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i'm looking extremely forward to this years Expo's at the Excel Warehouse. Last year was the first time I went to an Expo/ Comic Con of any kind and I was lost in time with all the awesome people who go to these every May & October. I remember coming on the train into London calling my friends and that saying that I had arrived and was heading down on the Underground to see them. As soon as I got on with my SlenderMan suit on and my backpack with various stuff and clothes to come back in to, I was on a journey that every Nerd & Otaku takes.

Things were interesting when I arrived at Old Street on the Underground, I was looking around as many people do on the underground to see what sorts of people were getting on and off the train, then when I looked to see who was getting on, I saw these two girls getting on the train, one tall and here friend almost the same height as me with Cats eye's (I knew they were contacts anyway) and wearing a pirate hat, long trench coat and vampire fangs in her mouth. She reminded me of that Captain from Treasure Planet, but she explained to me it was something entirely different but I cant bloody remember who see was cosplaying any but she looked awesome. So eventually I got talking with the girls and that and they were both from Holland, one of them lived near Amsterdam and the other near the Holland/Belgium Border and it was interesting to meet Cosplayers from Continental Europe as I was use to knowing Cosplayers being mostly from Japan, USA & UK. eventually we all got off at Bank to get the DLR Line to head straight to ExCeL Warehouse, and as we were going down further on the line, we then arrived at Limehouse, HOLY SHIT. there some many cosplayer that I couldn't count at all the awesome make up and costumes that everyone were wearing. Hell, we even befriend a Captain Falcon Cosplayer which was sweet. The closer we got to ExCel, the more Cosplayers got on the train and the more I saw on the Platforms leading up to the place. Then when we got there, I had arrived at Mecca.

I went in and got my ticket (Took an hour but had loads of fun in the lines) and went to the floor and looked in amazement into the kind of culture that I belong to and that not many people can understand. I went looking around and the first thing I went to go and do was go to the Konami Booth as not only did they have a demo of Metal Gear Rising (Which I didnt give two shits about) but they also had a demo of Zone Of The Enders HD Collection. I almost shit my pants when I saw a picture of Jehuty and then while I was queuing up, I bumped into my friend from College who was Cosplaying as Deadpool and it was awesome to see him at the Expo as he had previously Cosplayed at the May Expo as Virgil from DMC3. I got into the game booth, played the game (It had been 3 years since I played a ZOE Game) and it was awesome that something like a cult classic game like ZOE was getting exposure to an audience of 70,000 people attending, then surely enough people to want a ZOE 3. Afterwards I was browsing around and then bumped into my friend Luke again and was with him for the whole time with his cosplaying friends, one was as Dark Spiderman from Spiderman 3 and another was a girl as Dante with the DMC 3 look (how she hid those breast's I'll never now). Then we went ways for a bit as I wanted to get some stuff to take home with me.

As I went shopping for some awesome stuff, which was difficult as everything there was awesome, so I looked around and then my eyes where captivated by the sight of what I saw. I had to rub my eyes just to be sure and then as i put my hands down and looked at the table with what they had, I was looking at a symbol of my childhood, Ash's hat from Pokemon. When growing up in the 90's as a kid, you had everything, Satellite TV, Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, Bikes, Scooby Doo, Digimon, Power Rangers, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 & Pokemon. Whether it was the Card game or the TV Show, it was an awesome feeling with the fact all your friends both boys and girls were into Pokemon. I would always go to the park with my friends in the summer and as well as playing on bikes or on the swings, we would always have time for trading cards and battling it out with Pokemon. (I could also say that it taught us maths better than a maths teacher could with the fact that we focused on the numbers and how much it would take to defeat one another's Pokemon Card). When it was raining or it was winter or if we'd bring friends over, we would watch Pokemon on the TV, we knew the characters, the Pokemon, the catchphrases and sing that fucking awesome theme tune. But of all the thing's I loved about  Pokemon, there was one specific thing that I wanted that no over kid that I went to school with had, Ash's hat. That hat to me now symbolise my childhood, my memories of Pokemon, the moments when I watched the show, the times when I would win and lose my Pokemon cards, everything about me between 1998-2003 where best moments of my life and when I saw the hat at the expo right in front of me, my younger self came out in me and I remember that one thing I always wanted to have and then I bought it and a childhood ambition of mine was complete.

Also when I was looking around for more stuff to buy, I had notice a lot of girls were Cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid Singer and interesting part of Japanese Music Culture. So then I saw a bunch of posters all for 2 (Sweet) and one of them was of Hatsune Miku with he famed Leek that made here famous and stuff. I bought it and then when looking around more, I came across a stall filled to the brim with Plushies. Now I'll go on the record as being a sucker for Plushies, not the animal plushies, more like the based on a TV Show, Video Game or Celebratory Plushies. It should be noted that does that make me a Plushiphile (A person addicted to Plushies, I'm not kidding. Type up Plushies the next time on Google and scroll down you'll have a wikipedia page on Plushie Addiction). Anyway, looking up ad down at the plushies, nothing was catching my attention until I saw a Hatsune Miku Plushie and bought it. It's awesome looking and hope to get or find a Megurine Luka Plushie so Miku isn't on her own with the various other plushies I own. (I own 9 if your curious as to know)

So after I had my fill of nerd like fun, I went to find my friend Luke, do a quick Gangnam Style with him and then went outside the Expo and looked at the other cosplayers and met these cosplayers from the Isle of Wight who were behind a video that I recently liked on YouTube involving PedoBear dancing to Gangnam Style.(The person Cosplaying as PedoBear was actually a woman, that's awesome) And the other cosplayer with PedoBear was Nemesis from RE3 which looked better than the one from the movie and took a pic of him for my dad as he loves the Nemesis. And with that done, I went on the Underground back to Kings Cross and a train to take me home in pride and joy.

So as I close this entry all I can say is if your curious as to wanting to do your first con, do it. Its an amazing time and your surround by people who are just as cool and interesting as you are. Depending on where you live, research into where the nearest one is and what time of year it takes place. (The Con I go to takes pace twice a year in London), also if you have Facebook, look around for Cosplay groups or Con groups that keep you in the know of what's happening with not only themselves, but also what's happening at the con such as guests, events and other stuff happening. And with that said, thanks for reading and have a nice day