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The Plight of Sol
Creeping over the horizon,
The sky it seeks to borrow,
The azure-crimson twilight,
On the ever rising morrow.
Ascending toward the apex,
Of sanity and beauty,
The orb doth ever persists,
Through amnesty and scrutiny.
While traversing the skies avast,
He descends from his proud noon,
When waning he spots at last,
Paramour of forgotten yore,
The faint visage of Lady Moon.
'Why is her aura desolate,
What saps her vitality?'
Inquires his earnest heart,
Free of all immorality,
He calls, "My maiden, gaze yonder.
I will console your sorrow."
Yet his curse, his damnation,
He must repent time he borrows.
And so ever shall he lament,
As she for whom he did swoon,
She whom shan't e'er be content,
His paramour of long lost yore,
His maiden, the fair Lady Moon.
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Saying the Unspeakable
How is it you can clear my mind?
Steal my breath straight from my chest;
Searching for words I cannot find;
And hanging my head just like the rest.
What ever happened to those warm, autumn nights?
Smiling and laughing under the starry curtains;
You used to probe me for all fear and frights,
To mend them yourself, of that I am certain.
A thousand and one questions, yet they all disperse,
When I confront you to unveil the truth;
Love me or loathe me, but indifference is a curse,
What can I do to convince you, to show you as proof?
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I confess;
I'd soon as bare my body upon the pyre,
Of social suicide and with it all the distress,
Then remain not the kindle of your fire.
I've said once and I've said it twice,
Hell I'll even say it thrice;
I failed you in your most dire hour,
My shame loams over me, a stalking tower,
And steals away what I wish to say,
How else to say, "I love you."
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From high up yonder
I look so small,
On top this wall,
Though I feel so tall,
I collapse and fall,
Can you see me,
From high up yonder?
The wind caressing,
My adrenaline pressing,
My body stressing,
My senses messing,
Does my fall seem so short,
From high up yonder?
The memories long since gone,
During my fleet from the rising dawn,
Seeing myself as merely a pawn,
But yet again I misjudge my brawn,
But I doubt you can tell,
From high up yonder.
The ground appears to growing,
I feel giddy to see where I am going,
While my thoughts continue flowing,
Though I doubt that this is showing,
For you are miles away,
From high up yonder?
Here it is, the climax, the smack,
Sudden shots from an anxiety attack,
Then in my resolve appears a crack,
Too late now there is no turning back.
A latent crash with a chilling smash;
I doubt you notice this, my pain, my end,
Or perhaps you do and choose to pretend,
That I am not worthy to care or to defend,
Well whatever the reason I hope you contend,
With the reality that you ca
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No diction exists
What is this?
This and that,
To and fro,
On my back a pat,
And in my ear a "no,"
Curious as a cat,
With nothing to show,
Ambiguous and reversed,
Seemingly rehearsed,
Disgusted and perversed,
In shit I'm immersed,
For attention I thirst,
Yet with loneliness I'm cursed,
This and that,
To and fro,
Stupid and fat,
From head to toe,
Need a clue, stat!
Yet again another "no,"
Ugly and rude,
Harsh and crude,
Who's the enemy?
Where's my remedy?
Lack of diversity and sense,
The shame and guilt is immense,
So utterly intense,
Yet left in suspense,
This and that,
To and fro,
I got no frat,
I'm not a pro,
Long and lat,
Stop to go,
They call me brat,
No love to show,
In isolation I remained,
But even then felt restrained,
Swelling of shame I hang my head,
Feeling dizzy while in my bed,
This poem in frame,
The rhyme is lame,
The rhythm the same,
What is my aim?
My claim to fame?
Why so much shame?
I'm caught in some game,
Establishing foundation and a set,
Trying to r
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 8
The Miracle Worker
When he came to Covak found himself in a pale, white room. The drapes, the sheets, the floors, the lights; it all was white. Was this the afterlife? He couldn't help but wonder as he became the sole contamination of the purity that radiated from the room. Echoes from memories long since past faded through his mind. A muffled voice kept muttering to him. He was unable to decipher it, but Covak was sure it was directed at him. The room began to blur and warp. The whites dulled and he fell out of the blank void he had been residing in. Feeling as though he had fallen into his own perspective, Covak jerked upward and snapped back to consciousness.
The nurse advised him to calm down and rest some more. Somehow Covak had ended up in the Coronet Hospital. He slow eased himself back down and began reminiscing about the his journey. The last bit he recalls was racing back to the city to... OBYMES!! Covak jumped out of the bed again, to much dismay of the
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Amen by Colest Amen :iconcolest:Colest 0 1
My plea to myself
Feeling sorry,
Remorse and pity,
*something that rhymes with sorry*
Scratch that!
