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Collect to fave is a new group for all art collection; from writing to digital art - everything is accepted! Featured is reserved for what the team believes is the best for featured! We also have different categories for people of different natures; focusing on collecting the art of real life and non real life!
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So you all know i’ve been writing a book, i’ve got the firstdraft finished… and now i’m ready to raise funds for the editing and publishing progress.  We all know that this is a hard space to be in, and frankly – a lot of people are in it.  So i’m trying to drum up fans, and i frankly am so stuck on this because i dont actually have many fans for this – so its kinda stuck.  However, all the help in the world getting this information out would be great!

Here’s all the information i’ve got on the indiegogo campaign i’ve started:

Indiegogo Link: /…
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Toxic Touch: Chapters 6-10
Acid Man POVAfter meeting the other former Mavericks, I went home. The other bots in my line were spending five nights with me.“So hey, little bro,” Blast Man teased. “Ya miss the mini me?”I grumbled, but I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Of course. Why would I not?”He grinned from ear to ear (though he technically lacks ears). “Hmm... That’s a very good question.”“Heeeeeeey!” Fuse Man complained. “Pick up the pace, you guys are all slower than slugs!”“Oh, get over it,” Tundra Man sighed, rolling his eyes. “If you wanna get back so badly, then why don’t you run ahead?”Fuse looked to the ground, contemplating. “Y’know, that’s not a half bad idea, Ice Man. But the thing is, I left my rabbit at home for a few of my coworkers to look after.” Then he looked at Blast and grinned slyly. “I’m gonna be lonely without someone to keep me company.~”Blast blushed madly, covering his face and glaring. “Oh yeah?”Fuse lifted his head. “Ooooohhhhh yeeeeaaaah.~”Blast gave him another glare before Fuse hastily picked him up bridal style. Blast gasped, and upon realizing what had happened, he grumbled and crossed his arms (but he still couldn’t wipe the smile off his face).Fuse kissed him on the cheek, causing him to gasp again. This time, though, his surprised expression didn’t change, and Fuse hummed before breaking the kiss and pulling away.He chuckled. “Love you, babe.~”Blast let out a flustered noise, but it was muffled because he buried his head into Fuse’s chest.Fuse chuckled again. “Now then. Guys! Let’s get a move on!”“AYE AYE, CAPTAIN!” Impact Man suddenly yelled, startling all of us. “WE WILL FOLLOW YOUR EVERY COMMAND AS YOU WISH!”God, that guy is such a goofball... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣[ONCE WE GET TO MY “HOUSE”]We all went through the sanitation process that was required before entering the laboratory. Truthfully, my “house” was actually a power plant split into four sectors (not counting the primary power generator), but this sector was a laboratory. And in this laboratory, the only bacteria allowed are inside petri dishes.We went through a lot of big passageways before we came to a certain area inside, the one I’m most fond of (besides my room). This balcony had a podium with a screen on it, a slim but sturdy stainless steel pole (utilized for transportation purposes, we were currently testing out an elevator mechanism on it), and a couple of HUGE oddly-shaped tanks used for chemical storage. To the left, there was a set of stairs leading to an area with four stations, each with a different purpose. About five yards away from the balcony, there was a large glass wall in front of a massive pond of aqua regia that was about ¼ of a mile long.The part I was looking for, though, was the batrachotoxin waterfall to the left of the balcony. Without hesitation, I dove into it and swam down as the clear currents splashed at my face. I twirled and spun around like a ballerina, spreading my arms and kicking as I fell into the poisonous pond. When I broke the surface, I felt refreshed.I then swam through the pond until I reached a fence, which was identical to the one on the balcony. I sprang out of the poison and shook myself off, then quickly headed for the shower nearby so as not to track any into my room, which was five yards away from the fence. After that, I finally punched in a passcode and headed into my room, closing the door behind me and flopping onto my bed. The others know a different way here - they can’t come the way I came because I don’t let them into the liquids, just in case the liquid happens to be something that will melt them.While I waited, I turned on the TV and got up to take my armor off. When I last turned it off, I had left it on the Science channel, and it was even on my favorite show right now - How the Universe Works. Once I had taken off the last bit of my armor, I put on my black fingerless gloves and tied a black bandana around my hips, so my lack of pants wouldn’t stick out more than my “hair” does. See, I would wear shirts and pants like a lot of other people [and robots] do, but the reason I don’t is because shirts won’t fit on my torso and my feet won’t fit through the legs of pants. Which is why I can’t even wear leggings or a skin-tight suit with my armor, because I would want to take them off afterwards, and I couldn’t do that.I put my armor and then myself through another sanitation process, then hung the armor on several well-placed hooks on the wall. And now that I was finally comfortable, I stuck a couple of pillows at the foot of my bed and laid down, propping my feet on top of them and folding my arms behind my head.On the nightstand next to me, my phone buzzed, and I checked to see that Axl had texted me. The message read:Hey, wanna go on a date?I smiled and texted him back immediately.Yes!!Axl POVI sighed and hugged my big, white plush cat tightly. Acid Man had just accepted my request to date him, and we had agreed to meet up at the Snake River at 6:30 PM tomorrow. We could go for a swim there, and then head for The Capital Grille for supper. After that, I planned to take him to the movies to watch Fantasy Island, and then if he was hungry again (I know I would be), we could get dessert at Starbucks.God... I was SO excited for this!!!!!!I tossed and turned on my bed. It was 10:26 PM right now, and I still couldn’t go to sleep.I grabbed the TV remote off my nightstand and started surfing through all the boring channels we had. Eventually, I settled on Expedition Unknown. The episode currently airing was The Secret Solved; it was about trying to unearth a small white box from somewhere in Boston.I sighed again and put the remote back down. I turned on my side and tried to doze off, even if it almost hurt my eyes to close them.“I have two best friends,” Toxic Seahorse explained. “Chameleon and Rosered.”“Yeah!” Sting Chameleon gushed. “We’ve been best friends since we first met!! We look alike, we talk alike, we-”“Hey,” a voice from behind interrupted. It was Neon Tiger. “You need to calm down.”“What!” someone else - Wheel Gator - protested. “Aren’t I a best friend too?”“Well, Gator,” Seahorse said, “I don’t know you very well.”“Unlike me!” Chameleon hastily piped up. “You’re one of my best friends!”“YES!!” Gator shouted, fist pumping. “Someone likes me!!!”