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Star Wars: Scoundrel's Lot -02
Star Wars: Scoundrel's Lot
miss mask
        Broken, lifeless, empty vessels everywhere you looked. Shells without souls, battle-worn and useless. The old Ferelheim Trade District was rightly nicknamed the Scrapyard, but it was not only derelict spacecraft that populated this dark, forsaken slice of Nar Shaddaa.
        Rundown spaceports like this were infrequent and unsightly pockmarks on the surface of Nal Hutta's largest moon, relics of a past which may have never existed; back before the trade lanes shifted and left the Vertical City to rot. When the commerce left, so did the Republic, leaving the moon a ripe apple to be eaten of worms. When the Hutts took over for good, the Scrapyard and the countless other seedy little pockmarks like it became havens for illicit activity; not that anything stolen, smuggled, illegal, or forbidden wasn't already for sale in the Hutt-controlled sectors. They we
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Star Wars: Scoundrel's Lot -01
        He blended so perfectly with all the rest of the filthy, unwashen, bantha-smelling knock-outs and toughs that he was hardly even there; a much grease-stained leather jacket bearing the familiar triple-triangle and starburst insignia of Kuat Drive Yards on the back, with dingy denim trousers and boots dyed the color of Tattooine soil. An unkempt pate of greasy, stringy hair coronated him king of the spacers. A morning-after bed of stubble and hint of mustache framed an otherwise sharp and angular jawline. Bags under bloodshot, darkly-shadowed eyes; naturally dark, not smeared with carbon-based pigments as was the habit of the tweakers on lower Coruscant. The requisite blaster was slung low in its hip-strapped holster; an Imperial-issue E11 carbine. Much heavier than the pop-guns and target-plinkers most of these sandpeople had access to, and bound to draw attention; though around Mos Vespa, there was an unspoken rule: never ask about anoth
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A tale from Hyrule in the time of the Hero of Time
The Gerudo Desert is a wasteland so harsh and unforgiving, even those who manage to survive there are bitterly envious of the cool breezes and life-giving waters that move about in lands beyond their borders, out of reach. For those not accustomed to such hardships, the desert was all the more despicable, a scorched land that seemingly even the gods dared not enter.
A tiny, barely human figure broke the endless fields of sand and stone. A Hylian girl, Maylin. She struggled to stay upright on her fatigued legs while the desert sands scalded the soles of her bare feet with every step. A slip-like sort of undergarment, made of white silk and just barely long enough to cover her lower extremities, was the only thing she had between her skin and the unbridled heat of the sun, and it, like her long naturally green hair, was soaked in sweat and clung to her. Her hands were bound together in front of her with more rope that was r
:iconcoldflamezero:ColdFlameZero 3 23


Defending Hyrule -Link Cosplay by LiKovacs Defending Hyrule -Link Cosplay :iconlikovacs:LiKovacs 7,961 1,077 Animation: Ace of Foxes by Skia Animation: Ace of Foxes :iconskia:Skia 1,990 138 Catch It by Khalitzburg Catch It :iconkhalitzburg:Khalitzburg 31,179 4,469 Borderlands YEAH by JohnSu Borderlands YEAH :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,738 567 Waga Aibo Death-kun by JohnSu Waga Aibo Death-kun :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,484 497
Teenage Handgrenade
There she goes a running
Like a teenage handgrenade
Just looking for someone
To pull the pin and fade
Nevermind the world
It's not gonna break apart
Look for the lever deep inside
Open the floodgates to your heart
When all things said and done
When the crater smokes black
Like a phoenix from the ashes
My smile brings her back
:icondragonsneeze:DragonSneeze 3 13
Lullaby for the night
Go to sleep, my angel,
Go to sleep,
The sun's set and left for the night...
(drift away,
drift away,
into sleep)
Go to sleep,
Dream your dream,
Angel wont you sleep tight tonight,
The moon's rose,
Off you go,
Enter sleeps sweet spell!
(listen close,
oh won't you)
Wait for the birds sweet calls,
Sleep to the crickets song,
Close your eyes my beautiful angel!!
(Drift to sleep,
Listen to the beat, of my heart,
Now slowly drift away,
Can you see?
The white moons soft gleam,
Telling you to dream!)
Forget of lifes hard chores,
I'm here now, I'm all yours
This lullaby will be your cure!
Go to sleep,
Angel go to sleep,
The sun's set and left until dawn's (beautiful) call!
:iconshadowyoshi022:Shadowyoshi022 11 32
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R.A. Summerlin
United States
Current Residence: the sticks, North Carolina, US
Favourite genre of music: Electronica
Operating System: Vindows Wista
MP3 player of choice: One that works...
Favourite cartoon character: The SOS Brigade!! XD
Personal Quote: "Never take anything I say too seriously."
  • Listening to: Pandora -- an Ephixa station
  • Reading: YOUR MIND. :mwahaha:
  • Drinking: Stamina Potion+
I've gone and done it. I've decided to return to deviantART!!


Not that I left for any particular reason. It's just that a lot of life has happened and blah blah blah I'm a terrible Internet person. :(

But whatever. What I meant to say is that I have just (literally five minutes ago) opened a new dA account under what will become my official pen name:


I have several reasons for coming back under a new name; the chiefest among them is that the words "coldflamezero" burn holes in my eyeballs when I look at them. :XD: There's nothing wrong with this account; it's been here since deviantART's infancy and to that end has some kind of grandfather status. (Distant third-great-uncle-twice-removed status, perhaps?) But as I sift through the stuff I did in my mid-to-late teens, I can't help but chuckle. I was a different person then. A lot more optimistic, but no less altruistic. I used to think I could draw. :XD:

Well, I do have talents, and lately I've been trying to reawaken and stimulate those latent abilities which have lain dormant within the abyss of my subconscious as I settled in to weather life's hail of cruel and unforgiving arrows (dipped in Greek fire.) Well, I got shot and burned to hell, but like some valiant Spartan who just refuses to die... I ... just refuse to die.

