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King Piccolo, Single Father

I've had this picture in my head for a while, even before I did this one. I kept putting it off because I thought it would be hard, but I really wanted this picture to exist. Not enough people draw Piccolo's brothers! So... yeah. I figured Junior and Drum wouldn't get along, because Drum is jealous that there's a new baby of the family :XD: And Cymbal chews on dragonballs and Piano struggles to read books that are too advanced for him, and Tambourine... just kind of plays with his tongue I guess? Kind of how I pictured Kid Tambourine, I don't know why.
I'll probably find like a hundred things that I missed out or screwed up later on, but for now I'm kind of impressed with how this turned out. I also used layers on this one, just for the Daimao symbol... I'm finally starting to understand layers lol.

So as always, please leave comments, love, hate, etc... and you can reblog here!

I don't know what the pink goo is... Some kind of food, or other miscellaneous baby mess.
2nd Edit:
I realised I screwed up the shading on the arm around KP's wrist, and I remembered he has a red border around his pink patches... so I fixed that. Told you I'd find something I messed up OTL
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Being a single father can be reaaaaally tough :lmao:
Especially with 5 kids with a wild nature, haha.
I love Piano so much here - I always imagined him to be a quite but smart child (if he had ever been one that is)
who teaches his brothers all sorts of things because he's the oldest and first to learn anything from books and observation.
Tambourine...well....I guess you could say that he was more simple xD
I bet he got into a lot of trouble, fighting with his other brothers over trivial things and causing a ruckus every now and then
because of his wild nature and temper.
Cymbal seems to be a bit more peaceful and is probably happy with a few shiny things he can call his own. He always remind me
of a magpie, haha.
And Drum...well, he's the jealous second youngest one, who can't stand that there is another baby brother who gets the most attention.
I wouldn't be surprised if he'd do some bad things just to tell his father that it wasn't him but junior xD

And then we have KP himself, who loses his temper over every little thing and probably screems at the top of his lungs every time
the boys mess up xDDD
Well, if he needs someone to complain to, I'm sure he'd get along well with my own character Baltasar, who raised his boys alone as well xD
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Haha we pictured the kids exactly the same! I always saw Cymbal as a magpie as well, I figured that since he was created to gather the dragonballs he'd just be into collecting shiny things lol. And yeah, Tambourine is more simple than Piano :XD: I laughed when I read that.
I think KP's done well to put up with the kids for so long without killing them though lol, but if he ever met Baltasar he'd probably just leave the kids there and run :p
I don't think I know this character of yours, have you drawn him? Or is that Marduk/Lucien's foster dad?
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How mean - leaving Baltasar alone with so many kinds :lmao:
I think you haven't seen anything of him yet. I'm not even sure if there are
older deviations ofh im left in my gallery, but this one was done in August 2015
and a possible re-design for him, which I still like:
Baltasar Akephalos Daimao by ShadowmakerSerenity
He belongs to my story "Demon Diaries" and is more or less supposed to be some
kind of reincarnation of KP. His sons are also some kind of reincarnations of KPs boys,
so there are similarities in appearence and character :D
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That sounds cool :D I like his clothing, and the scars! Hmm I remember a while ago I commented on a picture of yours which was the reincarnation of Tambourine I think? So was that Baltasar's son?
ShadowmakerSerenity's avatar
And exactly :D If you want to, I can send you a note with the most important information about them and the story~
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That is so cute! Great job on capturing the everyday frustrations of being a single father :P.
It´s been a while since I watched DB, forgot that Piccolo had all this older siblings. I like that they have al their own shade of green and a very distinct personalitly! Keep up the great work, hope to see more of the Piccolo family in the future :p
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