Should I release my material on dA or my site? (Leave a comment)
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Leave both sites, put your head down, and come back in 2-3years when you grow up

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i think you should release your work on dA. There are so many functions like favourit and so on. i think it's better
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Ur ''meterial'' should be on aqua-soft...
Erm da has a nice public,but aquasoft has more serial people...
U can get a job or somethin...
dev is just like photobucket...nothin' comes good of it...
But u should think of bracnhin' more...chek out cpulove...
and keep ur self on aqua...and ur site...!
PS:gimme the link to the site...
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haha; *material

I'm so sick of dA I hate how uncustomizable and how ugly the it is.., but I like the friend-of-a-friend exposure,

Also, I get four time more people from forums to my site, than I get from dA, so you got a good point to stick to forums.
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I agree with liquival... on deviantart more exposure dude. ;)
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on deviantart, because more people would notice it that way I think. I don't think a ton of people will bookmark your site and keep checking it that often for new releases. But it might be a good idea to put releases on your site too.