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Kain R. Chou by ColinEtzel Kain R. Chou :iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 5 0 Dr. Lawrence Henry Durrin by ColinEtzel Dr. Lawrence Henry Durrin :iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
The Path of Light
To each is shown
To each is known
To each so true
To each even you
What is right and what is wrong
Is true throughout life's eternal song
We must follow the path of light
Even in the darkest night.
Even though darkness posses great might
We must continue on the path of light
Even though evil may reign
The good may live through the pain
We must help all those we can
Even if it defies this world's plan
For the will of the rule is not my will
For the will of the corrupt is not mine to fulfill
Gather with me the poor the sick the weak
Come with me and rise the low the downtrodden the meek
If we stick together this world may be renewed
But only if truly the path of light is pursued
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
In a dark corner here I sit
I watch them as they simply pass me by
I just sit there as that seems fit
when others do not care if here I lie
I hear you speak as if I am not there
I am silent and
ignored as if a Ghost
I sit here and everything seems so clear
none care what I hear so I do not boast
I hear your secrets told
I see what you do as none others do
I remember all this things in my mind I hold
Yet I do nothing as it is not my place like you
None of your dribble matters to me
because I am not like you
for I do not care what others see
unlike all you do
I remembered it all
your stupid tricks
your boasting call
I see threw you stupid pricks
I am truly and outcast
yet this is what I chose
for you I shall outlast
as your life will draw to a close
then mine will have just begun
school my life does not hold
and there is so much to be done
for beyond this is where my life will unfold
I will know what goes untold
I will see you lowly and in turmoil
you who my person you did scoff so cold
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 1 0
A Lover's Mind Wonders
I wish to feel your gentle touch
to see your sweet face
as I make you shyly blush
at my gentle embrace
I wish to hear your pleased moans
as I explore your body
and make my feelings shown
within this moment that we embody
I wish to be with you every night
to explore each-other without worry
because we would have no reason to fright
and there is no need to hurry
we have all the time we need
we can just sit here for now
Till one of us takes the lead
but I am fine just sitting here and wondering how.
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 2 0
A Dream Taken
Me and my love lay beneath the stars
The night air has a chill
The stars are not far
We hold eachother close as we will
I look into her eyes and she in mine
I hold her closer her head I gently Caresse
Here she looks so divine
We lean in to share one sweat kiss
These things all fade
I wish I could stay
On a pillow my head is laid
It is a new day
In my bed I awaken
I get out of my bed
I think of this sweat dream taken
As reality sets in a tear I shed
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 1 2
The Romantic and His Curse
Love, oh how I long for love
To feel it's sweet tender kiss
Enveloped in it's eternal bliss...
Tis this thine curse?
To eternally long for love
Yet never know it's gentle embrace?
Shalt this be thine life?
To live with mine eternal strife?
Shall I never find thine wife?
Why must I live this life alone?
Have I done something for which I must atone?
Surrounded yet alone I moan
Cannot you hear it in my tone?
I continue thine pathetic life
I try to bear with mine strife
I search for the thine love
Just to meet the mine divine dove.
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
I am Living a lie, just living a lie
Does anyone care to ask me why?
Should I merely try to get by
Or should I just take off and fly?
All this makes some wonder who am I?
I shall not tell
Even if you yell
For who I am cannot be told
I do not fit the mold
Nor fall within the fold
Shall I always feel so cold?
Shall my passion go untold?
or will I seize my life and take hold?
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
The Reaper may Visit
He comes at night
He means to give no fright
Yet some may hold their covers tight
But they shall follow Him tonight
He comes in the day
He carries with him much dismay
Yet it is not what He wants to convey
People panic as the body does decay
but He will forever stay
For He has always been here
Keeping us in His gentle leer
For our pain He sheds a mournful tear
He gently takes us from our fear
He comes to end our short time
We take one last look
We realize our life was so sublime
We see Him now and from this world we are took
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 1 0
The Futility of Wealth
Wealth meaningless it falls from your hand
It does so just like the vast desert's sand
Some wish to buy land
Yet their arrogance shall be reprimand
For how can you own what is free
Meant for more than just you and me
Well I want great jewels says she
Mere pebbles I scoff can't you see
Well I want gadgets and gizmos galore
Heh can't you see those only leave you wanting more
I understand those trinkets are such a bore
I know what I must seek
I shall find it though I am meek
Money cannot help reach this peak
besides that path is for the weak
I shall search for lobe
Until I can find my sweat dove
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
A Poet's Frantic Search
I must find a muse
For which to use
Yet not abuse
I think as I tie my shoes
I must find my muse
Just like those who sang the blues
I must find one
That will not run
For that is no fun
I need a muse that will stay
One with which I may play
And stay with all day
Where is this my true muse?
