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I WAS RIGHT! I was right from the moment I suspected something was up when MisterMixer200 showed up on my page to present a defamatory journal about me. He is, in fact, Niam2020 from the anti-conservative Website Fundies Say The Darndest Things, aka Arcadiusd on DeviantArt (whom I advise you all to block). And he sent me a nasty little note to confirm it. I have the transcript here with my feedback.

Well, after Bast [nickname of a moderator from FSTDT, with whom I tried to talk peace earlier today] posted some of your rant, I figure its time to end the game. You also probably didn't buy the stock photo "selfie".

Not only did he misspell "it's," but he's right. I didn't buy the "selfie." The man in the photo he sent me to represent "Gabe" wasn't even posed to look like he was holding a phone.

By the way, I don't "crave your attention". If there's anyone who craves attention, its you, craving attention of the female variety. I did this as a *bet* with [name redacted] - I bet I could make you think Society was real, to show the links between so called "mainstream conservatives" and extremists like QAnon and the Alt-Right, who build their mythology on the likes of Fur and Loathing.

Translation: "All conservative Christians, regardless of the level of moderate vs. extreme, are gullible idiots who believe everything they're told, no matter how implausible. But I don't believe in stereotypes!" Also, what an idiot! Not only did he misspell "it's" twice, but he thinks I crave the attention of the woman who introduced me to FSTDT when most of what I've said to her over the last year ends with a demand to leave me alone. Who's craving whose attention? Obviously, you needed my attention for your social experiment to work. It never would have gotten off the ground if I never had given you my initial reply. And what do you mean that mainstream conservatives and alt-righters are the same, or at least very similar? For a guy who purportedly doesn't believe in stereotypes, you sure are a firm believer in conservative stereotypes. Just like your cohorts, who think "most" conservatives are like the ones they quote.

And you know what [name redacted] had to say about this? She didn't think you would do it. She thought better of you. Everyone did! They all thought you would cotton on earlier. Everyone was constantly saying "Come on Bobby! You're smarter than this, man! You can't be falling for Niam's schemes!" They thought you'd say something like "oh, this is a little too farfetched. This is weird and disgusting and I don't know about it!" They thought you'd be...discerning. Skeptical. Smart. They...believed in you.

Oh, I "cottoned on" all right. From the moment you showed up as MisterMixer200 and shared a defamatory journal about me, then started acting overly-complimentary and claimed to have a previous DA account that doesn't exist. But part of me wanted to believe at least that part of the narrative was real, if not the part about anatomically impossible intercourse. Your whole scheme fell apart when I was informed about this movie that I didn't know existed. Had I known it existed, this experiment of yours would not have gone on as long as it had. Your kryptonite was my good friend acidrainbow01. By the way, doesn't calling me "Bobby" a thousand times a day after I told you not to do so one single time get old after a while?

Well, maybe you learned a bit more about that from our little back and forth. If only you'd learn to apply what you learned dealing with me to Donald Trump and the Conservatives around you. Exercise a little of that discernment on their claims and their blatant falsehoods.

Translation: "You need to use the skills you learned from this exercise to turn against Donald Trump and question your conservative family roots because no normal person should support Trump and be allowed to live freely in our society without being persecuted for it." Lol wut? :XD: You can't judge a man by his political affiliation or who he votes for in an election. Sliceofedge was right. You guys do what you do for power and control. I can't believe you'd go so far as to actually try to plant the seeds of indoctrinating me into your worldview. When you say I need to question my values, you echo every liberal college professor in America, if not the whole world, and they hate being questioned on their values.

By the way... [insert here a picture I shared with Niam when he manipulated me into gaining his trust as "Eva"] And I want you to remember I have this...and I am never, ever going to post it anywhere on the internet, or use it to my advantage, or use it for ugly memes or Deepfakes.…I don't view you as an archenemy, or as a deeply personal foe, or as the deepest form of evil. I just see you as akin to a box I walk by on the street.

Sorry Niam, but your not tinkering with my picture does not magically excuse your doxxing my last name on your Discord (and with a lazy, unimaginative pun, too), which was previously unknown to the public Internet, and unjustly getting away with it since. I regret sharing the name of the woman whose name I've left out of this journal with Websites where she didn't want it despite its near Web-wide presence—ironically, I became like her in doing so. But exacting your revenge on me by doing the same, only worse because my real last name was never publicly posted before, isn't going to solve anything. I trusted you to keep my last name private, and you shattered my trust. Whatever a normal person would do, FSTDT always does the opposite. And I'm sure boxes on the street must hate you for obsessively quoting them every time they have a conservative campaign sticker on the side. Come to think of it, how do I know you're not lying when you say you won't tinker with my picture? You've lied about everything so far, especially when you called my mother's family KKK members and my father a fraudster, neither of which is factually correct at all.