Real thing now...
Neck deep in pity,
Knee deep in blame,
Eye level with shitty,
My own I proclaim,
Yet feeling a little witty,
Still just the same,
Rise and fall,
to rise anew,
I feel so small,
I hope you do too,
Crimson cast to my wall,
Christ it's 3:02,
Stuck between realms,
Like a ghost,
Charge forth, Man the Helms!
Eclipsed Coast,
On azure horizon whelmed,
With starry boast,
Attention drawn astray,
Mind torn asunder,
Listening to the Fray,
True intentions I plunder,
Found Altruism I pray,
But what lies under?
Deeper, Farther, Descend,
Foreign, rolling dunes,
She can no longer pretend,
To cauterize my wounds,
Waiting to apprehend,
My halcyon noons,
Somber is the storm,
The moment before the plunge,
The clouds take form,
The rivers put to sponge,
But is this the norm,
To openly take a lunge,
Sap my ducts of tear,
Spew the cavity under breast,
Draw forth laten
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Lying on my bed and to myself
Sleepless, Restless, Helpless,
Thinking of only you,
I don't think I've ever felt this,
Am I being true?
Stunned, Shocked, Shunned,
Dancing silhouettes upon my wall,
Damnit clock I want a refund,
Reverie's fleeting as I fall,
Chilled to the bone, shaking,
Forgetting how to crawl,
Let alone walk, breaking,
Scattering my hope a sprawl,
Truth be told, I'm lost,
Not sad, frightened, nor mad,
I've stopped the pain at a cost,
Please forgive me Dad,
I shan't in vain,
Take thy name,
But without pain,
Habits can't be tame,
My burden to bear,
and bear it with brawn,
The body may tear,
Hope flees the fawn,
I'm a million different people,
From one day to the next,
So high up on the steeple,
How can I be so vexed?
I'm so lonely that's okay,
You shaved my head,
So something got away,
And I to bed,
And just maybe I'm to blame,
For all I heard,
Or so they claim,
Not assured,
Lids, stimulated windows,
Fighting the me,
I'll fluff my pillows,
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Sleepless in Spring Mills
Another sleepless night,
Tumbling in my plight,
Questioning what is right,
"Should I flee or fight?"
My condition, it makes me wonder,
What kinda drugs I'ma gonna plunder,
Or what good mood I may sunder,
What kind of bridge I'll end up under,
Thinkin of her and only she,
Pfft, like there's a woman who can "set me free,"
Fuck this and I hope you can see,
This revelation befallen me,
Another sleepless night,
Wish I may wish I might,
Cleanse myself of this stubborn fright,
Askin repeatedly like a blight,
"Should I flee or should I fight?"
Hollow echoes from reveries,
Slumbering minds put to ease,
Fulfilling any fantasy they please,
That's right bitch on your knees,
Another sleepless night I mutter,
Is it me or my rudder,
In all fairness this is utter,
bullshit, that's right i didn't stutter,
I got nothin to say,
Shit to convey,
Debts to pay,
Time to pray,
And yet I may,
End up like I was before,
Thinkin all along, "Am I a whore,"
Entertaining people till they bore,
Till they snooze till t
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 7
The Altruistic Sibling
A silhouette stood before him, hovering over Covak like a guardian. A cloak swayed at the figures ankles, whipping with life. Covak's shoulder was jammed up through his shoulder blade, shattering part of his collar bone. His sternum was fractured and cracked from the impact against the low-hung branch. Lacerations lined his exposed arms and face. The hunched over position he landed in made him appear pathetic, like a paraplegic who gave up trying to lift their body onto their feet. The cloaked figure fell onto on knee and waved his hand over Covak with a subtle glow of eerie, green light. Miraculously, Covak's shoulder slid back into place. His chest swelled from the support of his reformed sternum. The small pool of blood that had formed under Covak's face shallowed out as his lacerations shrunk into in-existence. The figure rose back to his feet. Large, empty pools of indigo penetrated Covak's body until the figure finally pivoted and paced off into the
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 6
The Intrinsic Crusader
Covak found himself greeted by warm smiles and a loving embrace. It was certainly a nice change from his constant degrading from superiors. His parent's expressed their pride in Covak and that they could not be happier. When Covak presented his Valedictorian award, they nearly slipped into hysteria. Xaro embraced his son tearfully. He expressed his unfathomable amount of pride for his son, but Covak sighed heavily. Xaro inquired what was bothering him and Covak replied that he wished his brother was here to see him. Xaro hung his head and explained that Obymes was overseeing him from a peaceful place. Covak shoved Xaro away and asked why he gave up hope on Obymes. Xaro retorted that Obymes has been gone for five years and it was foolish to think he was still alive. Covak stormed out of the room and stated that Xaro was a horrible father for forgetting his son. As he paced to his quarters, Covak couldn't help but let the doubt fester into his composure. <i>
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 5
The Valedictorian
