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Vday Sale Linup (ended)

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Oh man what a year!! I felt like hardly anything got done, but we've got another very full year... and very lacking in dogs for once haha.

As mentioned in the journal, the sale will be hosted on TOYHOUSE this year, since we upload them there anyways and stash has been giving people a lot of issues. If you'd like to bid and don't have a TH account please feel free to message me!! We've got a handful of people willing to give out TH codes or we'll add in the bids for you. 

Check THE JOURNAL for more info on rules/payment plans
VALENTINES SALE 2021!!!!, ITS THAT TIME AGAIN!!! Welcome to the 9th Annual Valentines Adopt Sale!!Each sale is a mashup of characters of all shapes and sizes and species and is always a really nice way for me to get to have fun designing whatever the heck I want that isn't a commission or patreon related once a year.UPDATE: This year we're switching to a different platform to host the auction!Bidding will be done on Toyhouse this year because stash has been an absolute NIGHTMARE so far since yesterdays early access launch for patrons. Such a shame! Hopefully TH will be a more reliable option this year but please be patient while we work out any issues! WANT TO JOIN Toyhouse to bid? CLICK HERE for toyhouse codes! Please delete the code you've used, or feel free to add codes if you have em!NOTE: THERE ARE ALREADY BIDS HAPPENING because patrons of SHANTYLAND got early access! BID HERE RULES AND NOTESAUCTION WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE STASH LINKED BELOW!!  Patrons (froggo and up) get their 5% off commissions reward option towards any sales! If you plan on spending a ton, it might be worth it to pop over and join ;D END DATE: FEB 20st 8PM EST! Snipe guard in place.AUCTION/CHARACTER RULES:Only bid what you have/are comfortable with paying!!! Do not bid on 20 characters and plan to retract the bids if you didn't mean to win that many.Reply to the bid chain. Be sure to check the full bid chain before replying up in case you have been outbid.There will be a 5 minute snipe-guard at the end of the auction. 5 minutes has to go by without a bid for the auction to end.Payment plans are allowed for any final bids over $100, but require a down payment. Message to discuss if needed!You do not FULLY OWN the character until the payment plan is completed (consider it co-owned til then)Payment is in USD only via Paypal/Stripe/VenmoMost characters come with NO rules except for the following:> Cloverpups & Cloverdiles can NOT be bred. Here is the species group. > Starfish Pups can NOT be bred.  Here is the species group.> Check with me first if you ever want to part with your Shantyland critters cause i'll probably buy them back.CHARACTER QUESTIONS:Can I change the name/gender/info: Absolutely! If you need to tweak them to really suit you, I'm all for itCan I make the edits myself?: If you have the capabilities to do minor edits yourself, go for it, but don't remove my sig or change the character beyond recognitionWill you make the edits for me?: If you need that marking moved up or altered to create your dream character, I'll gladly hook you up! minor edits can be done to any of the characters to fit your needs (within reason). If you think you might want a character changed, you can always reach out beforehand to see if it's doable.Can I resell/trade the character later on: They don't come with specific rules, however I need to be notified if Cloverpups switch hands, and the starfishpup's have a masterlist that will need to be updated. If I see you buying a character and then turning around to sell it for more within a short time after the sale you'll go on a watch list (: Otherwise yes, you can trade or sell them.BE RESPECTFUL, please only bid what you have. Message me with questions, and happy bidding! Always refresh the page to make sure you are replying to the most recent bid.GO HERE TO BID: TOYHOUSE LINK HAPPY BIDDING!!!! Please be kind and respectful to fellow bidders!! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here/discord/wherever you know I am!!:iconcloverpups: :Iconstarfishpups: :Iconshantyland:

This is a little different than the usual auction style, so feel free to message myself or Toucat if you have any questions/issues! 
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Ohmygosh, there are so many good ones, but Elevor has my heart. <3

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I love elevor!
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I have no clue how you don’t get burnt out drawing all this, I’m still tired from the last time I tried doing anything like this
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Yeah it's... a lot. I always hit it hard since it's only once a year, but now I can take a bit of time off to recover!

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Let's DO THIS!! So many amazing characters this year!