I made our exchanges an object lesson on reddit as to the dangers of QAnon Extremist Content, and how easily it can be to fall into it. But I did not share your name on there, nor did I give your username. I'm not going to share your face, or your address, or your email, or anything. And I want you to keep that in mind, and ask yourself the question: if you were in my position, would you have done the same thing?

First of all, it's "how easy it can be," not "how easily it can be." Second, you just proved that you used me and admitted that you spied on my address using that lookup engine you talked about earlier. You are obsessed with quoting me and getting revenge on me even after I apologize for and own up to my undoings, but, like every addict, you're in denial. One day, you got bored with quoting me the usual way, especially since I closed off directly speaking to most users of FSTDT a while back, so you decided to use me in a social experiment requiring my attention to work. You like to mess with me and my friends and look to start fights over trivial things that won't mean anything a thousand years from today. You and your friends mock and insult us, you cling to your beliefs that we're "bigots" and "fundies" despite all evidence to the contrary (I still wonder why [name redacted] called SunnyJohansen a "fundie" despite her being a lesbian erotic writer and not saying anything religious that one time she was quoted), and you can't stand letting anything that clashes with your beliefs go unquoted by you, like they "need" to be quoted. You do this for power. You do this for control. You do this to take advantage of people who even mildly disagree with you like the mental predators you are. You do this to emotionally blackmail us into feeling like we "need" to be punished for saying things we think without challenging anyone to a fight.

You use us, and you use us all in the name of "fun." It's a sadistic definition of fun: you relish in inflicting pain and humiliation on others.

To answer your question: no, I'm not going to leak your information once I find out your true identity. The Internet will not know who you truly are, but the appropriate authorities will once they see you're nothing but a stalker and an impersonator who's always looking for new ways to take advantage of anyone who doesn't agree with him on every single sociopolitical issue. Count on it—as luck would have it, I finally found an email to contact them.

Go get a different hobby, Niam. Something other than bothering people over trivial nonsense that divides humankind more than it brings us together. You know what separates me from you? I don't force people into my beliefs. I say what they are and give people the choice to take them or leave them. You saw me do that when talking with your friends on Discord. Your kind, however, insists and demands that I change my views to be more or less in line with yours, thinking that reading and agreeing with anti-Trump posts on Reddit and elsewhere will somehow make me "better." I want it to go on record that I've never called your beliefs "wrong." You believe that everything can be explained and every problem can be solved without God, or anything spiritual. I respect that view. I never said I didn't. However, you say that reality "doesn't conform" to my worldview, implying that yours is the only true way to live a long, prosperous, and fulfilling life. Psycho revenge monsters like you disgust me. Know why? Because you give folks like @VikingFox, who grew up with and feel the most familiar and comfortable with the politics of the left, all the better reason to now identify as centrists! I do not believe all leftists are like you—and I have leftist friends on DA to prove it—but people like you make my leftist friends look bad. From your perspective, it's not enough to love and accept people of different colors, creeds, and orientations for who they are on the inside: we have to actively fight bigotry by starting riots and terrorizing people and their property until they give in to our demands. Like you do every single day. On top of that, you spend every day terrorizing a 74-year-old man who gave up what could've been a happy and quiet retirement out of the public spotlight for the hardest job in the world because he loves America as much as I do. Have you no shame, you elder-abusers?

If you don't crave my attention, if I am just a box on the street to you, why do you even bother with me? I could've made a lot more comics and cartoons by now if you had never walked into my life as part of the world's greatest distraction: like RationalWiki, FSTDT is "a pseudointellectual tourist trap whose inhabitants are fiercely dedicated to the mockery and defamation of people and ideas to which its proprietor objects." I've been trying to ignore you by refraining from speaking publicly about your site for months now, only to find out that I was giving you more attention all along. In trying to "prove" to me that all modern conservatives are liars and manipulators like those on QAnon, you only proved that modern liberals like you are liars and manipulators—in other words, FSTDT is the left-wing equivalent of QAnon!