Most recently, I was a truck driver guys. A truck driver, driving truck. But the company I was with were capitalist assholes who refused to pay me for three weeks of work, and also sent me to Colorado in the middle of an ice storm which they neglected to warn me about. Things did not end well. The truck slid out from under me and jackknifed hard enough to total it. Thank God no one else was involved (they narrowly missed me) except me, but the accident kind of had a way of rearranging my priorities: kind of like Captain Sparrow after his little dust-up with the kraken and that Davy Jones' locker business.

My interests have shifted (slightly) but my goal in life in general is the same: no matter what happens, leave something worthwhile behind, whether that something is literature, or art, or music; I dunno, perhaps a little of everything. I've been messing around with Inkscape and the GIMP quite a bit as part of a mad and desperate Ponzi scheme concocted by one of my cousins to sell T-shirts, but also to build my graphic design credentials beyond what I learned in college (which wasn't much.... srsly, why did I even go to college?)

Of course, my primary talents are in literature, and I've still got ideas for novels and such; many of which I originally thought of as my teenage CFZ self. Those ideas never went away fully: over the years they found ways of developing themselves in my head such that, if I were to start right now on some of my projects, I wouldn't even need to write an outline, I could just flow and BAM. But it is difficult to write while working on your graphic design pedigree AND looking for employment AND needing rather desperately to get out of your parent's....  AHEM. That's enough of that. Moving on! :D

So the point is, I'm ElliotGrey now and anyone who is anyone from back in the day (you know who you are) is welcome to come and post to my new profile page. I'll be catching up on everyone eventually. I'll probably go ahead and re-post those deviations sooner or later. You know, those. They're my only claim to net fame. Better hang on to them. :XD::horns: I'll also post anything I come up with that's presentable in a desperate attempt to establish some form of portfolio/resume. Eventually.

I'm also going to say (in case I forget to later) that the Triforce Alchemy Circle and the Song of Healing are for all intents and purposes still under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution (CC-SA-BY) license, meaning anyone's free to use them, sing them, tattoo them on your chest or whatever so long as you plug "ColdFlameZero" or (even better) "Elliot Grey" in some manner. (I'm just kidding about the tattoo; if you have the tattoo artist put a CC notice beneath your Triforce Alchemy Circle tattoo people will point and laugh at you. Just send me a pic/link if you do!) These are fanworks anyway and as such fringe on infringement as it is, so you are welcome to fringe upon infringing upon my fringement.

(I am just kidding; I studied copyright laws in college, I know how this works, fanworks are not copyright infringement, but everyone knows that already so why did I even. )

Right now I feel like replaying Metal Gear Solid 2 for the nth time (where n is a non-zero rational integer between one and Snake's headband). That President isn't going to rescue/assassinate himself.

Peace and golden fleece in ancient Greece to all ya'll.

~~CFZ / Elliot Grey

P.S. I'm certain you all already know this, but Skyward Sword happened and I am very happy that it happened to me. It is a case study in characterization; no other game series than Zelda could produce so many abrasive/bizarre characters that you originally hate but end up falling in love with. (i.e. Groose, Fi, Ghirahim, Demise, Peatrice, Impa, etc., etc.) Except for Cawlin, perhaps. I feel no remorse for crushing this kid's spirit. And Batreaux is one of the best characters ever. Period.

(1) plummeting from the very flight ceiling of the heavens in a face-first nosedive,
(2) pretending you don't have a built-in parachute,
(3) taking only two hearts of damage or so,
(4) is epic win in my book.

Also I stared at the Gate of Time for days on end. I am not kidding.

That pattern on the door.... Could they have...? Did I...? Did AceRacer...? ...Naaaah.

Peace, ya'll. :peace:


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ShinyDarkrai2000 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Student General Artist
AHA!!!  So YOU'RE ColdZeroFlame!  I was wondering for so long who you could be.  Now I've found you.  And let me just say...YOU'RE LYRICS FOR THE SONG OF HEALING ARE F**KING AWESOME!!! ...Sorry for yelling... ^^;
PandaESL Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012
Just wanted to tell you that I read your "Song of Healing" poem about two years ago, and to this day, ever time I read it it still gives me chills. I always save it for late at night when I can be playing the song while reading it, and it's absolutely beautiful.
ElliotGrey Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student Writer
(Don't mind the lateness... I seldom bother to check on my CFZ account these days... :XD: )

Awesome; I wish I could write more things this powerful. :) The Song of Healing lyrics are definitely going in my memoirs as I consider them a lifetime achievement.

You play these on what instrument? Do you sing? Do you pretend to have singing capabilities as I often do?
ProfessorJoukuu Featured By Owner May 16, 2011
Hope you're doing well.
ElliotGrey Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student Writer
Likewise! Except I'm about a year and 15 days late to reply.

I'm ... um, surviving.

slayer24112 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009   Photographer
Tagged. See journal for more info.
DragonSneeze Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Modus operandi? ;o
ProfessorJoukuu Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008
Hey-ho, it's been a while. What's up?
DKSTUDIOS05 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
hellowsss random deviant :D
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