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Printing your Manga- the Indie Way (How to)
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Published: November 4, 2013
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Indie meaning  independent" ; This process is useful for selling your comics in conventions and events. You don't have to go to publishing companies; you just print your comic by yourself. Going indie is a great way to know other artists and gain experience if you ever hope to get published someday.

Special thanks to :iconaubsneechan: and :iconpower-j: , my first teachers in printing my manga when I was new to the indie scene

I use Microsoft Publisher 2010

The process shown here is applicable to left-to-right reading style (western style), if your manga's reading style is from right to left, you'll just have to reverse the layout. 


The manga featured here is my own, X-Arcadia
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Feel free to ask questions ^^

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What size do you make your original PNG files?
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HardH3rtzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhh thank you! I was searching how I could print a manga, since I have some webtoons that I want as paperback for myself. But also some doujinshi that I’m creating, that I want to print later on =3.

So, thank you :D (Big Grin) 
This is a stupid question but how do you transfer the pdf file to the printer's computer? And what paper will they use to print manga, I may use this to print out the manga on my own.
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lionblaze95Hobbyist General Artist
This is quite helpful thank you! But question, (though ill have to find a place to print it) when you go to print it, lets say when you print yours, are the covers printed separately? Like can you get that classic glossy smooth paperback that most manga are printed in? And what about the spine's cover? I noticed in your explanation above, the picture of your front and back covers, theres no part about the spine.
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BSW96Student General Artist
Great tutorial. It's a really big help! :D
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jezreelian10Professional Digital Artist
This is actually a very big help for me! :D
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Can anyone tell me how to do this with Publisher 2013? In her description she says she uses 2010, but I only have 2013, and it keeps redirecting me Word. 
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Never mind, figured it out.
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may i ask what printer do you need?
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Ok but if you print it and it's back to back how do you keep it in order??
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ToumatooHobbyist Digital Artist
Can you teach me what the blueline on blank page mean?
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Color-LESStudent Digital Artist
They're just margins :) 
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ToumatooHobbyist Digital Artist
How do i adjust the margin?

do youknow where can i print online and ship internationally?
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Where po do you have your manga printed? I'm from the Philippines too. :3 Do you have any suggestions?
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Color-LESStudent Digital Artist
I got to YZA in the UP shopping center; the printing there is cheap and has good quality. :)
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Layo pala. haha. Thanks! :D
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SotaleanHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool tutorial.  :)

But I just wanted to mention something that I noticed.
When you are talking about your artwork size that you work width (600 dpi and the pixel count) you are overriding your dpi settings by manually changing the pixel count. That's why artwork doesn't always fit or is big enough for your pages and probably why you might have issues printing.

If you are creating something to be printed later you want to use the DPI and Inches settings when creating your canvas. The DPI is the pixels per inch and the inches is the overall measurements you want the canvas to be able to print too.
So your settings should look more like this
DPI 350
11 in wd
17 in ht
or something like that

Also, almost all non commercial printers can't print higher then 300 or 400 dpi so there's no point in drawing at 600 dpi because you lose all that quality anyway. :)  You might as well bring it down to something like 350 dpi to save on the file size.  As long as you put in the correct size measurements (inches) then your artwork with always print and transfer in the correct size with the correct quality.  :)

I hope that helps.
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Color-LESStudent Digital Artist
Thanks for the tip :3 
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SotaleanHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
I know this is an old tutorial but I figured I'd mention it anyway. Your artwork is awesome and I'd hate for you to have problems printing because of something that can be so easily fixed  :)
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thank you this may help a lot!!! :D
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Color-LESStudent Digital Artist
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awesome masturrrrrrrrrrrr
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alphabetsoup314Hobbyist Digital Artist
I imagine that a print shop has better inks and paper than the average at-home printer as well. 

I think this lays out the process in a way that's both simple, yet gives just enough detail that you understand what's going on; I will throw it in my tutorials folder in case I ever do need to work with Publisher. My only complaint is that, under 'How I Layout My Manga', I initially thought the red labels were referring to the page on the right hand side of the window, not the navigation bar on the left like they're supposed to (I've never worked with Publisher before, so that doesn't help the confusion). Maybe if you nudged the labels over to the left a little so that they're right up against the pages that they refer to. 
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Color-LESStudent Digital Artist
Thanks~ I was supposed to put arrows there but laziness got the better of me;; I'll make sure it won't happen again XD
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