“U-uhhh,” Chameleon stuttered, his voice shaking a little. “I mean, if you mean ‘friend-like,’ then y-yeah! Friends! But uh, not-not the other kind of like. Y-y-y’know?”Everyone, including me, looked at him.“Wh-what?!” Chameleon protested, his eyes darting around. “Does it really look like I like him the other way?!”“Uh,” Spike Rosered spoke up from behind me. “Yeah, it does. As a matter of fact, it sounds like you love him. I mean, come on - why else would you be stuttering like that?”Sting Chameleon stood there trembling for a second, then folded his arms and lowered his head, fading into thin air. After that, I could hear his footsteps sneaking to the kitchen.I couldn’t stifle a laugh. “Bruh! Really? Does he actually like Wheel Gator?”Rosered chuckled. “Even if he doesn’t, it sure looks like it. And you know what they say - actions speak louder than words, don’t they?”I laughed again and clutched my stomach, gasping for breath. I couldn’t even say anything anymore.“AXL!!!!!!!”I gasped and shot up. X was standing next to me with a concerned look on his face.“Axl,” he said quietly. “Why didn’t you wake up the first three times I called you?”I sighed heavily. “I don’t know. I just... How long have I been asleep?”“Well,” he mumbled. “It’s 4:38 AM right now, so... About 4.2 hours.”I smiled, but I was still too tired to laugh. “Okay... Why are you up and yelling this early in the morning?”He looked away, a little irritated. “I’m surprised you could sleep while Treble was barkin’ up a storm in the middle of the night, ‘cause I couldn’t. It seems as though Zero is a bit of a heavier sleeper than me, though, since he stayed asleep.”“Oh boy,” I said, grinning slyly and looking away. “I wonder what you thought when you saw his little sleeping face.~”His eyes almost popped out of his head, and as he covered his face, it went as red as Vanishing Gungaroo’s fists.“Well?” I asked, bobbing my head up and down. “Did you think he was cuuuuuuuuuuuute?~”He inhaled through his nose, and I giggled.He uncovered his face and crossed his arms. “He... he was... he..." X’s face became very, very flustered. “He... he’s ad-adorable..."I snickered. “Yay!! I got you to say it!” I still kept laughing a little.He made an indecipherable noise, then sighed. “Don’t you tell him I said this, but he is really cute. I know it doesn’t always look like I love him, but I do. When he and I were riding escape ships to the HQ, we talked about a few different things, including the question... deep down, will all Reploids eventually go Maverick on their own? And one day, even ourselves?“That was also when I found out his best friend Iris died, and he gave me the details. She had died in his arms, and told him she wanted to live in a Reploid-only world with him. As he told me this, he began to cry, and I so badly did I want to hug him... but I couldn’t. We were on different ships, that’s why. We were just communicating wirelessly. When we finally got back to the HQ, I had forgotten to hug him. But... yeah.” He sighed heavily.Just then, I heard Zero outside the door.Was he... crying?“Zero?!” X yelped, panicking and getting up. He clumsily rushed to the door, but when he opened it, no one was there.I went behind him, and he noiselessly tiptoed on the cold metal floor. I was barefoot, so I got cold and shivered.We went into Zero’s room; the door was still open. He was inside, curled up on his bed, quivering like a leaf.“Zero?” X asked. Zero’s head turned a little, but I couldn’t see his face.I backed away until I reached the doorframe, and decided to stand around. For now.X approached Zero and gently placed a hand on his shoulder. “Zero. What’s wrong?”Zero looked up at X and made a hand gesture I couldn’t see, and X leaned downward. As Zero whispered something into his nonexistent ear, I noticed he was smiling. Maybe he had heard what X was telling me about him and Iris...?X and Zero looked at each other and hugged. Zero leaned back, and X got onto the bed with him as they laid on their sides.I smiled and pulled out my phone, opening the Camera application.Acid Man POV“Boy,” Blast Man remarked. “What’re you gettin’ all fancy for?”“Something,” I replied, trying to hide my grin as I adjusted my necktie.“Well, duh,” he replied, rolling his eyes and smiling. “I know that! But, c’mon. Like, what... Wait a minute!”I went red in the face and tried not to break a sweat.Blast Man grinned like a frog. “Are you goin’ on a date?~”I exhaled through the gaps in my teeth, my eyes widening as he started to catch on.“Come on, little bro. Admit it! There’s no other reason you’d be wearin’ that handsome necktie for?~”“SH-SHUT UP!!!” I grumbled, uncontrollably grinning now. “Grhhh... You better not tell the others!”“Whaaaaaaat?” he asked, leaning towards me. “Not even my boyfriend?~”“Not even him!” I answered, straightening my necktie and tightening the bandana around my waist.Blast Man snickered. “No promises.”I sighed and brushed off my arms out of nervousness. “I hope he likes this look... Normally, I would’ve worn a lab coat or robe, but those would look unremarkable on a date. Even though they do cover up a lot..."He smiled again, placing his hands on his hips. “Aha, I know! You want ‘im to think you’re hot, don’t you?~”I quailed and covered my face. “WH-WHAT?! N-no! N-nothing of the sort, no!!!”He continued to giggle. “Whatever you say, Einstein.”I glared at him, but couldn’t hide my smile this time. “At least I’m still a virgin!”It was his turn to become flustered. “WH-WH-WHAT?! I-I...!”I snickered at him, then snuck out of the bathroom, finally done preparing. “Well, I’m not standing him up. See ya later!”He turned and waved nervously, and I waved back.I went to my room, got my wallet and compass, and teleported to my supervisor’s office.“Catherine,” I told her. “I’m leaving now!”“Alright,” she replied, nodding. “You be careful, now!”“Don’t worry,” I assured her. “I will!”And with that, I teleported to the entrance of the first sector and headed in the direction of the Snake River.[ONCE I REACH THE RIVER]I jogged through grass until I reached a sandy shore, which was the border for the river. I went to the shore and looked around.“Axl?” I called out.A minute passed. I checked my watch. It was 6:26 PM.“Acid?” someone called from in the distance.“Axl?” I called out, louder this time.“Acid Man!” the voice cheered, also louder.I heard rustling in the trees behind me. I turned around, and Axl was there!“Axl!~” I cheered, running up to him and hugging him.He hugged me back, and nuzzled my neck. I giggled, and we relaxed. With no one here to disturb or interrupt us, we could cuddle to our heart’s content.“Finally,” Axl breathed. “I was starting to get worried!”“Me too,” I sighed, fluffing his hair.We rubbed our heads together, then pulled back and kissed.“Mmmhh...~”Reluctantly, I broke the kiss and let him go. He let me go, too.“So uh,” he started, scratching the back of his head and grinning nervously. “You wanna go for a swim in here? I-I know you probably didn’t come prepared for that, but... uh...”“Yes!” I answered, delighted. “In case you don’t know, I’ve got a reputation for being an excellent swimmer, which in turn earns me the nickname ‘Acid Merman.’ Of course, since the workers at my house only call me that behind my back, I don’t like the nickname. But... In spite of that, I still like - no, love - swimming.”Axl giggled. “Alright. C’mon then!”He strode to the shoreline, and behind him, I admired his outfit. He wore his gray, skin-tight suit under a navy blue kimono with a red stripe running down each sleeve. He had white fingerless gloves and white high-tops, plus his spiky, orange hair was tied in a ponytail with a green ribbon. He looked so adorable...