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steampunk wallpaper v2

By colgreyis
revised version of the steampunk themed wallpaper
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© 2009 - 2021 colgreyis
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I am looking for a couple of steampunk backgrounds to use as a basis for paintings (pets painted in steampunk gear) to sell. May we use your image in our paintings?  (Of course, we would be more than happy to list a credit next to any paintings that use it that end up for sale as prints on our website.)  Thank you.
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yes, you can use it.
Hi :D
It's awesome !!! Can i use it in my game? I'm trying to do steampunk game 2D for android and this looks great for level background :D
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yes indeed. go for it
Hi, my company in the UK is called Steampunk Ltd. I want to have my van wrapped in an image like this. Can you send me the psd file and I will find a way to get you credited on the van? is my email address.  I do hope you say yes as this is the coolest design!
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hi there
don't have a psd file of this image, it was made a long time ago on photodraw.
though i could probably rebuilt it as a psd if you really want it
This was hard to track down...several wallpaper sites have this image on them, uncredited. :(

I'm putting together a deck of cards for my local gaming club ( for a tabletop wargame we play, called Malifaux ( and I'm interested in using your image for the back of the cards. Would this be ok?
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yes indeed, that'd be very cool :)
I just noticed that it's someone remix of your V1, rather than the original, since it's in a golden colour instead of your silver. The internet is a strange place...…

Thanks so much! I've shared them with the Malifaux community forums, and now I'm looking to get a set printed for my buds at an inexpensive price. :)
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The cards look great and the gold works well (even though it was someone else who copied my work and changed the colour) the internet is a strange place indeed

good luck with getting them printed
Hello again! We got our cards printed, and everyone loves them. I sold a few at cost to my friends, and gave a couple away at local tournaments as well. There are 20 folks around British Columbia enjoying your artwork!

My community is ramping up our organization for a new tournament for 40-50 people, and as part of this game we use playing cards instead of dice. We're interested in doing a playing card deck with some custom art on it. We've got a guy doing the fronts, but I was asked to see if you'd be ok with us using your art again on the backs?

Sending you a note about something related.
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yes i'm toally okay with you using my art for your cards, i'm glad everyone liked you're last set.

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Heyyy!!!!:I loved it!!!!:Can I use this,as a background for an Steampunk illustration!?.
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You´ve made my day!!!!;I will credit you,of course,and I will send you the result of it!!!!.Thanks a lot,colgreyis!!!!.Muchas Grácias!!!!

May I use this as a website Background?
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I'm in a dance group ( Misty Moon ) that just started up and I'm making a website for us. I was wondering if it would be okay to use one of your steam punk wallpapers as background on our page? =)
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Can I use this in a wallpaper im making? :3
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yes, thanks for asking :)
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