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Gilda's Sorry


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I Don't Care About Tomorrow

Devious Collection

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Kiwano And Lychee (Parents Of Mango And Kiwi)

Achats et autres

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Everyone Loves Leon

Fan Comics et histoires et gifs

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Sweet Nurse

Pony nurses

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[COMM] Moondancer Dancer

Humanized ou egrillard

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References: Soldiers

Choses militaires

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Gilda's Sorry


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Watercolour Doodle

Les Princes et Princesses

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I'm still beautiful


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Hetalia OC - Rhodesia

Autres humains et cr atures

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A new pet for LPB


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B timents, paysages, et v hicules

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(MLP)Maud's Reveal


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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Stumped Dunno Shrug


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*WINNERS* Monthly Raffle *SEPT*

:bulletblue:Introduction: So, remember that thing I was planning since that Kiriban? Well, I finally figured it out. Because my watchers have been so very very very awesome and have been so supportive through all the shit I've gone through, I decided to give you all something back. What will I give you back? Well, because I can hardly give everyone of my watchers something I'm going to hand it to the Random Gods. I will hold a raffle each month. Now :bulletgreen: How will this work? At the start of each month I will update this journal with the month in the title and the month in the FEATURED comments (the one that are brightened up). You


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My little Outbreak pg 51

My Little Incident, by ZoaRenso

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Shapeless Sun Page 8

Shapeless Sun, by InkRose98

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Ponynomicon : Habtur

La Chute de Fallen

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The Simple Life Chapter 1

Luna was slowly roused from her light slumber by the quick change in momentum, forcing her lurch forward slightly as opposed to being gently rocked by steady travel on board the train. The locomotive hissed loudly as it applied its steam brakes. She turned her attention to glass window her head rested upon and found herself to be looking at the small rustic train station of Ponyville. It varied greatly from Canterlot Station's magnificence, but it was not without its sleepy, small town charm.  She stretched her neck and shoulders as she rose from her seat and made her through the train cabin to the doorway, ignoring all of the inquisitive, ac

The Simple Life

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Lunar Isolation Pg 147

Lunar Isolation, by TheDracoJayProduct

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End of a Generation - Part 12

End of a Generation, by Beavernator

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MLP:FiM - Scootaloo's Scootaquest Episode 27

Scootaloo's Scootaquest, by AJMSTUDIOS

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MLP Project - Blood is Thicker... 01

Blood is thicker, by Metal-Kitty

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ES: Find Yourself 001 - Chapter 1

Find yourself

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What's going on here?!

The Cause

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Twists and Turns - Part 9

Twists and Turns

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Midnight Eclipse - Page 43

Midnight Eclipse

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ES: Seeds of Darkness 000 - Prologue

Seeds of Darkness - side Ask

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Crazy Future Part 38

Crazy Future

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Everfree part 13 FR

Everfree, by jeremy3 and scootabyte

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Quest for Apple Bloom part epilogue

Quest for Applebloom, by jeremy3 and scootabyte

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Two Royal Sisters: Chapter 1 Page 13

Two Royal sisters, by TigerDeHavilland

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Behind the Mirror, by Backlash91

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MLP Project 625

MLP Project, by Metal-Kitty

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Commission: Princess Celestia vs Egg Emperor

A New Friend, by RocknRumble

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Love at Second Sight, by Dawnrex15

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Harsh Apples pg 60

Harsh Apples, by ZoaRenso

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Twilight and Pinkie (The Rose Of Life comic)

The Rose of Life - ENG -, by j5a4

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MLP FIM STARS Chapter-1 Dreams Page-1


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RD Chapter 8 P13

Rogue Diamond, by Pia-sama

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Crazy Future Part 01

Crazy future, by vavacung

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MLP: FiM - Without Magic Part 61

Without Magic, by PerfectBlue97

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