“Acid?” he asked suddenly, turning his head.I gasped. “What? Oh, s-sorry.”He raised an eyebrow. “Somethin’ on your mind?”I twiddled my fingers and looked away, grinning nervously. “N-no, I was just... uh..." I sighed, hugging myself. “Y-you look really cute, a-and I couldn’t help but admire your outfit.”Axl beamed. “Aww, how sweet. Thank you.~”I blushed. “Y-you’re welcome.”He turned towards me. “You know, you look really cute too.~”I approached the shoreline, where he was standing. “R-really?!”He chuckled and nodded, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Yep. Whether you believe it or not.~”I laughed and hugged his left arm, and he nuzzled me as I stared at the water.“Axl...”“Yeah?”“I think I changed my mind about the swimming thing, the water might be colder than I can handle..."He smiled warmly. “Alright, I won’t judge. It is gettin’ kinda cold out here though, isn’t it?”“Yeah..." I murmured, hugging his waist now. “But, we do have each other to warm up, so... Hey, at least the view out here is awesome!”He chuckled and hugged me back. “Agreed.~”We pressed our heads together and smiled. For the first date in my entire life, this sure was awesome already.Just then, my “stomach” rumbled like a broken air vent, startling Axl.“Bruh!” he remarked, laughing a little. “You coulda just told me you were hungry!”I scratched the back of my head. “S-sorry... Yeah, I’m starving. Where could we...?”He snapped his fingers. “I know! We could go to The Capital Grille in Seattle!”I lifted my head. “Good idea! C’mon!”[ONCE WE REACH THE RESTAURANT]“Alright!” Axl declared. “We’re here - time to eat!”I sighed, still holding his arm. “I hope there’s not a long wait.”When we got a table for two, we took our seats at the booth as our waitress came over.Axl got some lobster and dungeness crab cakes, and I got the pan-fried calamari with hot cherry peppers. Since appetizers like these are usually huge, they can fill me up just like supper. I don’t know about Axl, but he got an appetizer too, so...We ultimately decided against 100% kid-friendly drinks, which I don’t do very often. Axl chose mannequin chardonnay and I chose fragile rosé. After our waitress disappeared, we sat there quietly for a minute.“So,” he spoke up. “You like seafood too?”“Yeah!” I answered. “Calamari in particular. I mean, not while it’s still moving, but..."Axl laughed. “Euaagghh!! Gross! People eat seafood like that?!”I laughed with him. “Yeah, they do. Did you know chicken feet are also a delicacy?”He wrinkled his nose and cringed. “Nope. Doesn’t sound tasty.”I laughed. “Do you know about that poisonous pufferfish meat?”“Oh, yeah,” he replied, nodding and snapping his fingers. “What’s it called, uh... fugu?”“Yeah.”“Okay, just makin’ sure. Hey, by the way. Why did that rumbling noise come from your chest?”I raised my nonexistent eyebrows. “Oh! Eh... ya see, my actual stomach contains whatever chemical is inside me. So the storage compartment that serves as a stomach... is located in my chest.” I laughed, and so did he.“That’s funny,” he remarked.“Yep,” I agreed. “People like me are weird!”He laughed again, and our waitress showed up with our meals and drinks.“Whoa,” Axl breathed as the lady set them down before us. “This looks great, thank you!”“Thank you,” I told the lady.“You’re welcome,” she told us, nodding and smiling. “If you need anything else, let me know.”“Gotcha, thanks!” Axl replied, picking up his fork.I saluted, and she strolled away.[AFTER SUPPER]Axl had left the waitress a $10 tip for her kindness.“Dang,” Axl commented. “I’ve never been to that restaurant before. That was awesome!”I chuckled, holding his right hand. “I should be the one telling you that, my love.~”“Aww,” he cooed, stroking my chin with his left index finger. “How sweet. You’re welcome.~”I nuzzled him. “Thank yooouuu.~”He giggled, and took me someplace.“Where to now?” I asked with the best puppy face I could manage.“The movies,” he answered, looking at me. “They’re showing ‘Fantasy Island’ right now, and I do love a good horror movie every once in a while!”I gasped. “Same! How many more things do we have in common?”He shrugged. “I dunno. Guess we’re about to find out who spooks more easily!”I rolled my eyes and shivered, unable to wipe the smile off my face. “Oh boy.”When the movie started playing, I placed my arm on my left armrest. To my left, Axl placed his right arm on top of mine, and we blushed. As we watched, I would get scared sometimes, and he would wrap his arm around my shoulder and shush me. Every now and then, it was the other way around, but in the end, I probably got scared more times than he did. Nonetheless, the movie was awesome. It was good because it scared us! 😂I sighed heavily when we exited the theater. “Whew! That was rather hair-raising, if I must say. Good movie though, thanks!”Axl giggled. “You’re still happy? You’re welcome!”“Where do we go now?” I asked.“Well,” he mumbled, “we could go to Starbucks for dessert or something. I mean, if you’re hungry, ‘cause I am!”I laughed. “Already? Geez!”He laughed with me. “No, I mean... I’m not that hungry! Just, y’know, enough for a small, I dunno... parfait or something.”“Sounds good!” I told him.When we got to Starbucks Reserve Roastery, we got a table for two. This place was really fancy and beautiful - not what I’d typically expect from a coffee shop!We both got a Shakerato Affogato, and it was unbelievably delicious. Before long, we were finished, and we exited the coffee shop. I left our waiter a $10 tip because he was nice.I checked my watch, and it was now 9:01 PM. I held Axl’s left hand and leaned my head on his shoulder as we headed back to the shore of the Snake River.Once we got there, he sat down, and invited me to sit in his lap. And since I’m only 25 pounds heavier than Ice Man, I complied.We both sighed heavily, and I leaned into his chest, placing a hand on his right shoulder and closing my eyes.“Axl,” I said quietly. “For the first date in my entire life, this was amazing. I loved everything about it, and I eagerly await the next time we can do something like this.”“I’m glad you liked it,” Axl murmured cutely.“I didn’t like it,” I replied, looking into his eyes. “I loved it.”We both smiled, and kissed, holding each other close for who cares how long.Axl POV“AXL!!”...“Axl, oh my God!! It’s 11:48 in the morning, get the heck outta your bed!!”I yawned. Morning already? Sheesh...Someone shook me. I let my eyes flutter open, and it was Zero.“Boy!” he huffed, placing his hands on his hips. “Took you long enough to even open your eyes... Lazybones!”I frowned and lowered my head, feeling guilty that I had almost slept until noon.Zero shook my shoulders again, and I tried to curl up even more, but my body wouldn’t let me.“Quit!” I whined, and he pulled the covers back.I could feel the smallest of tears welling up in my eyes, and I felt like a coward.“Axl, you idiot!” Zero grumbled. “I’m serious, get up!!!”My head shot up, and I gave him the dirtiest look I could manage.He scowled back at me. “What, you think dirty looks are gonna work on me? Nuh-uh! They work as much as puppy faces do!” He crossed his arms. “I’m standing right here until you get your butt out of bed. You got that?”I sighed, pinching whatever was between my eyes to keep from crying. “Well then, if that’s the case, your legs are gonna be hurting like heck by the time I have enough energy.”He leaned down and put his hands back on his hips. “How stubborn. Get a freaking e-tank then, I don’t have time for this balderdash!”