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we live each day
we breathe and say
a yay or nay
we live each day

without living at all
we continue to fall
we never call

help does not come
but we are not done

we may fall and die
we would not cry
I said i will not die!
I could not accept this lie!

I would stand and live!
I would not give!

I would be me
because can't you see

you go everyday just a faceless phantom
without a tantrum
you obey your orders
you live as if soldiers
you know not thought
you see not what you wrought

now I will say!
I heard a call
and did not fall!
I refused to die
and accept this lie!
I watched as others fell
I heard a faint yell!
I am no longer a faceless phantom
I would not lament them!
I could not forget what I wrought
what destruction I had brought
but now I fought!

My life shall be mine
I have little time
what I wasted was a crime
but now... now it is mine!
A poem I wrote hope you enjoy it.
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April 18, 2010
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