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Painting Tutorial

EDIT: `Charlie-Bowater Also provides this PERFECT brush for Photoshop. Best I've ever used, and it creates a painterly look without having to take so much time with flow and opacity. Here it is: [link] USE IT!

So obviously this is a big file.
As a request from my good friend ~ziggyfish, I made a quick tutorial on my painting technique. As I'm still figuring things out, I'm sure there is a better way, but here's mine.

More of my work:
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What can I use instead of smudge tool in ClipStudio Paint ? Does blend tool or waterbrush work the same way ? Great tutorial btw :)
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Thaaaaaanks a lot <3
Meeweeda's avatar
Thank you so much for this!
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This is amazing, THANK YOU! ^_^ <3
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Link to brush is broken :C  

Btw, nice tutorial, well explained!!Clap 
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Ah! Well, the brush isn't really needed.  The important part is using any brush with Opacity and Flow jitters set to pen pressure (In the transfer tab in the brush editor)
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great! Ill give it a try :D
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Oh man, this was super helpful! I have a basis for learning to paint now, thank you so much!
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Thank you. A very useful tutorial :) :)
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This is helpful! Thank you!
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You do some amazing work. Thank you for the tutorial. I was having a hard time comprehending how this "painting" goes on Manga Studio, but this made it easier to understand thanks again. 
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Thanks! And I've never used Manga Studio but hopefully the same principles apply :)
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Some of the options seem to be the same, so I am making okay progress. 
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Fantastic! And very useful. I'll practice it pretty soon. :)
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this is really good the see that paiting tutorial
maybe I can upgrade my style reading that carefully ^^
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Wow thank you for the tutorial!!!
GoblinGrimm1's avatar
Very helpfull. Thank you.
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