“If you don’t have time for this, get outta my room and leave me alone!” I shot back, daring him to blather on.He drew back, shocked, then glared daggers at me.“Fine,” he huffed, rolling his eyes. “I’ll let you spend the whole day in here while everyone else has a blast outside.”He turned and flounced out the door, slamming it behind him.I sighed heavily and turned around in my bed, closing my eyes and hugging my plush cat. I could hear Zero and Blues in the hallway outside.“Zero,” Blues spoke. “What in the name of God was that?”“Listen,” Zero griped. “If you’re gonna get all bent out of shape when you weren’t involved in the first place, then do it somewhere else.”“Dude,” Blues argued, now agitated. “You’re the one getting bent out of shape! It’s not a big deal that he wants to sleep longer than usual - I do it twice as much as he does, and you don’t gripe at me for it!”A minute passed.“You better not be goin’ to bother someone else!” Blues told Zero.“OH MY GOD!!” Zero yelled, losing it. “I’M NOT, SHUT UP!!!”A few seconds later, Blues silently opened my bedroom door and slipped inside, closing it behind him without a sound.“Axl,” he said quietly. “Are you alright?”“Yeah,” I moaned, turning to face him. “Sorta.”He cocked his head, looking concerned. “You sure?”I sighed heavily. “Yeah..." I thought for a moment, then ultimately decided not to tell him. What if he tells everyone else about my relationship with Acid Man?I pulled the blankets off of myself and lazily dragged myself out of bed, trudging to the small sofa in my room to grab my shorts.Blues backed away towards the door, then put a finger to his lips and smiled sheepishly. “You don’t sleep with pants either?”I looked at him and shook my head, yawning. “Why, you don’t?”He shook his head and looked away. “No... Neither does my husband.” His smile widened. “Don’t tell him I said that, please.”I grinned slyly at him, then pulled my shorts on and grabbed a folded piece of paper off the sofa. It had been under my shorts.“Hey,” Blues said curiously, pointing at the paper. “What’s that?”“Mine,” I answered.He rolled his eyes and laughed a little. “Yeah, but what is it?”I grinned again. “Not yours.”Acid Man POV“Heeey!” my brother yelled, shaking me violently. “Wake uuuup! We’re goin’ to that one place, remember?”“Uuugh!” I groaned, swatting his hands in a fit of frustration. “Yes!! I remember!! Now shut up!!!”Blast Man snickered. “Alright, whatever.”[AFTER PREPARATIONS]“Alright, everyone!” I commanded. “Let’s go! We’ve gotta be at Light Labs by precisely 2:30 PM!”And with that, we began our trek on foot.After a couple minutes of silence, the other robots began chatting. I stayed silent, but decided to tune in to one of their conversations.“Have you heard?” Tundra Man asked. “There’s a new robot celebrity on TV!!!”Blast Man laughed. “What?”Fuse Man looked confused. “Do what now?”“That’s right,” Tundra declared. “And he’s coming to do his show here in Seattle! They added a room somewhere in Boing-Boing Park for it, and it’s HUGE!”“And who,” Fuse questioned, “is this peculiar ‘robot celebrity’ you speak of?”“His name,” Tundra answered, “is Mettaton. And he’s absolutely beautiful, just like me!”“Huh,” Blast commented. “Whatever. In all honesty, I think Circus Baby’s Pizza World sounds more interesting. But hey, enjoy your fabulous new TV show! I’ll be writing for my favorite magazine.”Fuse Man’s head snapped in his boyfriend’s direction. “Dude, you know some children got killed at that place, right?”“Yeah,” Blast replied. “So what? They have haunted intestines, but I have deadly explosives!”We all laughed.“Tundra,” Torch Man spoke suddenly. “This ‘Mettaton’ guy is..."“Oh, darling!” Tundra laughed. “I thought you knew that there’s nothing and no one in this world that’s any cuter, hotter, or more handsome than you.~”Torch smiled warmly. “Aww, thank you, Tundra-kun.~”Tundra giggled. “You’re welcome, Torch-san.~”Now normally I wouldn’t say something like this out loud, but at that very moment, the first thing that came to mind was my boyfriend’s one-word catchphrase.Bruh.Before long, we had reached a pretty white house, which was about 10 yards away from an electric fence on each side. On the other side of the front entrance was the parking lot to Zest Fast Food.Four adults were standing near the front entrance, talking about creating robots. I recognized two of them as Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack, but the other two faces were unfamiliar to me. One was a slender woman with purple hair in a bun, and the other one was a portly man with messy black hair and a yellow long-sleeved shirt.“Dad!” Tundra Man called excitedly.Dr. Cossack’s head snapped in our direction, and he smiled.“Tundra Man!” he greeted. “Everyone! Over here!”The other humans looked at us and smiled as we ran over to them.“So,” Tundra asked, “where are Kalinka and my brothers?”“Well,” Dr. Cossack chuckled, “for one, Kalinka and your brothers aren’t the only ones here. For two, I have a couple friends to introduce - Dr. Noele Lalinde and Dr. Pedro Astil.” He gestured to the woman and the man, who both waved.“Cool!” Blast Man remarked.Bounce Man jumped up and down. “It’s so nice to make some new friends!”The doctors chuckled, then Dr. Cossack entered a combination of numbers into the lock on the gate, unlocking it and pushing it open.As Tundra hugged his creator, Torch stood by him while the rest of us strode through the gate and into the front yard. Behind the house and the fence behind it was Cossack Robot Laboratories. I noticed some people and robots were having fun - Plant Man was sunbathing, while Wood Man held his arm and lay down next to him. Quick Man, Elec Man, and Sheep Man were playing a fast-paced game of tag (which Fuse Man quickly joined). Metal Man and Top Man were playing with Frisbees, while Shadow Man was cuddling Gemini Man [and all four of his clones].Axl, X, and Zero were on the roof of the house, chatting and laughing.“Axl!” I called, running forward and waving.All three of them noticed me and waved back, grinning.“Hey there, Acid Dude!” Zero called.“Hello!” X greeted.“Acid Man!~” Axl squealed, jumping right off the roof and startling X and Zero.He practically jumped into my arms, and we embraced each other happily, humming with contentment.“Hey there,” I sighed. “I missed you..."“Aww, you did?” he asked. “How sweet. I missed you too.~”I rubbed his back and buried my face into his neck. “I love you, Axolotl.~”He laughed. “Oh? So that’s your pet name for me now? How cute, I love you too.~”I sighed again, much more heavily this time. “Well yeah. Axolotls are cute, like you, so I figured, why not?~”He giggled. “Aww, you’re the sweetest scientist.~”I blushed immensely and pulled back a little. “Th-thanks.”He chuckled and nodded, giving me a quick peck on the lips. When he pulled away, I dove back in for a longer kiss. After that, we hummed and rubbed our faces together, grinning.All of us hung out after that - humans and robots. We had a blast, and it was an awesome day off work.Before we knew it, the sun was already setting.I sat down on the roof next to Axl. Behind us, Shadow Man and Gemini Man were already looking for constellations.