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Old Comic Attempt

This one is a really old pic...probably during the time i was experimenting SAi brushes...

I always thought to be a good storyteller...but a not so good comic writer...

I should fix this...cause this comic about the Winx was promising...the problem is that i forgot what it was about...
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I have seen a few episodes of winx club.. got me interested to see more
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There's a lot you can find about them online :)
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wait, i do remember i actually seen the original season 1. rly liked how bloom looked then. not the nick tv version though
Colonel-Gabbo's avatar
The first versions are the best ones imo :)
HyperCloudStrife's avatar
yup. and i think bloom had a darker self on one of the seasons
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Cosa si dicono esattamente?Non vedo bene quello che c'è scritto
suntwilig's avatar
looks super!
bloom and stella?
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Only TWO things I have to say about this idea: 

1) DON'T (whatever you do... DON'T (read this statement carefully) DOOOOOOOOON'T do more than TWO characters, unless you are COMFORTABLE with writing even MORE characters as the Main. Trust me, too many soups, and you'll end up like (Tite) KUBO and his work with Bleach.

Granted, there are... SEVEN ladies? The airtime between them had to be carefully arranged, so that they may shine - but when they used more centrist episodes, they would use (at most) 3 of the cast to flesh their stories out. Stella and Bloom can be a nice start for this sort of comic, but you can add a third of the cast members to flesh out your story. If you add in more of them, you'll run into... "TROUBLE." 

2) Writing a Comic is to be carefully considered as: 

Cast - Description of Cast

"PAGE 1:" Layout (Insert Number of Panels and "Inserts" (if you want to that is) and SPLASH pages (Single or two Frame pieces that take up the page in question. THOSE should be reserved for more IMPACTFUL pieces. i.e. Big Debuts, shocking twists and turns, key plot turns, etc. It has to be Big in event and scale.)

Followed by DESCRIPTION of said page's panels/SPLASH.


Then finishing the page to go for the next one. (That is how I do my comic script layouts.) The hint to this is to let the ACTION do the "talking" for you. After all "They moved" (written) is FAR different than you DRAWING them "moving" (Art.)

Alright, 2: I LOVE the idea you had going on here. Now - here's a trick that you can use: RECYCLE the idea. "Scrap" the original idea, and recycle the concept. Let your FIRST PAGE (this one) be a guide to where you WANT to take them next. It might be what you wanted in the first place, but that idea will return back to you "in a dream" later down the road. ORRRRRRR - better yet, STUDY your piece and ask yourself: "What do I want from this?" 

BUT SERIOUSLY. STUDY the piece. You'll be inspired to do this comic again someday, and because you studied from this page, you'll have a solid foundation to work a new comic (or the old idea.)


I know I rambled on like this, and I apologize for that, but I don't like seeing good ideas go to waste, and I don't want for YOU to let this one go. You have something solid and sexy going here, and I should grab that comment and see where you can take it from here. In fact, look at your older works, look at Goddess Frankie herself... look at other artists, or look at one of my personal FAVORITES: Toka, maybe Ochiko Terada, and get some pointers there. YOU are not the ONLY artist out there - so go search these up, and see where you can take your "kids". ^-^ You are a PARENT to these girls, and like a good father, you should take good care f your girls. They do want daddy's love and affection. ^.^

... Okay, now I've gone off the deep end, but you know what I mean. ^-^' So do yourself a favor, and LOOK UP old ideas, comics, artists, etc. Picture those two (Stella and Bloom) and be motivated by what they CAN do. Then you'll get your ideas flowing again. ALSO, here's another trick, DON'T rush into this. Until you get a SOLID idea going for them, or at least a GOAL, don't try to rewrite your idea NOW, otherwise, you'll freak out, and rip the thing to shreds. You have fans (sure), but what you want is an 
AUDIENCE. I look forward to your new creations and ideas, but if you are thinking of reworking this one, do so when you find a SOLID foundation - study this piece, and take your girls on a "field trip." ^-^ (You'll be glad that you did.)
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So I take it, it will be revisisted in near future?
Colonel-Gabbo's avatar
You can count on it :)
sedsone's avatar
I kind of do :)
AdamtheZilla's avatar
I too would love to see this become a comic.

Perhaps start with how they got so big in the first place?
Colonel-Gabbo's avatar
I'm working on it ;)
AdamtheZilla's avatar
Include plenty of hot growth action. XD
Colonel-Gabbo's avatar
I think I'll apply the classic 'There's always someone bigger' :D
AdamtheZilla's avatar
:nod: Though if I may make one serious suggestion, ditch the ridiculous elevator shoes. 
1) They should be tripping and breaking their ankles with shoes that high on rough uneven terrain.
2) A line like "even the mountains can't reach my feet" loses all meaning when it's clearly only true because you're wearing platform shoes.

Make 'em barefoot. Trust me.
Colonel-Gabbo's avatar
Oh don't worry :) When I said I would have continued it I wanted to mean a comic like thing :D

That was just an old thing :D The new one has surely them barefeet or with sandals or...i don't know...but no silly shoes :D

And of course,the lines will be less stupid :D 
AdamtheZilla's avatar
Good to know. x3
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Very cool work!  :)
Colonel-Gabbo's avatar
I love It, I hope this happens to the Trix sisters one day.
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