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Fall Cloverpup | Binx

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*eeekkrrr eeekkkrrr* The moan of the rusty lamp as it swings in the breeze, attached to an aging lamp post in a long forgotten town. It's near the coast, giving each breeze a salty taste and a shiver down every spine. It just so happened that on this night, the carnival rolled into town. Setting up their big bright lights and massive red tents, the few townspeople who were left, flocked to the tent. The show was crazy, intense, and unsettling. It was on this night that four new Cloverpups sprouted among this eery town. 

Not all the homes on the small cliffside town were still occupied. If anyone still lived in the small house on the hill, they would have had the perfect view of the big tent and wild lights that evening.
Moonlight struggled through the dust-stained glass and onto the remnants of the little boy that used to live there; a ragged stuffed cat toy with a crooked smile. From the seam of its broken stitches, a tiny green sprout burst forth into the light.

SB: $25
MI: $5
END DATE: Wednesday, October 3rd @ 10pm EST
  • Bidding is in USD ONLY. No points or trades. 
  • Payment plans are available for amounts over $100, please discuss how you'd like to set up your payment plan before the auction ends if it's not a "half now, half in up to a month" format. 
  • Payment must be received (in part if not in full) within the first 24 hours unless otherwise discussed with me or your character will go to the next highest bidder.
  • There will be a 5 minute snipe guard!!! Any characters still being bid on at the end of the sale will continue until no bids have been made for a solid 5 minutes.
  • Please reply within the bidding chain in the amount you're bidding. Avoid backing out or bidding more than you have, and be respectful of other bidders.
  • This character is part of my species called Cloverpups. Certain rules exist for this species - check them out in their group.
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    Love that cheeky grin! 
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    Binx. Cat. Hocus pocus maybe?
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    Congratulations! The auction is over and you are the winner!
    Please reply back to this comment with your paypal email for invoicing and then reach out to Colonel to work out the details of your payment.
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