
Color Archives
Draco by kxeron

Recent Journal Entries


The December Color Contest has started! You can select from any image entered into the November Lineart Contest. Details below!
We are accepting donations for the December Color Contest prize pool! Let's get it nice and bolstered to really support all the artists who are contributing and pulling this monthly tradition together!
Color-Me-Club Donations
Thanks to everyone who throws in a little extra to the club's prize pot!
The @color-me-club Presents:
You can view the November Lineart Contest Entries here:
Take any of those images, and give it some color. All medium is accepted. You can color these images with Photoshop, Painter, Gimp, OC, crayons, color pencils, markers, pastels, long exposure light painting photography, you name it. If it colors, it's acceptable.
Then upload the finished colored image to your dA gallery. Images will be accepted until January 1st, and a voting period will be held afterward.
  • 1200 dA Points for first place (Go to @cmc-donations to donate to the prize pool)
  • 800 dA Points for second place
  • 400 dA Points for third place
If you'd like to donate a prize, use the donation widget on @cmc-donations. Donors to that prize pool will be featured in the @color-me-club journal. Donors of 50 points or more will also get a three-thumbnail feature in the @color-me-club journal.
Once you have completed your coloring contest entry, submit it to your DeviantArt gallery. Then, send the @color-me-club a note. The note should be titled "DECEMBER CONTEST ENTRY," and the note needs to contain a [link] to your colored image.
A few.
By contributing your artwork to this contest, you automatically agree to the rules listed herein and give permission to the @color-me-club to showcase your artwork in the @color-me-club journal.
Only one entry per deviant.
Entries should be received by January 1st. While we still accept entries through voting, you understand that late entries will be uploaded when the club is updated, and the artist will lose potential votes with a late entry.
Winners of previous contests ARE allowed to participate. There are no restraints for how often members can contribute. The game here isn't about winning. It's about creating.
Entries must not use stock or photomanipulation.
You do not have to be a @color-me-club member to participate. This is open to the whole dA community!
Lastly, have only one artist submit the image. Collaborative efforts are encouraged. However, ensure the other collaborator knows the image will be submitted to the contest, and determine who will be representing the image.
Best of luck, everybody!
-@vest & @cmc-donations
More Journal Entries


We solemnly promise to put the artist first.

We promise, as long as your work is high resolution, clean, and falls within deviantArt's etiquette policy, we will accept it regardless of your comfort level, talent, age, or style.

We promise to work with our members to ensure they all get their illustrated work placed in the color-me-club gallery.

We promise to keep focus on our members, and never exploit our membership or the club's expansive reach for our own gain.

We solemnly promise that this club isn't about us, the staff; it's about you the artists.

color-me-club Custodian

Please Read!


:bulletblue: - If it's a question that an administrator needs to handle, send a note. Those are more direct means of contacting us, and will get your inquiry handled much more quickly.

:bulletblue: - Do not single out club members or other deviantArt users by name in a negative context. Even if your statements against them are true (i.e. they're submitting traces) please send this information to us via note. It keeps things more orderly.

:bulletblue: - Feel free to promote yourself if you're doing color/flatting commissions! But colorist and flatter related posts only.

:bulletblue: - Do not post spam, chain comments, or links to malicious or adult material.

Comments like these might be hidden, or even result in spam reports and blocks.


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