Upon return to the academy, Covak seized the attention of the faculty members through his performance. His weakest field was Combat Training and after a short hiatus it quickly became his strongest field. His already outstanding performance in the athletic field was worthy of recommendation in itself, but now that he became the top Combatant out of all five classes at the academy, himself only being a freshman, it was evident that Covak was valedictorian material. Hand-to-Hand combat he dominated and was always ranking within the top ten of all classes but when he was allowed to choose his weapon of preferred choice, he always choice a pole-arm. Some thought he was daft, but Covak proved that he wasn't eager to be bested when he chose a melee weapon in a ranged combat simulator. His agility and heightened endurance proved most useful as he would on many a time seize victory for his team single-handedly taking out the majority of the opposing team with his pole-
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 3
The Stubborn Pupil
Five years of dedication is more then a generous bargain to save my brother was all the motivation Covak needed to enroll in the most extensive training regiment the Corellian Academy had to offer. The endurance and conditioning exercises the recruits were subjected to were no harder then what Covak had induced upon himself. He quickly excelled above all others in the endurance field and as such he would often find himself victim to frustration from his commanding officer, Sergeant Thalak Saris. The standard five mile jog for the normal recruits evolved into a five mile jog in full equipment for Covak. He was years ahead of his peers in conditioning but top physical condition means little in combat.
If Covak didn't have his stubborn mindset so deep-rooted, it would have been beaten out of him. His time spent in combat training and dueling was humiliating and degrading to say the least. Time after time he'd rush towards his opponent and time after time h
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 2
The Merciless Avenger
The pirates had vast connections all throughout Coronet. It didn't take Covak very long to find the location of the pirates' establishment after some conversations with a few shady individuals at the local cantina. Covak ambushed a lone Binayre outside of the compound and armed himself with the victim's pistol. Covak blasted open their door with a looted thermal detonator and demanded answers at gunpoint. Ironically, Covak himself was ambushed, disarmed, and pinned to the floor. The enraged pirate subduing Covak stated that he didn't care if he was Xaro's son and that he was going to waste him. With a blaster planted on the back of his head, Covak reached for a pole-arm which was resting at the far edge of the room. The pirates cackled at his futile stupidity. Covak could feel the pirate's finger on the trigger like it was his own. Distress saturated Covak's expressions and it fueled the pirates' maniacal laughter. He clenched his teeth in a final act of fu
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The Lost Kor-Ban pt. 4
The Aspiring Combatant
After a short nap, Covak reached for the ancient, brass-colored tome. It was far heavier then he anticipated and he expelled a grunt when he lifted it. Covak placed it upon his lap and flipped open the leathery cover. The tome spoke in haiku's and riddles. It was extremely ambiguous and the reading frustrated Covak. ''What the hell does the ancient babble have to do with fighting,'' he shouted as he threw the book against the wall in frustration. The outer cover torn off the book in a swift crack and the book laid naked with it's pages held together by the thinnest of twine. Covak's side ached and he rested again, stubbornly refusing to read that rambling garbage. Three days of sleep comes easy when your injured and sore. The door hissed open and Keicho walked into Covak's quarters. He was disgusted to see his tome treated with such utter disrespect and he violently nudged Covak awake. Covak expressed that the book spoke in circles and rambles about ambigu
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The Lost Kor-Ban
The Child Prodigy
Covak and his older brother, Obymes, were split from their youngest brother, Rykin, shortly after their mother's death. Though sad, they were so young that it didn't have too much of an impact on them. Covak and Obymes were picked up by the Kor-Ban family, who would ensure that they were treated as their own blood. Xaro Kor-Ban, their adopted father, owned a successful vehicle garage that thrived from the nearby residents of Coronet. This allowed Covak and Obymes to live a very comfortable life.
As children, Covak and Obymes would roam the vast plains behind the Kor-Ban household and eventually began exploring the thick woodlands on the edge of the Kor-Ban estate. It was a simpler time, but nonetheless it shaped the foundation for their brotherly bond. The two brothers would also strengthen a mystical anomaly in that same bond. Covak and Obymes began to feed off of the emotions of the other. It eventually became something of a symbiotic empathy so sensitive tha
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