“Man,” Shadow sighed. “Every time I watch the sun rise or set, I can’t help but think of my oldest brother.”“Oh?” Gemini questioned. “Who’s that?”“Sunstar,” Shadow replied nostalgically. “If I could see him again, just one more time, I would cherish every moment with him or any of my older brothers. He was in charge of the Stardroids, who were in charge of me and my fellow Kuiper Droids. But... as far as I know, everyone’s dead. My former master, my old brothers and best friends... everyone. Everyone I knew and everyone I loved was a part of my family.”I looked behind me, and Gemini hugged Shadow. “Please don’t cry, darling. Even if you don’t have them, or anybody else... you still have me.”Shadow looked to him and smiled, nuzzling and kissing him. “Thank you, my love.~”Gemini smiled back and kissed him. “Anytime.~”Axl and I looked at each other and smiled.“Hey, Acid.”“Yes?”He produced a neatly folded piece of paper from his left pocket. “I wanna show you something.”“Yeah?”“Look at this.” He unfolded the paper, and on it was a gold ring with a sparkling peridot. On either side of the peridot, there was a small emerald, a diamond, and an amethyst. The back of the ring had an empty space where something like a string could be slipped in, and my name was carved neatly on the other side of the gemstones.“Whoa,” I breathed. “That’s quite a nice drawing, and a gorgeous ring.”His grin got wider, and tears welled up in his eyes. “Now look at this.”He produced a small, red pouch from his right pocket. He pulled something out of it, and when he opened his hand...It was the ring on the drawing, but it was real!My eyes widened, and tears formed in my eyes as well. “Axl... You’re not..." I couldn’t stop myself from beaming.“I am,” he murmured, his voice breaking. “Will you marry me?”I hugged him. “Axl, after all this time, I couldn’t say no. But... the thing is, I’m a busy guy, and we can’t spend all our time together.”He frowned a little.“But I still love you to pieces, and I always will, because I fell for you at the first sight of your face anyways.”His frown turned upside down, and he returned my embrace.“I doubt we’ll be able to live in the same place or anything, and I don’t need a ring to know how you feel. And it should be the other way around too, right?”He nodded, kissing me on the cheek. “I love you.”“I love you too,” I murmured, my voice breaking as well. “And no matter what kind of crazy things life will throw at our faces, I promise to be around for you as much as I can.”Axl giggled, and snuggled closer. “Thank you. And I’d have made that exact promise if you hadn’t said it first, mind reader.”I laughed. “I can’t read minds, silly! I guess I just unintentionally stole your words, didn’t I?”“Yeah,” he chortled. “Look whatcha did, boy!” He pointed at me with those hands from that “boi” meme, making me laugh again. “Oh, by the way.”“Yes?”“You... you at least want this ring? I paid a lot of Zenny for it, you know.”I chuckled. “Of course! I really appreciate the thought - and Zenny - you put into it.”He grinned from “ear” to “ear,” and gently took my left hand, slipping the ring onto my ring finger and then kissing my hand.I beamed and put my other hand to my mouth. “Aww, what a gentleman.~”He held both of my hands. “I try.”We both watched the last few minutes of the sunset in comfortable silence, then I looked into his emerald eyes. “Axolotl?”“Yeah?” he murmured, looking back at me.“I love you.”He smiled, the widest and happiest smile I’ve ever seen. “I love you too.”I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around my thin glass waist as our lips connected, forming a passionate kiss that lasted until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.💚 ❤️️ 💚 The End ❤️️ 💚 ❤️️
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It's Not Hard to Dive: Chapters 1-5
Hard Man POVA loud airhorn sounded next to my face.“AAAAA!” I shouted, my head shooting up.Gravity Man was in front of me, snickering. I sat up on my knees, snatched his airhorn, and used my other arm to punch him in the face, which sent him flying out of my room. I then used the magnets on my arm and detached knuckle to pull it into my room to close the door (since I can still move my wrist and fingers and everything), and then finally back onto me.Sighing heavily, I dropped onto my back and tried to go back to sleep. I could hear Napalm Man’s noisy treads on the floor outside, Magnet Man’s boots on the ceiling, and Quick Man running into walls at high speed (like an idiot). I’m usually a heavy sleeper, which is why I have to be woken up with that accursed airhorn, but all the racket outside kept me from going back to sleep. And I couldn’t complain, either, because it was already 10:38 in the morning. If only time didn’t fly by so quickly...I dragged myself out of bed and took my clothes off, replacing them with all my armor except for my helmet.[AFTER BREAKFAST AND OTHER MORNING RITUALS]I combed out my hair and put my helmet on, trudging across the site where most of us Robot Masters live. It’s right next to Light Labs, so we could go inside the laboratory whenever we wanted, and vice versa.“Hard!” a voice - Top Man - called. “Are you headed to work now?”“No,” I replied bluntly. “Why, is that what you’re doin’ already?”Top rolled his eyes and smirked. “Uh, yeah. Why do you think I have my armor, my belt with my cell phone, and everything else I could possibly need today?”I lifted my eyebrows and nodded, heading towards the kitchen with him behind me. When I got there, I grabbed a family size bag of Lay’s Classic chips, a pack of Chips Ahoy, and a six-pack of Fanta.“Ugh,” Top gagged. “Why is it that all you ever eat is junk like that?”“That’s not how it is,” I retorted. “It tastes good. And besides, we’re robots, so it doesn’t matter, ‘cause it’s not healthy or unhealthy to us in any way. And if it was, where’d you get those big hips?” I smirked and looked at him.He blushed madly and covered his face. “It was a modification, okay?! I couldn’t get anyone’s attention if I didn’t look like this! And besides, the joke’s on you, ‘cause I much prefer this look over how flat I used to be!”I covered my mouth and laughed, a hog-like snort that came from the corner of my mouth, since I lacked a nose. Bots who don’t have a nose can’t breathe with their mouths open, even though we can hear without ears. What are we supposed to do, breathe through our skin pores? No thanks.Needle Man came up behind Top Man with my big satchel hanging on his arm. “Hey, Hard! Don’t you need this for anything?”I nodded and saluted, conveying the message “thank you.” He extended his arm, and I pulled the satchel off of it and stuffed the food into it.“Oh,” Needle spoke. “So that’s what all the food is for, huh? You gonna eat all that in one day?” He laughed, and so did I.I nodded again, and so did he.“Well,” he sighed. “I’m headed to work now. Top and I are goin’ to Mars today!”“That’s right!~” Top cheered. “Did you know that you would only weigh 2,280 pounds if you went there?”My eyes opened all the way [and even widened], which was something that rarely happened. “Whoa. That’s pretty cool.”