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Aka, -get a real argument, plz-

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People will be people, but it just gets on my nerves when I'm clicking through my deviations inbox and I come across a stamp that says something like "if you don't agree with me, you're a jerk".
(To think they were stupid enough to actually disagree with you! My! Because people shouldn't think for themselves. They just need to listen to you as you think for yourself--amirite?)

First of all, I find this very rude and inconsiderate.

Second of all, this is a logical fallacy called "ad hominem". In other words, attacking the person instead of the argument. It does nothing to support your case, and makes you look just jerk-ish as the people you're dissing.

Third, even if actual, even sound, arguments are provided in the description, people are MUCH more likely to consider your view when you're not being super rude about it. If your goal is for them to come to agree with you, why not do it in a pleasant, or at least halfway pleasant, manner?

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DawnFelixHobbyist General Artist
90% of the arguments on the Internet. Trixie Sting Rolling eyes 2 (mocking version)
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This is so much of a problem these days, its sad these type of stamps have to be made.
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HG-The-HamsterHobbyist Digital Artist
me @ that kid who told me they were gonna kill themselves just because I disagreed with thier ship
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EdgyVendetta20Student Traditional Artist
What was the ship's name?
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HG-The-HamsterHobbyist Digital Artist
Bowser Jr x PomPom
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monstermaster13Hobbyist Writer
My opinions are my own and regardless of what certain other people think...if I say I don't like something, I am NOT attacking them or even calling them out.  I'm just stating my opinion, and i'm not going to force others to agree with me.
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FirebirdPhoenix87Hobbyist Writer
Tis true regarding the buzz words we hear 24/7. Example: "IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME/LIKE WHAT I LIKE/SUPPORT ME, THEN YOU'RE (insert random buzz word)!!!"
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And THIS is why we have every right to use the word "overrated".
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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
Honestly, such people are so aggravating; I knew a few people like this, including one who out and out blocked people for disagreeing with her! :no:
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tmma1869Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for this stamp. I met someone like this and she is the most annoying person I ever befriended.
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A lot of liberals have this mind concept
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CynicaLNightshade02Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seriously. You aren't gonna go your whole life in a bubble with only people that agree with you. It's unrealistic.
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xXC00LKlDSXxHobbyist Digital Artist
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200thCenturyHobbyist General Artist
I don't even care that this is a year later than your comment but...

"NAW OUR RECTUMS HURT!" was the best thing I read today.
Thanks for that~
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finchcat200Hobbyist General Artist
I know, right? Apparently it's a crime to not like what some people like. :/
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I myself have to root out those who disagree with me. If they like something I don't, they don't deserve to be in my life.
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Everywhere on DA................
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You should've seen the election. Everyone wanted bernie or hillary

Me. Im just sitting here wearing my trump hat and shirt
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sansthedestroyer2203Hobbyist Artist
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JadetheProxyStudent Digital Artist
That is my whole family...
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The-Dorito-ButlerHobbyist Filmographer
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ColliequestHobbyist Digital Artist
Agh yes
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The-Dorito-ButlerHobbyist Filmographer
Haha, you can never avoid the horror of tumblr, even sjws are attempting to turn DeviantART into tumblr 2.0
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ColliequestHobbyist Digital Artist
Seems like it, considering some comments I've received lately
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