One not so fickle
Or cold like an ice-sickle
For now I search and prod for a true muse
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
The Two Sides of the Coin
Let us look at this world this vast land
Let us see what it holds
Let us see what it was
Let us see what it is
Let us see what it shall be
I look at the surface and see what I shall
I look deep within and find what is true
I see the beautiful surface
It is ripe and lush like a fresh picked apple
It is full of hope
I see the bleak interior
It is polluted and rotten like spoiled fruit
Now it is Where the seeds of despair have been planted
I see the bright skies and the beautiful oceans
With happy fish
I see the smog, the polluted seas of death
The aquamarines cannibalizing one another
I see these animals happy frolicking and free
I see these animals frightened running and hunted
I see the cities with happy folk
The bustling business
With their great technology
I see the cities with the down trodden workers and scoffing rich and criminal
The business's fall to the corporations
The machines pollute the planet killing it
I see the forest beautiful and wide
With animals throughout
and lovely
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
The Death of a Samaritan
I feel this pain
it is my bane
I have seen what this world has to offer
I never once did falter
I was once a good man
I saw what was right and did what I can
I saw this world as a happy place
yet that was just it's face
I looked deeper
and saw what was there
it was the greatest of despair
I heard of a child on the street
and one looking at her as if fresh meat
he took her as those people watched
she screamed for help saying this is not my father
and yet the people simply walked away saying why bother
I heard of the old man get brutalized and robbed
there they were there as well simply watching him there
I saw a person robbed
I helped rather than see that one sob
I caught the crook
but I was caught by the hook
those who gave order and "good"
declared I as bad as the thief
I saw what had happened
I know what has been done
I have seen what this world has become
and what is yet happened to none
I have seen the good Samaritan!
he lies dead in an ally
killed by those who say they are order
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
The Winter Forgotten
all the day it is snowing
and the howling wind is blowing
the rivers have stoped flowing
and men's lawns they are not mowing
few people allow their faces showing
people hide in their houses and wait to see
if any warmth there may be
the sailors dream of the sea
all the people sulk and say
there is nothing to do today
not knowing what they may
so to bed they go and lay
there they stay
yet outside there is a sight to see
none need know it be
the snow sparkles like a shining sea
in such great majesty
yet so many just turn and flea
at this time so few are bold
as to go out in this cold
in homes stories are told
in turn this time is lost
for people fear the frost
so few see this cost
the time it ends
the rivers thaw and bend
we say goodbye to our old friend
yet it is no trend
the cold shall return
or else we would burn
so we take it in turn
but many people just never learn
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 7
The Survivors of Order
we live each day
we breathe and say
a yay or nay
we live each day
without living at all
we continue to fall
we never call
help does not come
but we are not done
we may fall and die
we would not cry
I said i will not die!
I could not accept this lie!
I would stand and live!
I would not give!
I would be me
because can't you see
you go everyday just a faceless phantom
without a tantrum
you obey your orders
you live as if soldiers
you know not thought
you see not what you wrought
now I will say!
I heard a call
and did not fall!
I refused to die
and accept this lie!
I watched as others fell
I heard a faint yell!
I am no longer a faceless phantom
I would not lament them!
I could not forget what I wrought
what destruction I had brought
but now I fought!
My life shall be mine
I have little time
what I wasted was a crime
but now... now it is mine!
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0
The Love Dejected
My love is scorned
I have so mourned
my heart is torn
I feel forlorn
I begin to plummet
off this summit
as I begin to fall
I hear a call
A jester is taunting
It is so haunting
Hope it keeps on flaunting
It is oh so daunting
I ignore it's call
Wishing to forget it all
And so I fall... I fall
The pit is so deep
And I begin to weep
I took this great leap
No longer can I sleep
I had hoped for a paradise
But life is never so nice
I am consumed by despair
yet I am hardly there.
:iconcolinetzel:ColinEtzel 0 0


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