“I know, right?!” he squeaked. “God, I wish you could come see us there sometime... You could help me scout, you could help Needle with the land development... We could do all sorts of stuff!”I chuckled. “Well, I’m not so sure that’ll happen any time soon. Hate to burst your bubble, man, but that’s how it is - my job’s on Planet Earth, and your jobs are everywhere but.”Needle exited the kitchen, and Top looked away with a puppy face.“Well,” I sighed. “I guess I better get to work. The land’s not gonna level itself, after all.”Top’s face lit up. “That’s the spirit! See ya later!”“Later,” I mumbled.As I exited the kitchen and waved at passersby, Slash Man smirked at me.“Hey, Hard Head,” he taunted. “Dive Man has a crush on you.~”I leered at him suspiciously, and he sneered and darted away.Dive Man POV“Alright, crew!” I called to a large group of human coworkers. “Load ‘er up!”“Aye aye, captain!” their leader, Joshua, replied with a salute.As I organized the different kinds of fish we caught, the men on Joshua’s fishing trawler turned a large crank, which pulled up a huge net filled with Dungeness crab. I also spotted some salmon inside the net.One of Joshua’s subordinates laughed. “Now THAT’S a good harvest right there!”I smiled and focused back on my work. So far, we had caught mostly salmon, some crab, and a few trout and chum.As I was sorting them out on a large wooden cart, I heard someone playing Chun-Li’s theme on the flute. I turned my head to see Shadow Man perched high on top of a rock, his fingers dancing on his woodwind instrument as he gyrated his hips from side to side.My smile widened, and I continued to sort out the things we had caught here in Puget Sound so far. Chinook salmon, chum, coho salmon, Dolly Varden trout, Dungeness crab, pink salmon, rainbow trout, sockeye salmon...There weren’t any pink salmon left that weren’t in a single huge pile, so I tossed them into the net in the cart to my right.“Jesus Christ!” Joshua griped suddenly, making me turn my head. “Why with all the gosh d-”“Hey!” the leader of another crew protested. “Language, Josh!”Just then, a loud splash sounded near his fishing trawler, and he whirled around. I turned from my work to jog over to the shore, looking around.Something about my size had just landed into the water, but as we looked around, there was nothing. So we went about our business.A few minutes later, one of Joshua’s superiors arrived. “Hey! Time for a lunch break!”The other men cheered, and Joshua nodded as they all stopped what they were doing and ran after him. I sighed heavily, wishing I could’ve been one of the guys that got a lunch break. But no - my typical work day didn’t involve any breaks. Robots like me had to work harder than humans - that’s what we were built for.I was now alone, which I didn’t like. I liked hearing the other guys around, doing their work, talking and laughing, and everything else they did - even if they were griping, it was better than nothing.I heard someone - probably about my size - wading into the water.I was busy organizing our game in the local fish market. There was a smooth cobblestone flooring here, which led to the sandy shore. On either side of the shore were large trees and bushes.Just then, I realized the men had forgotten to anchor their fishing trawlers, which were now slowly drifting away.I put down the Chinook salmon and ran towards the shore, then dove into the water and swam under the boats. Carefully, I grabbed hold of one of the fins on the bottom and pulled it towards the shore, which was as hard as it looked. When I finally accomplished this, I got onto it and threw its anchor off the edge, jumping back into the water and digging it between some rocks. Once I had repeated this tiresome process for the other boat, I sighed heavily and let myself sink, placing my hands on my stomach and kicking back. “AAAA!”I let out a high-pitched gasp and jerked my head to my left. I was no longer alone - a few feet above me, there was a robot a little bigger than me whose eyes were halfway covered. They were the same color as mine, and the majority of his armor was the same color as mine, too.Wait a minute-HARD MAN!!“HARD!” I cried, reaching out and swimming up to him. Since he weighed three tons, the poor guy couldn’t swim... and I couldn’t get him back to the surface (also due to his weight).He jerked his head in my direction and blushed, suddenly grimacing and holding a hand up to his eyes. I cocked my head and offered my hand, and surprisingly, he took it. As his blush grew, I pulled him down with me.“Dude,” he panted. “What are you doing?!”“You’ll see,” I replied.I put four fingers to my lips and whistled loudly, which caused my two robot whales (Mobies) to show up.I pointed to one of them. “Open up!”The Moby did as it was told and swam forth until Hard Man was inside its mouth. When it closed its mouth, I made the next move.“Now,” I commanded, pointing at the other whale. “You can continue whatever you were doing.” It nodded (sort of) and swam away as I pointed to the remaining whale. “You eat me up too, and take us back to base!”The Moby swam towards me and opened its mouth, letting me in with Hard Man and then closing it back.I turned on the light in my periscope. Hard was sitting on top of the Moby’s tongue, and I waited for all the water here to leave the giant blowhole before I joined him.He looked away awkwardly. “Hey, that was pretty cool.”I blushed and smiled. “Thanks.” I hesitated, then shyly spoke again. “N-not as cool as you, though.”He blushed, grimacing and holding a hand up to his eyes like he had before. “Th-thanks.”I nodded and looked away, grinning a little. “Wait a sec, why do you keep doing that with your eyes?”He sighed heavily. “My helmet covers up half of my eyes, so I have to keep them halfway closed if I don’t want it to touch my bare eyeballs.”I blanched. “You poor thing.”“Yeah,” he agreed. “Though it’s not as hard on me with you around.~”He grinned, and I laughed.Wait a second. With me around? 😳I blushed, realizing what he had said. I looked into his eyes, and he smiled gently and scooted towards me.“H-Hard?” I stuttered, leaning back a little. “Wh-what are you-”He cut me off with a kiss, earning a muffled squeaky noise from me. When he pulled back, he smiled again and cupped my face with one hand. “Love ya.~”I covered my mouth with my hands, but managed to speak. “L-love you too.”He pulled me into a warm embrace, which I gladly returned.Hard Man POVDive Man yawned cutely, covering his mouth and sitting down next to a large, white terminal with several buttons and a square, black screen.I sat down next to him and put an around his shoulder, gesturing to the terminal. “What’s this?”“Well,” he explained. “I use this to communicate to my father and brothers. Sometimes, Kalinka is with one of them, and I can talk to her too.”“Huh,” I remarked, impressed. “Your dad’s a genius. I wish I had something like that, but instead, I have to have my brothers yelling in my nonexistent ear if I wanna talk to them.”He giggled. “Dude, I can only use this thing when I’m right here. It’s the same way with everybody!”