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What can I say?

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I love to draw the occasional angry dog!

and yeaaaah, go ahead, fill in the blank. I know you want to. ;) maybe i'll update the picture with whoevers got the best saying, haha
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...Except youre welcome!
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His expression says it all xD
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Let him say ::: What can I say?
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looks like he sayin ' leave meh aloone!'
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OH MY GAWD! Make him say
"I'll take you with ketchup!"

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Hahaha he's probably like,
"Would you just hop off?"
Lol idk.
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Kid: Eww look mommy there's a-
Dog: I dare you kid, make my day!!
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Pretty sure he is saying, "I am freakishly adorable. Love me". Or at least, that is what I heard.
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haha probably something like that ;)
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"No dog can think clearly with this putrid odor!" "You asked for a knuckle sandwich?"
"What did you SAY?!"
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hahaha wow XD thank you!
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very formidable )
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"ventventventrageleave" lolol i love this look, such an intriguing style~
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im amazed with this
the snout, and paws fff<3
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Man, I love that muzzle. And he looks like he's thinking something like "I'll get ya next time, just wait and see..."... or something. xD
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I adore that expression. His body type is very fitting for the angry look. The background really makes him pop. Lovely work.
"It's never strawberries"
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Haha I LOVE the stylization of his face, so neat looking and full of character ;D
I've never been any good at caption contests, so I have nothing witty to suggest XD
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haha its okay, me either. I still just like Bite me.
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Mabey he's thinking/saying: I wanna break you'r bone... Or : Here kitty kitty Or: Did you just say i CAN'T have a treat?

hahahah these i think maches his face too! xD (hope you'll pick one of these) <3
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