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Rebirth- Chapter 6
Vittorio leaned back for a second, struck by her eyes’ terrifying beauty, but he regained himself a bit and grabbed the bottle of fresh water he had next to him. She was dehydrated, badly. Her lips were chapped to the point of bleeding. He gently placed it to them and tipped it slowly. Her eyes were wide and afraid, but the thought of water, fresh, clean, salt free water, was too tempting for her to do much of anything else except drink. After a few sips, she grabbed the bottle from his hand and drank and drank and drank until there wasn’t a drop left.
“Jacques, get another.” he said
Domani stayed propped up against the railing, placing her hands at her sides. It wasn’t like she could get up and see the girl for herself anyway, at least not until her current condition. Changing back and forth too quickly could be exhausting, and the last thing she needed was to pass out naked on the deck in front of her entire crew. She didn’t have
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Rebirth Ch. 5
The Isabella rocked rhythmically and smoothly as Domani stared out into the distance while she manned the helm. All that laid ahead of her was the quiet blue ocean for miles and miles. The rest of the crew was still sleeping. She figured she could give them that after getting them into that mess in Cagliari in the first place. The waves crashed up against the hull just as they had done for hours and hours, their pattern keeping constant, never failing.
It was times like these that she never regretted taking the late shift. Everything was so much more peaceful, nothing but black to stare into for hours. It had the tendency to put her in a trance if she wasn't careful, but every time she snapped out of it, she was consciously aware of the calm the sea provided her, and then, at the end, always came her favorite part.
She felt the warmth on the back of her neck. The glint of sunlight became more intense as it rose higher every minute. Everything, from the sea to the sky, had gone from pit
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Rebirth- Ch. 4
During the day, the city of Cagliari was a bustling port that showcased the newly united Spanish Empire's influence to the east. Nestled on the southern coast of Sardinia, the town housed over twenty thousand people and several thousand sailors who were looking for a rest midway between the trading routes of Spain and Italy. And by "rest" most sailors meant spending their days on shore getting piss drunk and spending the night with one of the city's many lovely ladies
They came to dockside bars and brothels like "The Black Barrel," which catered to less than savory clients, but the whine was cheap and the whores cheaper, which made it a favorite of any lonely seaman. Normally, the crew of the Isabella would do just about anything to avoid a place like this, but this time was different. A contact, with valuable information was waiting inside; information that could have them on some Maltese beach for the rest of the year, so there she was, her lateen rigged sails rolled up and put away
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Rebirth Chapter 3
The two of them stood there frozen, until a light appeared. The door to the fishery opened, and outstepped several men, at least ten as far as Andreina could tell. A few of them were carrying lanterns that illuminated the Spanish crosses etched into their silvery armor. In the center of the group, however, was one man, looking different than the rest. Red robes covered his body, making him look as if he were a priest or a judge rather than a soldier. The light illuminated his face more than anyone else's. He was clean cut and well put together, but something about him made her skin crawl. He looked proud. It was this pride that offset Andreina the most, like he had just accomplished some great insurmountable feat that filled her heart with dread.
"Ah, so they have arrived," he said in an unsettlingly cool tone. The light on his face made him look like a ghost, a ghost of a nobleman. He looked at Esteban, who was still swinging in the wind as if he were admiring a piece of artwork. He s
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Rebirth- Chapter 2
"Get up, now. We're leaving." Andreina's eyes opened wearily as her mother shook her in her bed. "The ship leaves tomorrow. If we don't get out of town before dawn we're going to have soldiers breaking down our doors." Her mother's voice sounded stress and her sentences were quick and to the point, as if she had no time to lose.
This was a lot to take in for someone who had only been awake for a few seconds. Andreina rubbed her eyes mid-yawn before they adjusted to the lack of light, revealing their bright yellow hue. It was still dark out and the moon shone high above the village
"Whe... what's going on?" she managed to sputter
"We... we've had a change of plans," her Mother replied while shoving anything and everything she could carry into a large sack. "We're leaving tonight."
"What do you mean? Why?"
"Rina!" she yelled but quickly composed herself and returned to speaking in her familiar, quiet tone. "Do as I say. Get up now and help pack anything we might need for the trip." She p
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Rebirth- Chapter 1
The Isabella glided smoothly through the clear Mediterranean waters. Her quick speed left a wake behind her as lateen rigged sails caught the wind and drove her on. At the helm, was her captain who shouted orders to her small but reliable crew with such grace and stature, that they couldn't help but follow them. They were on the hunt, as they had been for the past year, scanning the sea for any ship bearing Papal colors. Their strategy was simple. Approach and ask for surrender. When they refused, which they almost universally did, the crew of the Isabella would smile and let their cannons do the talking.