“Oh, I know,” I said bluntly. “But for a second there, I thought you had it differently.”He shook his head, chuckling. “Oh, no, no. Not at all.”He shyly wrapped his arms around my torso, and I brushed them off and placed them on my shoulders. Then I hugged his waist, and he hugged my neck as we turned towards each other and hummed contentedly.He tried to bury his head into my chest, and I laughed. “Dude, your giant straw is poking me!”He laughed too. “What?”I rolled my eyes and grinned. “Yeah... Your head looks like a milkshake with doorknobs!”He cracked up again. “Oh my God, Hard Head!”I snickered. “Yeah.”He looked up at me. “Hey, can I ask you something?”I cocked my head. “Yeah?”Dive Man made a puppy face and looked away. “Do you ever get made fun of? Like, because you weigh a lot or something?”I looked away as well. “Well, they used to do stuff like that to my face, but every time it happened, I either gave them a Hard Knuckle sandwich to the face, or I death stared them until they freaked out. And yeah - for some reason, nobody else besides Snake Man seems capable of that. So now, they probably still talk behind my back all the time, but hey - I can’t just go around beating people up.”He grimaced. “Oh geez.”I looked around, trying to change the subject. “Yeah... Hey, can I ask you something?”He looked back at me. “Of course! Wh-what is it?”I thought for a moment, then spoke. “If your chin looks like a butt, why doesn’t anyone stare at it?~”He turned his head away and howled with laughter. “Wh-what the heck?! Hard Man!!” He suddenly widened his eyes and blushed immensely, covering his face as his eyes darted around the room.I chuckled. “D’aww, you’re so cute.~”He glared, but I could tell he wasn’t even gonna try to wipe the smile off his face. “Wh-what?! N-no! I-I’m not cute!”I chuckled again and stroked his chin. “Yeah, you just keep tellin’ yourself that. Cute little submarine.~”He huffed and crossed his arms, leaning his head against mine. “You win this round, Hard Head.~”I held my head high and gently squeezed his torso. “Good.~”All of a sudden, static appeared on the terminal’s screen, and white noise began to play. We startled and turned our attention to it.“Th- is-” the terminal buzzed with a male voice. “Doc- oss- Di- an- do you- opy? A-”Dive Man frowned. “Dad?” He pressed a few buttons, and the white noise quieted down. “Dad, is that you?”Dr. Cossack cleared his throat from the other end. “Yes. This is Dr. Cossack to Dive Man, do you copy? Ou-”“Yes!” Dive interrupted with slight frustration. “Dad, you don’t have to say all that every time we talk with this thing. What is it?”“My apologies, son,” the doctor spoke. “Listen - you must come to Cossack Robot Laboratories immediately. Bright Man and Skull Man are already here, but Toad Man probably needs all the company he can get right now. He’s the candidate for an experiment that Dr. Light is helping me conduct. I’ll explain everything else when you get here, alright?”“Understood,” Dive replied. “I’ll head there right away!”“Thank you,” Dr. Cossack told us. “And, if you’re with any other robots, you can bring them along as well, if you’d like.”Dive gasped and cheered. “Yay!! Thank you dad!!”Dive’s father chuckled. “You’re welcome, son. Goodbye!”“Bye.”Dive Man pressed the same buttons he had before, causing the white noise to stop and the screen to go blank.“Come on,” he told me, waving me towards him.I grabbed his hand, and he smiled amorously. Together, we went towards a large circle on the floor and stood on it. Dive turned towards a small screen on the wall and tapped its surface, using the keypad next to it and then tapping the screen once more. He then hugged me around the neck, and I hugged him around the waist as he began counting down.“Three... two... one.”We closed our eyes as we were teleported to our destination.Dive Man POV“Dad!” I called. “I’m home!”Someone gasped and sighed heavily. I turned around - it was Pharaoh Man.“Tone it down, would you?” he asked quietly.I looked away. “Sorry, bro..."He waved dismissively. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Just pay more attention to your surroundings next time - you have a keen ear, so that shouldn’t be so hard for you.”“Right,” I agreed, nodding. “I won’t let it happen again.”He nodded, gesturing to Hard Man next to me. “So, you brought another robot with you as well?”I nodded shyly, and so did my boyfriend.“I see,” Pharaoh commented. “Well, I brought someone too, but I kind of wanted some... time to myself, you know? We were hanging out when Dad called, and he begged to come with me.”I chuckled. “Aww, who did you bring?”“Star Man,” he answered, looking at the door to my right. “He was quite reluctant to leave my side, and though that’s how he is with a lot of people, I can’t help but wonder why, as this case seems a bit different from others.”“Hmm,” I pondered, then snapped my fingers and grinned. “Maybe he has a crush on you!”My brother startled. “Wh-what?! Why would he... What?!”I snickered. “Well, you said he didn’t want to leave your side...!”He put a hand to his chin in thought. “Hmm. You do have a point..." Suddenly, he blushed, and his eyes widened again.I giggled. “Well, I’ll leave you to obsess over the little space robot. I, on the other hand, have bigger fish to fry!”I turned and grabbed Hard Man’s hand, then led him out of the room.We entered a room used for experimenting and repairing, where Toad Man was laying down on an operation table and Dad was using a screwdriver on an egg-like device laying in front of him. Since his back was turned, the device was mostly obscured.Bright Man was sitting in a chair in the far left corner of the room, and he waved and smiled cheerfully. “Hi, brother!”I waved back. “Hello, everybody.”“Hello, you two!” a booming voice - Tundra Man - greeted. The volume startled everyone, and he quailed and put a hand to his covered mouth.“Greetings,” said a much calmer and quieter voice next to him. The owner of the voice was a large, torch-like robot who had an arm wrapped around Tundra’s shoulder, and he nodded.Tundra Man was near Dad, leaning against a wall. Skull Man was leaned against the right wall, and he simply waved at us. I returned the torch robot’s nod, and he shut his eyes.Dad turned his head. “Oh, you’re here! Hello!”I grinned awkwardly. “H-hi!”Toad Man’s eyes fluttered open, and he pulled down his mouth cover and beamed. “Hi, guys.”“Hey,” Hard Man and I said simultaneously, looking at each other for a second.Toad’s tired eyes lolled into the back of his head and closed. “Dad, aren’t you gonna explain?”Dad sighed and glanced at him sheepishly. “I’ve already explained twice now. I... I think I’ll wait until everyone else gets here, okay? Sorry.”“Okay.” Toad heaved a sigh, then opened one eye and looked at me, raising his left arm and pointing it at the corner opposite of Bright Man. “Make yourselves comfy, it might be a little while.”I nodded and held Hard Man’s hand as he led me to the corner and sat down on the floor. I sat down next to him and let him pull me into his lap.Bright Man smirked at me. “Aww, is that your boyfriend?~”I couldn’t stop myself from grinning. “Y-yeah... What’s the matter, jealous?”He giggled and shook his head. “Nah, I think I’d prefer to stay single. Unlike Toad Man.”Toad glanced at Bright anxiously. “Oh, come on! Have you any idea how bad I would feel if I said no?”I cocked my head. “Huh? Wha- I’m confused.”Toad sighed heavily. “Snake Man proposed to me from out of nowhere.”That was all it took to startle everyone in the room, including me.“What?!” Skull Man protested. “Dude, you didn’t tell us that part!”“That’s why,” Toad continued, “he sent a Search Snake to notify me first. I went to his old home, Skull Fortress, which is north of Mega City. So now... I’ve adopted his children, the snakes.”“Huh,” Skull remarked. “I guess that’s one way to get over your fear of snakes!”Everyone laughed, and Toad Man rolled his eyes. “Yeah - turn your hate into love.”