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Kid After Class


For the third time this week Jay sat in detention with nothing to do but stare. Luckily for the young man, staring was exactly what he wanted to do with his evening. With his substitute teacher Kid overseeing everything, staring was just about everything he wanted and more.

Those feet. Jay always had a persistent fetish for such things, but there was something about his sub’s that made his mouth go dry. The fact that Kid would always rest their perfect soles on the desk, letting their shoe dangled tantalizingly from their toes didn’t help either. The sight alone nearly made the third year college student double over in lust.

Even with the pleasant view, detention wasn’t without its struggles. Kid had started giving Jay these papers to write while he served his time, and trying to get those finished while imprinting those lovely feet into his memory was no small task. More often then not he would only finish half of the assignment while trying to hide his obnoxious erection. It would lead to him being scolded for the last moments of the young man’s punishment, which humiliatingly would only make his cock throb even harder.

It just wasn’t fair! Jay would try to finish as fast as possible… but those feet. As the minutes ticked on Kid would get more and more comfortable. Even going so far as to remove his shows and wiggle his perfect toes into the open air. Beads of sweat would be practically visible on Jay’s forehead by that point. It was his own blue ball hell that he himself would sign himself up for with every time he knowingly got in trouble.

Eventually it got to the point where Jay was spending every day after school with his teasing little substitute. At night is fantasies would play out in his dreams of him finally getting the nerve to overpowering the small teacher and doing what he wanted with them. He’d imagine how sexy his laugh was, or how desperate he would moan while he fucked their arches for all they were worth. It would end with the poor young man waking up unfulfilled just to jerk off once again.

One day though It all came to a head. Jay walked into detention to find the desk had been moved and in its place was a pair of stocks. Kid sat on it like a pinup girl, the sight alone turning Jay’s face beat red. The sassy teacher explained that they were tired of spending their free time here while he ogled his feet. Now it was time for them to have fun….~

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Such a great piece! Love the dynamic between the two here, would be cool to see more of them together.

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Some class clown 🤣

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Poor Kid...having to spend all his free time in the detention room because of his most troublesome student. It's a shame that this form of punishment will just make Jay get detention with him even more ;)This is awesome I always love to see Kid in charge of these situations. And like usual You make FANTASTIC pieces!!!

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Thanks so much! And no worries, I'm sure Kid is thrilled to spend their time doing such ;)

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fantastic artwork

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I've been waiting for this and I wasn't disappointed at all! It looks amazing, I love the story too! I think the posture is also interesting, but I think the backwards tickling makes it unique in a way, but tools needs to be used xD

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