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artomate first update...

Update 1: Tuesday April 10, 2011...

This Update is released to achieve a cleanest visual style and it includes:

+ search box active bug fixed

+ jumplist modified

+ top, left and right taskbar supported

+ header item fixed

+ push button and combo boxes fixed

Artomate for windows 7 aero...for 32 and 64 bits...

The pack includes:

- Windows 7 Visual Style
- ExplorerFrame.dll for X86 and X64
- StartOrb

Wallpaper credits:

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Come si installa?
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really beautiful theme
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i like this. But my paper sheet in microsoft word turns to grey..the same like visual style background color grey! How to make it white??
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Brilliant theme! I would like to suggest that the search box 'box' would be more appropriate with dark glass or white, rather than blue. But nonetheless, awesome work!
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Thanks mate ...I'll consider your advice ...
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I have a problem - min, max and close buttons don't appear on Win7 x64
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Problem solved! I restarted explorer and buttons appeared.
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OMG! Soy Sexy the VS hohoho *-* Download NOW! :33 Thanks for Share!
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no problem...disfrutalo!!!
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Can use for mod :)
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of course...feel free to mod it...just remember to give credits...let me know when you release you VS...thanks!!!
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Hey hey

It looks very awesome!
I really love the color scheme
And its nice and clean
Is it a possibilty to make all round corners "not round" I like everything, wel NOT round :)
Maybe you could consider it.

Great Greet Giblet
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I'll do it with sharp aware...thanks!!!
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How do you get that sidebar dock thing on the right ?!
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Its a Rainmeter Skin called Vertical dock by:
i don't know if i commented on this yet but damn i LOVE this theme.
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hehe..thanks mate...enjoy it...
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Hey, this looks great, but just one thing.
When I open up Microsoft Word, the page looks grey-ish because of the theme.
Could you fix that?

Thanks, and wonderful theme!
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where can i learn how exactly to install that theme? nothing written here and in the archive . i use w7 sp1 x64 with IE9.
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Its beautiful.. as your other entries are....
Your sense of designing is perfect...

I would have loved to see the option of user pic though......
shubhankarbhowmick's avatar
Its beautiful... as the other entries are...
Your sense of designing is perfect....
I would have also loved to see the option of user pic though....
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