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Korra Boot Tutorial


Alright, hot off the press! Legend of Korra Boot Tutorial! This will work the best for those with some sewing experience. The directions given here are for leather but the technique is basically the same for other materials.

A Saddle-Stitch diagram can be found here.

To see these boots in action, = Facebook!

And my Tumblr:…
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nishlanin's avatar
I just recently finished using this tutorial to make a pair of boots. Thanks a lot for a great tutorial!
Ruun's avatar
Wow, this is awesome! I love leatherwork. Nice job there. And the whole Korra costume is also fantastic.
witchiamwill's avatar
Amazingly brilliant tutorial! Its awesome to see such accurate boots and hand made none the less! Super cosplay win!
ColonelLiamRoss's avatar
Thank you! Very much appreciated! Yeah, it was fun to try to make these 'legit'-looking. :D
witchiamwill's avatar
Well you got it for sure! I need to steal you and your awesome skills. Make all of the costumes!
Lady-Winterlace's avatar
Very cool and well written tutorial! Might now even consider making some :d thx for all the helpful tips on the side as well. They certainly will help to avoid potholes.
ColonelLiamRoss's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I hope it helps a bit! Don't hesitate to shoot me any questions that come up. :)
Lady-Winterlace's avatar
Thx! Much appreciated - hope I get to make them soon. Will link back if I do.
Jessica3green's avatar
wow, these look great!:D
I've seen others and... well,... definitely not as cool xD
ColonelLiamRoss's avatar
Aww, shucks. Thanks! Glad you think so!
KaeporaGaebora3's avatar
Wow amazing tutorial! Makes me wanna make them just cuz. 
ColonelLiamRoss's avatar
Thank you! It's quite a fun little project.
kremlin-dawn's avatar
Thank you for this amazing tutorial! I may use it sometime in the future (and if I do, I will give you credit of course)!
ColonelLiamRoss's avatar
No problem! Glad I could help! Do hope it's useful. :)
Rollwurst's avatar
You'll cosplay Korra? O.o woooooow...i have to See that!
ColonelLiamRoss's avatar
You bet! I'm still working on getting better shots. Now that it's snowed here we might be in luck.
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