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Bailey and Atlus for JJGestapo

Finished this one for JJGestapo back before the wedding but just now had the chance to post it.  It's been fun to rise to the challenge of doing multiple characters and these guys are so cute!
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How did I NOT see this! :D
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I can't ooze enough how much I love it <3  Thank you so much!!!!  You really capture the love and warmth between Bail and Atlus, especially with them being the "disgustingly cute" couple :)  Thank you again!!!
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It was my pleasure and I'm so glad you like it!
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this is such a great pose and perspective :thumbsup: wow :wow: it makes it all the more powerful somehow.
Great work.. like always of course! :worship:
btw: cute??? i think there needs to be a stronger word :faint:
colleenpecklarson's avatar
Thank you! I think posing is one of the things I struggle with most.  (And perspective). ;)
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really? I can't tell!!!! it's the first thing i noticed! :thumbsup:
so if you struggle with it and put extra effort into it... it was totally worth it, mission accomplished!!! :clap:
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I really love your cel-shading and anatomy!
colleenpecklarson's avatar
Wow, thank you! Means a lot!
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They came out great! I am so jealous of how you draw boots.
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Hey thanks! I always struggle with boots, so I gathered a lot of reference and even used a little bit of 3D for reference, too.  
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for me that's Wendy and Little Mac
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