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I work in a museum about the military and spend my spare time on the back of a horse hitting people with 12' sticks or making impractical clothing no one wears anymore.

Favourite Visual Artist
Albrecht Durer, Hans Holbein the Younger
Favourite Movies
A Midwinter's Tale, The Duellists
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Two Steps From Hell, Harry Gregson-Williams
Favourite Writers
Spike Milligan, George MacDonald Fraser, John Banville, Hilary Mantel
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Pencil, sewing machine, lance, crossbow, insanity
Other Interests
Military history, ugly old dudes with big noses

So I Lied....

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Howdy folks! How is everyone? My last journal gave a run-down of the costumes for this year's CCEE here in Calgary but it was actually a giant pile of fib because things have changed significantly since then. There were originally four costumes in the initial plan but due to changing interests and alternative alignments of the stars, the list has been pared down to two. So some introductions are in order. First off, there's Giovanni Auditore from Assassin's Creed II: Lineage. I love the games to death but I think I love the Lineage movies more and there's something wonderfully awesome about Giovanni's character. He's got the same sweet outf
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Quick-o Update

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Salvete amici! These journal entries are becoming quite bi-annular, sooo time for an update! First off, costumes. I've got a butt-load of early 16th century German kit to make up over the next month or so just because I'm getting deep into the Landsknecht stuff and I want to do things 110% properly. And though the Calgary Comic Expo isn't for another six and a half months, the work there is going to start anon because a lot needs to be done. Plans have changed slightly; as stated earlier, I had planned on Erebus from Warhammer 40k but I'm not comfortable enough with plastics to attempt an entire suit of power armour. So instead, the line-u
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Choose my fourth costume for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2011!

32 votes
The Doctor from Assassin's Creed II: Brotherhood -…
Count Marius Leitdorf from Warhammer (think of Maximilian but insane and very flamboyant - tonnes of feathers, silks, huge sword) -…
Those suck. You should do ________________. (Add comment)
Whut, you make costumes?
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I'm not sure how active you are at the moment, however, I'm a great fan of your costumes. I too am a reenactor, as well as a writer of historical fiction, although I have yet to post any of my work. I've wanted to craft some sort of British officer's uniform for years, although I'm afraid my sewing is rather below-par. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you lived in the same city as me. I work as a costumed interpreter at Heritage Park, if you've ever been there. 
All I wanted to say is that your work is absolutely brilliant and I'm incredibly envious! Keep it up!
Your Marat is great!!
I don't know how active you still are around here, but on the off-chance you see this: Happy Birthday!!! Your costumes have never failed to amaze me and inspire me in character design. If there is another site where you are more active and I might be able to see more projects you have been up to lately I would love to see it. :)

(It's Canadian-Rainwater, by the way!)
HEY!! <3 Thanks so much for the note!! Day = Made. Oh heck yes, I'm over on the Tumblr-sphere now as teadrunktailor and I'm vastly more active there than here now. 

So nice to see your stuff crossing my dash again, Sak. :))) 
Yess! I gave you an immediate follow. I'm definitely more active there too, less comments and drama to deal with, at least so far. :P

Thank you, so nice to get back in touch. Also I hope you had a great birthday-day!
Have a nice B-day o/
I really like your art, and I'm glad you draw so many old dudes with big noses.