In the words of a friend of mine who appropriately calls himself "CancelFSTDT" and has known the enterprise longer than I have:

The whole thing is a farce. For one thing, there's no coherent definition of the word "fundie" that they adhere to. It doesn't respect the common usage of the word (i.e. a slang used to mock religious fundamentalists) so what do they mean by "fundie"? Nowadays they say "you know it when you see it" which implies that a "fundie position" is something outrageously stupid or beyond the so-called "Overton window". And yet plenty of people get quoted for saying rather mundane mainstream things, these aren't crazy people with over-the-top views or statements. People have been quoted for merely espousing a conservative position, disagreeing with BLM and some even for jokes, so FSTDT admins don't even understand hyperbole too well.

They seem to have no self-awareness at all in that many statements made by regular posters could easily be classed as "fundie" material due to the SJW statements and positions they hold.

I am Colonel Knight Rider. I am a political and fiscal conservative. My party preference is Republican. I am a Christian, but I do not follow the Biblical book of Genesis literally, unlike actual "fundie" Christians. I am proud to be an active participant in humanity's boldest experiment in democracy: the United States of America, a nation that I know isn't perfect but love and respect regardless. Nothing, not even ugly conservative stereotypes who make folks like me look bad, will ever change that. I will not tiptoe around FSTDT's nerves or submit to their struggle for power. In matters of principle, I will stand like a rock!

Watchers: your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to unmask Niam2020 WITHOUT publicizing info you find about him, then destroy Fundies Say The Darndest Things: the ivory tower from where he and his friends look down their noses on us "lowly" people of faith and think we're "bigots" for not agreeing with their pro-SJW agenda. And that includes destruction of FSTDT's Discord, Reddit, forums, and everywhere else it exists on the Internet.

Oh, and could you please report @MisterMixer200 for block evasion since he's Arcadiusd? Thanks.


It's been 10 days since I last checked my Colonel Knight Rider-exclusive email, so I figured I should check on it again. Unsurprisingly, I found another nasty little letter in my box from guess who? :roll: What follows is a transcript of not the complete note but the highlights—some of the worst examples of blatant attempts at psychological manipulation without guilt or remorse that I've ever seen—with my segment-by-segment commentary.

"You disgust everyone around you, and you will NEVER experience actual love."

Your impression of JK Simmons' character from Whiplash is coming along nicely. Keep it up!

“You can't help but constantly bring up the Conservative Persecution Complex, because that's the only thing you're good at.”

It must suck to be you because people who like my art beg to differ—I suspect you’re jealous. Most of my gallery is not even close to that sort of thing, not that you care because you’re so fixated on what you can interpret as negative, you refuse to see the positive, which would, of course, ruin the “fun” you have treating me like your chew toy. I don’t feel “persecuted” for being a conservative. I think you guys are simply looking to pick fights over the most trivial matters that won’t mean anything to most people a millennium, a century, a decade, even a year from now. Therefore, I do not view you as evil but merely as annoying, obnoxious, headache-inducing, petulant little children trapped in adults' bodies.

[About my saying there could be a reversal of fortune if I took down enemies that I later realized didn't exist] “…you're really not happy with your lot.”

I have a roof over my head, a family that loves me, friends who support me and would come to my rescue in case my social media is deactivated, a warm bed, and three meals a day. What’s there not to be thankful for? I simply said what I said about a reversal of fortune because we all wish we could have more money in today's world. Maybe I don’t have a job now since I’m in grad school, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give up hope since I’m on the cusp of graduation. If you try to prevent my post-grad school vocational pursuits from happening, I’ll know it was you. Don’t think I won’t.

[About an audio narration sample I was tricked into sharing with Niam when he was posing as "Eva"] “I heard your voice, and euuuuuuuuuuugh, there are banshees out there who want tips on improving their vocal talents from you.”

Maybe he meant to end that sentence with a question mark? But I don’t recall saying that. I said there are people who want to hire me. It’s pretty clear from your immature, childish expression of disgust that you only hate my voice because it comes from my mouth. You wouldn’t say, "euuuuuuuuuuugh," if my voice came from any other guy’s mouth, especially from the mouth of someone who thinks more in line with you. Not sure who you mean by "banshees" (I think Claire might be one since I've talked to her about her singing passion on her statuses), but I'll let them know that's what you think of them, Mr. I Like to Annoy Everyone Who's Even Slightly Conservative. I'll bet your speaking voice isn't that great either.

"Sure you can tell [name redacted] how you SURELY always knew [about the prank], and you might even believe it sometimes, but what you're not good at is convincing anyone."