But the greatest weapon the ship had wasn't its newly acquired gunpowder technology, but the crew who operated her. Five people was a small number to successfully crew any ship, even a caravel, which could easily hold and maintain up to twenty. But the crew of the Isabella was the saltiest, youngest, and most ragtag group of sailors ever to ship out of Florence. And the most deadly to
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SHARP Chapter 3
The hours passed quickly once I got into the work. The monotonous pace of it all was actually hypnotizing, making time go by quicker than I actually thought. Still, it wasn't as if I was having the time of my life either. Every once and awhile, I would glance up from my computer screen and catch a glimpse of Jodis or Nikolai working diligently, but as time went on, I began to notice how completely different they were by their sheer demeanor. Nikolai was confident and casual as he leaned back slightly in his chair, while Jodis seemed... shy, vulnerable. Her white blonde hair, blue eyes made her seem gentle and sweet, maybe even naïve.
By the time five o'clock rolled around, I had gone through over one hundred spreadsheets of information. Given that I had no idea what it was about, I wasn't sure whether it was an accomplishment or something else altogether, but, regardless, I had done my duty and was off for the day. I got up from my seat and made my way to the elevator that led bac
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Mythic Ch. 1
The steady Mediterranean heat soaked through the tent as the blazing sun shined brightly in the mid morning sky. My eyes slowly began to open, and the more awake I became, the more I realized how hot it really was. It was only eight and the heat was enough to soak my makeshift olive green army cot with sweat, but such was Greece in early April. The sound of soldiers drilling and marching could be heard outside the flap, their steady footsteps kicking up dust with every movement.
It was enough to make anyone want to get out of bed.
I sat up and ran my fingers through my shaggy, light brown mop of hair atop my head. It was clearly a mess, but for the moment, I didn't care. My first priority was letting some air in the heat saturated tent. Pulling my legs out of the sweat soaked cot, I made my way to the khaki colored tent flap and pinned it open. Most of the soldiers were too preoccupied with their duties to be bothered with a drowsy looking sixteen year old in his boxers standing alone
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S.H.A.R.P. Chapter 2
I walked up to the front desk a little reluctantly, not entirely sure if I was in the right place. I don't know why I expected to see a pretty young receptionist behind it, nothing I had seen so far had given me that idea. Instead, there was another man in a suit, eyeing me closely with every step I took. I began to open my mouth nervously. He knew he was intimidating me, and he enjoyed every second of it.
"Identification please," he said coldly.
"It's my first day, sir. I'm..."
"Erik Weber!" a voice from behind me said. "It's fine, Piet, he's with me." The voice was familiar to me, but I couldn't put my finger on it. The accent wasn't quite... southern. He put his hand on my shoulder while Piet simply nodded, and a quick glance to the man's nametag had a small picture of his face and a description that read "Hisham Haddad- Research and Development." That's when I knew it. One of dad's friends. I'd met him at a party back when we first moved to the area, and apparently he remembered me
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S.H.A.R.P. Chapter 1
I gripped the steering wheel loosely as I went driving along, cruising in the left lane, and keeping pace with other drivers as best I could. The sun was beginning to peek over the treetops to the east, and I put my sunglasses on just as the rays burst through my car windows. I glanced down at my speedometer every now and then just to make sure I wasn't going to fast. I was reassured when I looked back up to see myself keeping pace with all the other cars around me, each one of them full of people much like me, heading to a place they didn't want to go to on a Monday morning and getting paid half of what they deserved.
But such was the life of an intern right after graduating from high school. Early mornings, long hours, and maybe a little bit of money... if you were lucky. I was lucky to have a summer job in the first place though, or so my dad told me. But I guess he was right. There weren't a whole lot of openings for many eighteen year olds anyway, especially those who weren't citi
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Project S.H.A.R.P.- Prologue
I could feel the cuffs dig into my wrists the more I moved. My wrists were bound behind me as I sat in what I thought must have been the only chair in the room.The constant grinding of metal and skin hurt like hell, even for me. The room was shrouded in a veil of complete darkness so thick that I couldn't see my lap as I let my neck go limp for a few seconds.
Suddenly, a small, orange burst of light appeared a few feet in front of me... then slowly faded away, only to come back again a few seconds later. I wasn't to eager to find out what it was. Almost out of sheer panic, I tried to squeeze my hands through the cuffs by using the back of the chair as leverage, only to have them dig deeper into my wrists. I winced from the pain and was put off by something wet dripping its way down my palms.
The orange light appeared, then faded away again. The smell of burning tobacco entered my nose.
"Piet, hit the lights," I heard a deep voice say. The accent was odd to say the least.
I instinctivel
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The prologue to "Project SHARP" is up. Hope everyone enjoys it. I think I've grown a lot as a writer since I last put up a story. This one should be wayyyy better lol. Any comments? Feel free to add them. I don't bite xP
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