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on a roll number 4
Sick girl
We start off with Pink hair with white streaks in the front, the hair is shoulder length. They would wear Gold contacts. The t-shirt would be a basic pink but the trimmings would be done in gold color, also there would be a slit from the arm pit to the bottom of the shirt witch would be filled in with gold fishnet but also have a white lase that u can uses to make the slit bigger or smaller. (similar to a shoes lacing but the pattern can change based of the wearer. depending on how much skin u want to show or how hot u are) The holes for the lacing would be gold. Then the arms would be covered with white fishnet sleeves, also integrated into the sleeves would be tiny gold beads. The user would have gold nail polish. The belt would be pink with a white line around the whole things, the buckle would be gold. Time for the pants, This would a Tripp style pants but will be pink, there would anther lacing down the sides of the pants similar to the one on wolfy but the lace color wo
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Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura: The Sealed Card)
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Upcoming cosplays-
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Anime Boston, UB, and Tora!!!!~

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 8:23 PM
For once I am doing a journal after a convention!!! Well.. after 3 conventions actually!! I have gone to 3 conventions in the last 3 weeks; Anime Boston, UB-Con, and Tora-con!!!!

Anime Boston:
2 weeks ago I went to Boston with my friend :iconoroka2167: for Anime Boston!!! It was the first time I was ever on a plane, and flying was completely amazing! We stayed from Thursday April 5th and left on Monday April 9th. Oroka went as Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2, Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach, and Dakota Shaw from Fixer. I went as Naomi Halevi from Fixer the entire weekend. Naomi is the second cosplay that I made completely from scratch if you don't count the corset and tie.. So she isn't really the best cosplay! But it is my goal to have her completely perfected over this summer!

Oroka and I conveniently "forgot" her Dakota wig when packing for the convention. So we improvised and decided to dye her hair blue for the cosplay instead! This included bleaching her hair twice, stripping it once, and dying it blue twice in the hotel bathroom! That was a very interesting experience, and I cannot believe she trusted me with her hair! Oh. We also cut her hair too when making the spikes!

The actual convention for Anime Boston wasn't that amusing actually. Atleast for Oroka and I. The only interesting panels were the J-Rock Industry and Fixer panel! And that is even without picking favorites! Most of the fun we had at the convention was hanging out with the members of Tainted Reality. Also! My birthday was on Sunday of the convention! To celebrate becoming 18 at a convention, I went to the Hentai Worth Watching panel a half hour after I turned 18 at midnight! It was completely hilarious, although I might have slightly scarred Oroka for life.. The woman checking ID's was extremely amused and took a picture of myself with my ID. While I was in my fantastic Super Man pajamas...

The entire reason we went to the convention is because the creators of a fantastic webcomic named Fixer were there!!! If you haven't really Fixer yet, you NEED to check it out! It is only 4 chapters in and it is already one of my favorite stories ever!!!

Explanation of Fixer from the official facebook page: ""Fixer" is about a muti-genre band and their trials and tribulations in working in the music industry. The story is narrated by guitarist Dakota Shaw in the present day. Caught in a depression about where his career has led him, he begins writing a journal, remembering the days with the 3 most important people of his life, Damien Miller, Naomi Halevi, Mamoru Kageyama, and their band "Fixer". The story starts in 1998 with Dakota and Naomi in their senior year of high school, Mamoru having recently graduated, and Damien just starting in his freshmen year. The first story arc will go on to detail how they all met, their motivations for starting and joining the band, Dakota and Naomi's graduation, and an experiment that leads the band to Mamoru's home city of Tokyo, where the band finds their artistic direction."

The artwork is beautiful, the characters are lovable, and the story is fantastic!!! Damien is already my favorite character, and I know I will have issues about wanting to cosplay every outfit of Naomi that will be released!

Unfortunately, because Fixer was just released, they have an low fanbase at the moment! So if you like the sound of it you should read it and check out their facebook page! Also spreading word about it would be amazing! It truly is an amazing story and more people need to find out about it!!!

Monday after the convention, Oroka and I went on a tour of Boston. Our tour guides names were Buzz, Jesse James, and Papa. That is all.

First Fixer Cosplayers!!!

The adorable asian in the picture is Danny Kang, the artist for Fixer!!! You can check him out at- his official website

Last week I went to UB-Con with my friend :iconomni-senbonzakura:!!! Usually I am not that happy with UB-Con due to it's small size and lack of people. This year though was the first year I have had fun since the year I meet Oroka!!! Shaina went as Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Rain from G Gundam. I ended up going as Mikuru Asahina from Haruhi Suzumiya and Naomi Halevi from Fixer again. Unfortunately the people at UB aren't really familiar with some animes for some reason.. I was mistakened for Sailor Moon while I was Mikuru. Oroka also went to UB with her lovable boyfriend Branden! She went as Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. Alot of photoshots were done at UB too!

Part of Me
The Heroes True LoveEntwinedexistance

I just got home from Tora-con today after going alone this weekend! This Tora was probably one of the best so far! I always love Tora, and now I know why! I hung out with Shaina again during the con, alone with a bunch of other people! Tora always has some of the most amazing people that attend! For some reason it makes it feel like you are constantly having a big party.

At Tora, they had the first Vocaloid concert on the east coast. Unfortunately it was EXTREMELY disorganized!!!! It was considered a panel instead of a concert, and the room it was in was WAY too small for all of the people attending! I am not sure the exact number of people waiting in line, but someone at the convention told me 1,600 to 1,900 were in line! I was lucky enough to make it into the first showing, but they could only fit about 50 people in the room!

They had all of security from the concert there to handle the crowd issues, and they had to have 2 showing, and a viewing room where they showed the concert on a tv screen. We all had to sit on the floor, and we weren't allowed to stand up and dance or anything! Apparently in the viewing room they had to sit in chairs and they weren't allowed to stand up and dance either! It was ridiculous! I don't know much about what happened to the rest of the people who didn't get in.. But I know they were extremely mad.

The actual concert was amazing, if you were sitting in the right part of the room. It was obviously made to be on a stage with people awhile away from it, but it was placed on the floor about a few feet away from the first row. I watched a video a few guys took from the first row on the left hand side, and the hologram looked very messed up! From the angle they were at the hologram was stretched in weird ways and just looked odd.

I ended up in the very last row in the middle, so I was probably where the first row was at if it was actually on a stage. Besides all of the issues they had, it was a completely amazing concert! I am not that big of a fan of Vocaloids, but I was screaming like a rabid fangirl during it. The technology of it was so beautiful!!! That man who designed it had better be the next Bill Gates!

In other news of this convention. I found iDOLMster fans. If you do not know me, I. Am. EXTREMELY. Obsessed. With. iDOMster. These fans showed me that they were selling the card game in the dealers room. This is the first time I have seen iDOLMster stuff in a dealers room where they were actually selling it!!! It was a Yukiho and Miki deck who are my two favorite idols also!!! I seriously teared up alittle when I was buying it. It was glorious. Seriously. Words cannot express this moment.

My next con is in 5 weeks and it is Anime North in Toronto!!! If you are going you can message me!! I would love to see anyone who is going!!! The only cosplays I have planned at the moment is Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia, Estelle from Tales of Vesperia, and Naomi Halevi from Fixer. I may bring more incase I have another incident like last year when all of my cosplays found a way to fail by Sunday!

Oh dear god this is long.. I apologize!

Official Fixer Website: You can read it here!!
Fixer Facebook Page: Please like it!

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