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The 8th year of the Annual Valentines sale, OHMY!!! It's that time again folks!!! Characters from all walks of life are up for auction for the next week!!!

Featuring Closed species from these groups:


Patrons (froggo and up) get their 5% off commissions reward option towards any sales!
If you plan on spending a ton, it might be worth it to pop over and join ;D

(also found in the sale stash itself)
AUCTION END DATE: FEB 21st 9PM EST! Snipe guard in place.

  • Only bid what you have/are comfortable with paying!!! Do not bid on 20 characters and plan to retract the bids if you didn't mean to win that many. 
  • Reply to the bid chain. Be sure to check the full bid chain before replying up in case you have been outbid. 
  • There will be a 5 minute snipe-guard at the end of the auction. 5 minutes has to go by without a bid for the auction to end. 
  • Payment plans are allowed for any final bids over $100, but require a down payment. Message to discuss if needed!
  • You do not FULLY OWN the character until the payment plan is completed (consider it co-owned til then)
  •  Payment is in USD only via Paypal. Snailmail is ok but ask me about it first. 
  •  Most characters come with NO rules except for the following:
  •     > Cloverpups & Cloverdiles can NOT be bred. Here is the species group. 
  •     > Starfish Pups can NOT be bred.  Here is the species group. 
  •     > Royal Shepherds, Jawbones, Starfish Pups, Groll Frogs, and Croakis can NOT be bred. 
  • > Check with me first if you ever want to part with your Shantyland critters cause i'll probably buy them back.
Roake Note by Colonels-Corner

  • Can I change the name/gender/info: Absolutely! If you need to tweak them to really suit you, I'm all for it
  • Can I make the edits myself?: If you have the capabilities to do minor edits yourself, go for it, but don't remove my sig or change the character beyond recognition
  • Will you make the edits for me?: If you need that marking moved up or altered to create your dream character, I'll gladly hook you up! minor edits can be done to any of the characters to fit your needs (within reason). If you think you might want a character changed, you can always reach out beforehand to see if it's doable.
  • Can I resell/trade the character later on: They don't come with specific rules, however I need to be notified if Cloverpups switch hands, and the starfishpup's have a masterlist that will need to be updated. If I see you buying a character and then turning around to sell it for more within a short time after the sale you'll go on a watch list (: Otherwise yes, you can trade or sell them. 

BE RESPECTFUL, please only bid what you have. Message me with questions, and happy bidding!
Always refresh the page to make sure you are replying to the most recent bid. 


Please be kind and respectful to fellow bidders!!
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here/discord/wherever you know I am!!
© 2020 - 2021 Colonels-Corner
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This is awesome! I’ve never actually met you, but I’ve always been a big fan since the start. I can’t really spend money sadly, as I am quite broke, but it’s always been a dream! Honestly, I wanted to try and bid on Lynx for my friend back on FP, as their callname is Lynx and they told me how much they wanted your art! But, as I said before, I just can’t buy anything. I‘ll keep a lookout next time! Who knows, maybe I might be able to next year?

Colonels-Corner's avatar
Aw thank you!!!
Haha it's a struggle!! I usually do the sale at the same time each year so people can maaaybe save up, but that's still only half the battle!! 
That would've been super fitting for your friend though!! Did they see Lynx the cloverpup?? 
and YESS thats the spirit! ;D There's always next year!
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For payment plans, how much are you requiring down and how long until it has to be paid off? (Like, 50% down, pay the rest in 30 days. Or whatever)
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Hi! May I ask if you plan to post AB prices at any point?
Colonels-Corner's avatar
Of course!. I don't actually do ABs for this sale! just runs through til the end on Friday 
pirateprincss's avatar
Thank you for answering! I didn't realize at first that someone else had answered my question the first time (shows you how much attention I'm paying to things, oops)
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There's no AB! It's just straight auction until the end time!
pirateprincss's avatar
Sounds great, thanks for answering!
meloncollies's avatar
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i cant believe ive missed out on your art and designs for so long : O theres quite a large number of the ones in this batch that i really want but ive had my heart set on tapestry... i may try out for some others though!! my other favorites are venus and toby : ) but anyways im glad i found you through toyhouse! after just looking at these designs youve already become one of my favorite designers and artists!! : )
Colonels-Corner's avatar
Better late than never?!! Thank you for swinging by the sale this year!!
AHh yeah I really love Tapestry myself ;u; Toyhouse has been a pretty awesome platform now that im finally getting into it, so yay!!! AH that makes me so happy <3333
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Heck these are all so beautiful! Huge fan of tapestry quail and ALL the rats. Regrettably I have little money to spare right now, but I appreciate each and every one of these designs.

Colonels-Corner's avatar
TYSM!!! I keep debating on pulling Tapestry for myself, haha. And I definitely appreciate the appreciation!!! <3 It's been a hot minute since i've had do design so many random things but it was actually a TON of fun!!
kintsugi-kitsune's avatar
I can't believe I've never seen your art before! It's awesome.
Colonels-Corner's avatar
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Oh man I love seeing your kickass collection of sales chars every year! Such a delight every time, look at all these awesome critters! Wish you alllll the luck at raking in that good good dough 8D
Colonels-Corner's avatar
CHIIM ty!!!!! <333
bkomei's avatar
i love this year's collection!!! so many beautiful designs
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Hey, I tried to comment SB on Pom the starfish dog but it won't let me. Could something be wrong?

Colonels-Corner's avatar
Hey!! Were you able to get it working? I know stash can get a little wonky sometimes, might just need a browser refresh? 
1950sMilkShake's avatar

I did, but by the time it did other bided higher then I could pay. :(

Oh well, better luck next time!

Colonels-Corner's avatar
Aw righto!! There's always next year I suppose!!! Or make sure to check out/follow the group :iconstarfishpups: for future adopts!! they're such a cute little species and Im always excited to be apart of them/do pup adopts!
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