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Dr. Lawrence Henry Durrin
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It's one of the few drawings I'm proud of. I did it for a contest hosted by a friend of mine, and far better artist. I just hope you like it.

Bio: Dr. Lawrence Henry Durrin was experimenting with the splicing of different animal DNA's. He had an unfortunate lack of willing volunteers for his research and so resorted to using himself as a test subject. He is very happy with the results that he obtained, but is somewhat saddened by how 'incomplete' his transformation is. He has been working on it since, hoping that when he masters this technology he has developed that he may complete himself as well.

Dr. Durrin was one of the doctors working on the 'Icekitten Project'.

some credit going out to my friend Icekitten who's contest I designed this char for.

link to her devientart:
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