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My Bio
The second half of Zox graphic Design and semi professional writer. Living in the mid west, have two dogs.

Favourite Visual Artist
Hayao Miyazaki (I don't care that its cartoons get over it)
Favourite Movies
Finding Forester, As good as it gets, Mary Poppins, Red Dragon, The Good the bad and the Ugly, Pulp Fiction, Clerks 1&2, The Big Lebowski, RENT, Taken, The Two Towers, Life of Brian, The Edge, One Flew over the Cookoos Nest, House 2, The Seventh Seal
Favourite TV Shows
True Blood, Doctor Who, South Park
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Any and all
Favourite Books
Mercy Thompson Novels, Xanth Series,
Favourite Writers
John Green, Patricia Briggs, Peirs Anthony
Favourite Games
Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill, DBZ Boudiki Tenckichi 3, Super Mario RPG, Pokemon Red, Legend of Zelda OOT, Tetris, Marvel VS. Capcom, Halo Reach, River Raid
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360/ Super Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Word, Illustrator, me own two hands.
Other Interests
World History, and Animation study.
Been a long ass time since I wrote one of these. lol I want to start drawing again, problem is, my computer is about 5 years past its experation date and there is no money for a new one. I have the money to buy a tablet and start drawing in Photoshop, I just gotta see what it will take to get it working on this computer. I want to go ahead with my idea to mimic the Clerks Animated series look for a comic or flash cartoon. Now I just gotta think of something to write about. Wish me luck!
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okay, is it better to end a relationship that is going no where, even if they are your perfect match, and its been years? Or to wait it out and jump when your chance comes? And if I should leave, how do I do it and leave that all behind?
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Haven't been on in a long time, and I'm wondering if I start making content again if anyone would care, and what you would like to see. Sincerely, Terrel Coleman.
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Thanks for the great favs and watching me. See my products at and

Thanks for watching!

Hi Coleslayer I created an image gallery for Markonah that you would like me to upload in the all Access tier

Thank you so much for remembering me! I get payed on the first of Nov.

I will be able to subscribe after that. :)

You're welcome

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Would the exclusive artwork you mentioned, include my OC's?

I would very much appreciate some help with them. I have zero access to a proper ai, and can't generate them the way I want.