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Pokemon Preschool

By ColonelCheru
Check out my comic site here - [link]
Be sure to keep it bookmarked and to check every Monday! (where it's updated a whole week early!) ;3c

Hey guys! I hope you had a great spring break! (and for those who haven’t had theirs yet, I hope it’s great as well!)

I want to start out by saying that I’m going to push my post dates to Mondays now. Just to give me a full weekend to work on them. I am sorry if some are delayed. As much as I put towards the site, things in my life like school come first. (and maybe some fun as well.)

If you want to be in the know when things are posted or what’s up with the site, be sure to watch the site’s Twitter over at Player__Two
and if that’s not enough for you, feel free to also watch my account over at ColonelCheru.

As for this week’s comic… if you’ve started playing Pokemon Black or White you should totally understand this.

One 3 year old kid.. ok sure I’ll battle you. But the FIRST TWO ROUTES ARE PRACTICALLY FILLED WITH PRESCHOOLERS. I thought the rule was you had to be 10 years old before you could roam the wild and battle people haha.

Also a personal shoutout to Futurama and Billy West. I’m a huge fan and I’ve been watching all 6 seasons and the movies these past two weeks. Thus the Professor Farnsworth.
haha he’d make the worst or best professor in pokemon. <3 (Fry is my favorite however)

And yes, my Oshawott is named Stimpy. :3c

If you’re a voice acting nerd like me, Billy West is the incredibly talented person who voices Stimpy, Ren, Fry, Prof. Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, Doug Funnie, Roger Klotz, Rancid Rabbit, and many others. Such as the Red M&M. As a voice actor myself, He is a huge hero of mine. (And now you know something new possibly) ;)

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thats the exact face I make, im like " law Im aloud a pokemon at the age of 10, but why do these little kids have pokemon, like Seviper or Zangoos that cound tare them apart?"
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Wreck the little twerp.
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hi there, can I use your fanart for my video edit? I will surely give you credit
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The preschoolers are using their older relatives/parents pokemon. Their borrowing them
xXPastel-BunniesXx's avatar
Honestly, those little kids are out exploring the world, far from home with no adult! What are they're parents doing? Are they on vacation? Nice comic btw! XD
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Professsor Farnsworth!
The Unova region has different laws.
A-Gaming-Fox22's avatar
lol so tru
also lol...  that... guy... from that show... i dunremember his name :I but its 12:36 am and im tired so dun judge
Bender 1  "serves those other punk trainers right, always standing there waiting for you to come, watching your every move"
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they start younger and younger... i fought an entire kindergarten and their caretaker on the way to the first city in a game. 
Farnsworth tree farm
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Honestly I think he'd make a better pokemon professor than some of the other guys they have...
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XD  futurerama prof XD
poopydoopers's avatar
its march 6 today...
84pokedude's avatar
XD I was thinking the same thing when I played the game! And XD Professor Farnesworth!
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Lol professor farnsworth.
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DrCoeloCephalo's avatar
When you think about, it should be illegal for Youngsters to be using Pokemon...
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