So, he really thinks he tricked me as well as he thinks he did and that I'll have problems convincing people that I knew the truth. The first line of this journal means nothing to him.

"…you see how well loved, respected and smart your brother is. Your LITTLE BROTHER at that,…"

I might have displayed jealousy towards my brother in the past, but that doesn't necessarily mean my parents treat him with special privilege compared to me. I'll have you know my parents love us both equally very much. They have never "played favorites" and never will. I can see you're trying to appeal to the old Green-Eyed Monster in yet another futile attempt to destroy me.

"…look at what you're capable of. You have a Deviantart page, you write fanfics about your petty self declared archfoes, and every single thing you try and do falls through."

"Every single thing?" You mean that one single screenplay I ultimately disowned? There's a million other things I've wanted to do in life that I haven't done yet, mostly because I lack the financial resources. If, by "fanfics," you mean one single piece about something I'm NOT a fan of and not directly based on another's work despite its pop culture references, then yes. Finally, I find it amusing that you say I have a DA page like it's a bad thing. There are plenty of successful artists with DA pages, or people who at least make a happy hobby out of it like I do. And you have one such page, too. It may be collecting dust, but you can't deny that you're one of us as long as it exists.

In short, my only obstacle towards success is not my family, not my friends, not my enemies, but me.

"You look at how your parents treat your younger brother versus how they treat YOU. They try and tell you not to use social media, they try and control what you see and when you see it, they still tell you what to believe and what's in line with orthodoxy."

Um, newsflash: they tell everyone in the family not to use social media. Also, this is hilarious because you're perpetuating conservative stereotypes. The second part of the second sentence can be easily translated as: "They try to control your thought religiously and politically, and the moment you try to break free, the moment you think for yourself like the left-wing atheist/agnostic/skeptic/scientist/whatever we're calling it this week that we all wish you and the whole world could be, they silence your thought!" This, Niam, is even more proof you don't know the first thing about my parents, as was evident when you called Dad a fraudster and Mom’s family Klansmen. They do let me watch the news but also tell me not take everything that liberal media says at face value. They tell me to actually think about what radical extremists like you say because, even though your kind insists that conservatives "may not be right all the time," they hypocritically refuse to accept that liberals sometimes might be wrong, too. I don't take everything at face value, but considering how much you've quoted me based on literal readings of my writings, that's a skill you've as yet to learn. Based on a farfetched, convoluted correlation, you may think you're "smarter" than conservatives or people of faith since you don't believe in God and aren't a conservative, but at the end of the day, being "smart" doesn't make you smart.

What do I mean by smart? Glad you asked. By smart, I mean knowing when to walk away from something you can’t change, like I did when I walked away from MickeyMac96 earlier this year before he got banned for threatening to kill various celebrities and even children's cartoon characters. On that day, I was reminded that everyone can change, but only if they want to change. Bullies who used to beat me up on forums knew when it was time to move on from me after my departure, accepting that there were things they could not change. Why not you? What makes your niche “collective of snarky leftists” the exception? I accept that I cannot change your mind, but would it kill you to show me the same respect?

"It might not even be so astonishing that you fell for such an obvious pseudonym as Eva Appleton, derived of Eve Apple, as in the myth of Eve and the Apple of Knowledge. Because no real, flesh and blood woman could love you."

You know, the more I think about it, the more this proves how low you're willing to sink to make people you don't like feel humiliated. Guess all I have to say is that I'd rather be shunned by all the women of the world for staying true to my faith than surrender my faith and live a life of shallow one-night stands.

I see you chose the word "myth" because that word typically offends actual fundamentalists, which I'm not. Joke's on you—I don't believe in a literal Adam and Eve.

You know, Niam, you really do sound like the type who doesn’t even have a wife or child and instead prefers a life of one-night stands, thinking it’ll make him feel more “manly” when it only makes him feel worse about himself. I’d be amazed if you actually had a wife or children. I’m sure they’d hate to find out how you act like a pugnacious, belligerent animal when you’re anonymous on the Internet. And yet, you keep on acting all cocky, like you’ll never get caught in the act because you've never faced consequences for targeting Internet users you think you know but don't. At least, when I deal with other guys like me who struggle to form relationships with the alien gender, I give them helpful advice to improve communication, and it does make a positive difference. All you do when you meet a romantically challenged individual is taunt them and insult them for their failures. You don't want them to be better. You just want somebody, anybody, to pick on for your own smug, selfish amusement. Do you not see how pathetic that is? :no: When I tell people about my failures in statuses or in journals such as "My Complete Failed Attempts at Romance," it's to remind them that I'm not a god but a flawed human who's willing to own up to his mistakes (which you insult me for anyway). It's called humility, something E-thugs like you sorely lack.

