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DragonFly 100 by ColonialChrome DragonFly 100 :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 4 0 Joe Roster WIP DA by ColonialChrome Joe Roster WIP DA :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 0 SkyStriker 100 by ColonialChrome SkyStriker 100 :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 2 MOBAT 100ppm by ColonialChrome MOBAT 100ppm :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 12 Whale 100ppm by ColonialChrome Whale 100ppm :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 0 Wolverine G by ColonialChrome Wolverine G :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 Wolverine D by ColonialChrome Wolverine D :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 0 Wolverine A by ColonialChrome Wolverine A :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 Whale by ColonialChrome Whale :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 VampA by ColonialChrome VampA :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 Vamp by ColonialChrome Vamp :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 Ttbp by ColonialChrome Ttbp :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 Tomahawk by ColonialChrome Tomahawk :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 0 Striker by ColonialChrome Striker :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 2 0 Snowcat by ColonialChrome Snowcat :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 0 Slugger by ColonialChrome Slugger :iconcolonialchrome:ColonialChrome 3 0


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DragonFly 100
Upgradded Dragonfly, the team's primary attack helicopter.

Apparently these things have several dozen tons of lifting power as we only need two to shift a TTBP.

I don't think they thought out the T part of that.
Joe Roster WIP DA
Kinda got distracted working up scaling figures for the 100ppm Joe vehicles. Ended up enjoying doing the little figurines about as much as the vehicles, so, worked up a few favourites.

This isn't my forte, and how they were done changed a little so one or two of them need tweaking, but I figured I'd bung 'em up here.

This will likely be updated many times. Oh, and the casting is really just playing about.
SkyStriker 100
Perhaps, probably, almost certainly, the most iconic Joe vehicle, the skystriker was always there. Others came along, the Conquest, the Phantom, none put the striker in the shade.

Obviously a take on the F-14, there are very few changes other than the scaling thing with all Joe vehicles.

Now upgraded to 100ppm.
MOBAT 100ppm

OK, upgraded to 100ppm.

And with only the one file to go instead of, like, seventy, I have time to waffle.

So the MoBaT was apparently based on the MBT 70

Which is probably why it's So seventies and brutal.

I never had one, but AM did. I'm still surprised that it's essentially the same size as the Mauler. I'm pretty sure it was a damn sight heavier, though.


In my head canon the MoBaT is an older design manufactured by MARS, yes THAT MARS, with hidden features intended to allow for the tank to be returned to creator without the current owner's consent, thus letting Destro make money off selling them, then have them for the backbone of his own army when needed. This would include the several thousand procured by the US, amongst many other nation states. Obviously this would not be a brilliant thing for a team of heroes. Having your tank fire up and wander off to defect is going to be embarrassing, especially if in doing so it let the baddies know where you live.

This is, in head canon, the primary reason why the team went without a tank for a long time - they needed to source a replacement, which would be the lighter and cleverer Mauler.

Yes, this would require a little rejiggering of the comic time line, but that's a thing anyway, so. Ner.
Whale 100ppm
Ah, just so many amazing. I mean aside from the sled shooting through that apparently solid skirt, this thing was PUFFICK.

My Cutter was lost to prosperity somewhere in the ivy-encrusted rear stairs of my former abode. I never quite understood how I managed to get all my camo Joes back, but not the one wearing the bright orange life preserver.

Anyhoo, minor changes to the original...

Main guns increased in size to fit their claimed 105mm caliber.
Machine guns changed to more realistic twin M2 fifty cals.
Missile boxes resized to fit HellFire missiles.
Depth Charge rack deleted due to the near total lack of point of beer keg sized depth charges, also that we saw Destro and Firefly haul depth charges out of the lockers below the missile pods. I prefer that.
Scout bike deleted due to laughability.
Recon sled deleted for laughability.
Rear deck area re worked to include a main engine cover and a pair of air intakes, because this here's a hovercraft, not a giant rubber airboat.
Rain cover added to starboard gunner pintle. Assume this would be available on both. I mean I can't imagine there'd be much fun sitting inside a freaking hovercraft with a pair of big holes immediately above. If you're going to have your passengers soaking wet why bother with the roof?



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Zachary Benjamin
United Kingdom


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