“Alright, Toad Man,” Dad spoke up. “He’s finished.” He turned around. “Are you ready?”Toad grinned and blushed nervously. “Yes.”He sat up and pulled his shirt off, laying back down and dropping it on the floor to his left so Dad wouldn’t trip on it. Dad carried a small, rotund robot over and pulled a small platform out of the operation table, setting the robot onto it.First, he pressed a specific part of Toad’s abdomen, which slid up into the latter’s body and loosened his stomach plate. Next, he turned Toad’s lower left arm to the right three times, and he turned the lower right arm to the left just as many times. He then slid his hand into the entrance of Toad’s stomach storage compartment, lifting off the completely loosened stomach plate and setting it on the counter behind him. Lastly, he nestled the small robot inside the storage compartment and began connecting wires inside to the little plugs scattered on the robot’s body.When the last wire was connected, a small red light on either of the robot’s temples began to glow.Dad heaved a sigh, and Toad’s eyes widened as he looked down. After Dad completed the process of closing and sealing Toad Man’s storage compartment shut, he backed away and hopped onto the counter behind him, sighing again and removing his lab coat.Someone knocked on the door.“Who is it?” Skull Man asked.“Ring Man,” the voice said, “and some others.”Skull looked to Dad, who nodded. “Come in.”Ring Man opened the door and held it open for Jewel Man, Star Man, Pharaoh Man, Drill Man, and Dust Man.“I apologize sincerely for being late,” Pharaoh spoke.Skull jerked his head and glared at him. “Dude, you were already here! Why didn’t you get your butt over here?!”Tundra Man pulled his mask down and winced. “Could you please quiet down?”Skull gave him an unimpressed face, then rolled his eyes. “Fine, whatever.”“Hey,” Ring Man cut in. “The other officers were gone - all of them - and the sheriff wouldn’t let me come. I had to keep communicating with him, so I couldn’t let you know. I’m sorry.”Dad nodded and smiled gently. “It’s okay, you guys.”“Well, Toad Man,” the torch robot declared, “congratulations. You are now pregnant!”Toad laughed, and everyone who had just come in startled.“What?!” Jewel Man protested. “How does that work?!”Dad heaved with much exhaustion. “Well, Dr. Light is helping me conduct an experiment. What I’m trying to do is see if this will replicate human growth.”“Ooh!” Star Man divulged. “I wonder how this will turn out!”“See,” Dad continued, “it’s actually pretty simple. When I connected those wires, something inside that robot fetus turned on that signaled it to do something no robot has done before. The plates on its body have started shifting in such a way that allows it to expand, and while this will expand Toad Man’s stomach storage compartment, he’s the only one of my robots that can provide a safe place for it to grow. Not just that, but it also needed those wires to initiate the ‘growth’ in the first place.”“Whoa,” Dust Man breathed. “That’s so cool, Dad! Has anyone ever told you you’re a genius?”Dad chuckled. “Yes, my son. But thank you.”Dust nodded, then Drill Man spoke up. “But how long is this gonna take?”“Well,” Dad answered, “my partner Dr. Light and I have not been able to figure that out yet. But, he predicted it will take approximately ten months.”“Wow,” Skull remarked. “Congrats, Battletoad - you’re the first robot and the first man to ever become pregnant.”We all laughed, and Toad Man rubbed his stomach and blushed.Hard Man POV“Hey guys,” I mumbled. “I’m home.”“Hey there, big bro!” Top Man greeted, smiling and waving.“Well,” Magnet Man asked, “how was your work day?”I looked around, then sat down on the floor. “Now normally, I would say it’s just another brick in the wall, but not this time.”Metal Man, who had Top Man on his lap, raised his eyebrows. “Really now! Tell us about it.”I cleared my throat. “So I was doin’ my work, as usual... until a huge, red anthro beetle came charging straight at me. I punched him in the chest, and he made a weird glitchy noise. Then he teleported behind me and whistled, so I chased after him to the best of my ability. I couldn’t land a single hit on him after that - my Hard Knuckle was too slow. And it’s pretty fast, too, and he’s quicker than Quick Man.”Metal Man whistled in surprise. “Dang, that boy’s quick. And?”“Only once it was too late did I realize he had led me into the ocean, and you all know I can’t swim. So I called out for help, ‘cause it’s better to be safe than sorry. And surprisingly, help came - it was Dive Man. And while he couldn’t hold me, his giant whales could, and they took me to an underwater base.”One of the Gemini Men oohed. “I bet that made you happy, didn’t it? Did you finally get to cuddle him?~”I rolled my eyes and pulled my helmet off, setting it down next to me. “No. He showed me around his place, we talked, and he got a call from his dad saying to head to the lab - not this lab. So we teleported there, and uh... HEY! Snake Man!”Snake Man gasped - he had almost fallen asleep. “Sssssssorry, I’m tired as heck. What is it?”“Well,” I continued, “apparently Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack are running an experiment. They built a little... robot fetus, I guess, and it’s inside Toad Man’s storage compartment now. Dr. Cossack said the plates on its body are shifting to replicate human growth, but it might take, like, ten months to develop.”Snake gasped again and grinned. “Oh my God!! He’s pregnant! I can’t believe it!”Shadow Man tilted his head and smiled. “Aww, how nice. Snake and Toad finally get to have a kid just like both of them, don’t they?”I shrugged. “I dunno. I mean, that thing’s just a prototype for now, so... I’m not too sure about that.”“But hey!” Spark Man spoke up. “Ya never know! Maybe if this little ‘experiment’ turns out to be successful, the fetus can get modifications! Right?”Snake nodded. “Right. And besides, it’s what Toad and I have wanted for days now - a child of our own. A child that wasn’t just like a snake, but a toad too. A product of both of us, who wasn’t just built to be a weapon. Someone who has a significant purpose in this world..."“We get it, wise guy,” Needle Man told him. “But hey, don’t get me wrong - I’m actually really excited to become the uncle of someone like that! We can make a ton of memories with him, he can have an industrial purpose, he can fight with Mega Man, and he won’t scare Gemini Man out of his booty shorts!”Gemini Man glared and grinned at him, and all of us burst out laughing.“What?” Needle protested, still laughing at his own joke. “The only pants you ever wear are the ones that don’t have any pockets, and they make your butt stick out more than your big head!”We all laughed again, and a clone of Gemini Man appeared behind him. “Omaewa... MOU SHINDEIRU!”Needle turned around halfway. “NANI?!”At this point, it was hard to stop laughing. I clutched my stomach and curled up - it was starting to hurt.“Hey,” I said, panting. “I’m goin’ to my room.”“Okay,” Metal replied, nodding.As I trudged to my room, Zero passed by me. “Hey, Hard Man.”“Yeah?”“I thought I heard you mention... a huge, red anthro beetle who could teleport and fly around more quickly than Quick Man?”I nodded. “Yeah, why?”Zero’s eyes widened, and he looked away. “Two words: Boomer Kuwanger.”
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