It just so happens that I know I don't disgust everyone around me. It’s evident that I DO have family and friends who love me and forgive me for my misdoings, so I have no reason to waste my time with you. Fundies Say The Darndest Things and its populace are nothing more than a meaningless, time-wasting distraction and a shoddy Internet tourist trap largely ignored by the mainstream media anyway, so excuse me while I mind those that I care about and those who care about me while you use my words against me yet again in your little echo chamber. Go ahead. Try to follow me, curse me, and haunt me until the day I die. But know this: you and your forum are nothing but a waste of my time and yours.

I was going to make my own forum called Niam2020 Says The Darnedest Things to call you out for your animalistic behavior against everyone you target. However, I decided against it because, between this and the last journal, I think my watchers have a strong impression of how much of a psychotic lunatic who speaks in stock video game villain dialogue peppered by recycled Whiplash taunts and slurs you can be. That, and the path to inner peace begins with these four simple words:

"It's not my problem."

Meditating Buddha
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I understand. Thank you for your inquiry.

"And this talk of cancelling elections should concern you as much as anyone." Maybe he meant to say, "postpone until a later date…" The problem is that he knows what to say but not how to say it. Either way, I see this as more of his genuine health concern while misremembering that we can vote remotely now rather than a bid for an extended term in office. And he can get hysterical at times, so I doubt the election's gonna be cancelled.

I think of myself as a news skeptic: don't take everything on TV at face value. And right now, almost every news network in the country is committed to spinning this narrative of how Trump's severely flawed manner of speech automatically makes him a racist. One example is his describing Haiti as a "[bleep]hole country" compared to Iceland. He wasn't saying that Haitians are inferior to Icelanders—he was saying that Haiti is a poverty and natural disaster-stricken country, as any Haitian will tell you the same. It's like the word "racist" is now the be-all to end all arguments: "You're a racist! Nothing you say is valid beyond this point." The media wants to destroy him.

Thank you! :D What you call zombies, I call NPCs. In video game programming, NPC stands for non-player character. NPCs often have pre-programmed dialogue, which my enemies also appear to have as they reuse the same, tired logic errors that they insist are "needed" corrections to whatever I say that offends them. They prowl around my page looking for reasons to be offended and complain about it in their echo chamber instead of actually trying to fix what they think is wrong with the world.

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The only problem with interpreting what you hope Trump meant to say is that he didn't say it and he could have, and should have. And he is actually surrounded by expert speech-writers so either he said exactly what he means OR he's actually enough of a dictator to refuse any advice from actual experts in any field at all (including speeches) and neither option fills me with a lot of confidence in him as a person.

As for saying racist things - apart from the discussion above which definitely applies to this, I think he grew up in an environment with institutional racism (didn't we all?) and *he* never ever had to face any negative consequence for saying things that are racist. So the end effect is that he repeats what he has learned and he manages to sound very racist (and ableist, sexist and pretty far right-wing but that's a different discussion).

Now we don't know how much of this is to appeal to his voter base and how much of it is things he actually believes himself and would spend his own time and energy on making happen and it almost doesn't matter if he's actually a racist or if he's just using racism to stir up voters - the net effect is he is normalising racism in society on a huge scale. And THAT is a huge problem, even if you are 100% Aryan and even if you are a massive racist (not "you" you, this is a hypothetical "you" BTW). Eventually you will run out of "others" to destroy and then what? It won't be the Utopian dream, that's for sure.

I agree 100% that arguing on the internet is not going to change even one person's mind in all likelihood but hope springs eternal and it's WAY easier to bash a keyboard than pick up a placard and march, or avoid buying sweatshop clothes, or buy from farm shops that don't use any plastic packaging, or cycle instead of driving as much as we can, or any of the other little things that would make such a difference if only we all did them. And I am as guilty as anyone else (certainly in God's eyes - we all are). Perhaps we all should think a little more about how it would be to stand before God and justify our actions. He knows our browser history and our inner thoughts, He knows the people whose lives and livelihoods are affected by our actions, He knows all of that - but luckily for us we do have His grace, if we can only bring ourselves to be truly sorry and to honestly try to "sin no more".