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So many... cartoon dogs..
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VALENTINES SALE 2021!!!! by Colonels-Corner, journal

VALENTINES SALE 2020!!!! OVER!!!! by Colonels-Corner, journal

VALENTINES 2019 ADOPT SALE! ENDED!! by Colonels-Corner, journal

Birdfolk for Events! Aloha and the gang! by Colonels-Corner, journal

Characters for Sale! by Colonels-Corner, journal

ITS COMING... TOMORROW. The Valentine's Sale lineup is being previewed on Patreon tonight, and tomorrow i'll list them here as well. Sorry for the wait!

You would rather have (for auction/sale)

  |  201 votes
  • Character designs (unique lines)
  • Blank Ref Sheets (for premade chars)
  • Largeart YCHs
  • Multiple Slot- YCH Poses
  • Other (comment below)

Should I post commissions here?

  |  358 votes
  • Yes, I don't mind the spam!
  • Only if they have a watermark.
  • Nope, I like my coms private
  • No!!
  • No one really knows how much Colonel draws..

What's your favorite type of art to collect for your ch...

  |  400 votes
  • Pixels!
  • Tags
  • Chibis
  • Large art (transparent image)
  • Full Illustration
  • I don't get art for my characters
  • I don't have characters
  • Other?

New Cloverpups for auction tomorrow!!

  |  62 votes
  • Three little cuties
  • Maybe two
  • If I keep the one I like...
  • 8D
  • Yay!

UHH IM DOIN A JM to come chat hey

  |  12 votes