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Stranger Things Poster

Here's the Stranger Things poster I debuted at Denver Comic Con this year! My awesome girlfriend was able to get Millie Bobby Brown to sign a copy while I was slaving away behind the table, which was the driving force to even make this art for the con, hooray!
Saw a lot of amazing art, met some super cool people and other artists! Overall, a pretty darn cool trip, learned a lot about selling at a con thanks to my booth-mate TaksArt , and I might just have to try it again sometime! You can read more about the trip here:

Prints will be available at my etsy shop once I go through inventory and (probably need to) order more! These are 8x10 giclee prints and an option without the waffle is available.  
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Reminds me of Earthbound
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I really love this piece. The Eggo is definitely a wonderful touch. It's neat how much you included from the show in a single simple illustration. Kudos! :clap: 
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Love this!!!! So smart! Check out my Stranger Things Fan Art I think you’d like it !
Why does it take place on a waffle I’ve never seen stranger things and I don’t plan to so I don’t really know anything about it but I’m pretty sure there was no scene with them riding on a waffle.
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One of the main characters really like eggos! So they dont ride ON a waffle,  but I included it as the streetlight as a tie-in because being super literal all the time is boring. There is actually a version without the waffle/is just the light from a streetlamp, though.
Oh ok thanks. Keep up the good work.
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This is so cute I love your style!
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This is sooooooo cool! :D
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OMGosh!!!!! YASSSSSSSSS!!!!! This is the best thing ever! I love how they're riding on an eggo'!!!!!!
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This is adorable!
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this is really cool i like the style you did it in 
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I really need to watch that show someday *someone who don't have netflix* ^^;
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U MUST WATCH IT! It is a must!!! But if u don't hav Netflix.......... Oh well
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