The Lonely Traveler

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By ColinSydney

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I have travelled far and wide.
In search of peace beside.
I have seen creatures big and strange.
From creepy crawlers to trees and grange.

I have seen beautiful women all around.
In search of love, nowhere to be found.
I have seen birds that sing all day.
Their song without a scar or nay.

I have seen men risking their lives in honor.
Their brides sitting and crying in a corner.
I have seen babies crying for a drop of milk.
Covered in some old ladies warm silk.

I have seen children play in their darkest hour.
Even though dead are their mother and father.
I have seen people cry for silly things.
For a bottle of whisky or a bee sting.

I have seen a world of endless possibilities.
But not men with simple abilities.
In this miniscule world of glitz and fashion.
Not even one heart with an endless passion.
this was the 3rd peom that i wrote. i wrote this when i was in the 8th grade....
this poem is about how i saw this world and still see it.


Do you feel the desperate attempt of the traveler to find meaning in the world?
Does the poem make you think about the state of the world?
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wonderful....LOVE IT'S EVERY PART....;)
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thank you very much..... :love:
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you're welcome..;)
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eventually you find there are no real answers. Every question only brings about more questions - the more you know, the less you really know. personally, I don't think there is a meaning beyond what we choose to give it.
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you are right......
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I've put a lot of thought into it.
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Quite a bit for that age, though very understandable

Good work man
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yeah... it was a very confusing age for me. trying to figure out my role in this world. i still am... but i am in a far better place in life than i was then...
thank you...
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