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Cloverpup Christmas!

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 Merry Christmas! 
I thought it'd be a fun gift for friends and cloverpup owners alike! Did NOT intend to include so many, but I tried to include those I see around a lot still, so sorry if you weren't included, but hot diggity there are a lot of CPs!

Here's a version without the text! 
Cloverchristmas Notext by Colonels-Corner

I'M... too lazy to link people omg I'm sorry! 
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Awwww heck, look at all those clover cuties, all together in a patch! <3
Thanks for throwin' lamb in there, in all his grumpyfaced glory! 8D
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This is amazing and oh my goodness I am so jealous x

Some day I will own one maybe :D
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So many in this picture, it's gorgeous!! And Merry Christmas! :heart:
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OMG! Declan sticks out so much.
So many cloverpups. This is adorable! 
Colonels-Corner's avatar
Hahaha he really does! 
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This is adorable, thank you!! <3
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The mega picture!!! A very merry Shanty-mas!
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Yeah I realized towards the end that it didnt have very christmas-y snowy vibes, but MEH they're all back on Shanty for a reunion, maybe!
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oh gosh look at the little Irish cutie < 3333 Thank you so much and merry christmas!!!
Colonels-Corner's avatar
Iriiishhh! Haha gotta give the ol guy some love when I can! Merry Christmas! MISS YA!!
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Oh my goodness you totally outdid yourself!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE CLOVERPUPS! Thank you so much for including me, Galahad is so cute LOOK AT HIM PEEKIN UP!!! They look lik ethey're part of the coolest dang club ever holy heck
Colonels-Corner's avatar
It definitely beats my last group pic by a landslide! Figured the babies could use some new art for the holidays!! <333
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Oh my god, look at them all! This is adorable, thank you so much ;u;
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I love how many you crammed in here and all the interactions are so good!
Thank you, Serene!!
Colonels-Corner's avatar
Maybe one day when I really want to hurt myself I'll draw ALL of them in one... or just commission you to do it ;D
ranalligator's avatar
PAh, only if you want me to never draw again!
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Marvelous work! :la:

Merry Christmas! :)
Colonels-Corner's avatar
Thanks!! To you too!
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Ahhhh rose is sooo cute!!!!!

there ao many cute pups!!!!! Can’t wait for the rest that come thank you!!!
Colonels-Corner's avatar
:D YEY! Good ol Rose! You're welcome! 
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Holy cow, this is so many!! Thank you SO much! Look at Mondo's little tongue ;o;
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