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Smoothie Full Pack...

A revisited, improved and fixed "Smoothie VS" is presented...

The new pack includes:

1- A new "Dark" mod...
2- Bugs fixed from the previous VS
3- New ExplorerFrame.dll, Caption buttons, start orb that fits better woth both mods...
4- Full X86 and X64 system support...
5- New walls created by me...

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome...
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Will this work on windows 10
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awesome theme sir...    i like it very much!!!
moreover, I can't setup light version, can you help me? send me your icons btw xP
Thanks guy
Can you upload your icon gallery ? It's so freaking awesome <3
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thanks man! i really like your mod
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Thank you, Awesome theme!
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How do you install it?
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how do you install it? Sorry I'm dumb :/
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fwiw, explorerframe.dll broke the browsing and display in firefox's download manager. can't select folders when I go do save a file.
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if explorerframe is broken for me with this still, do you know of a way to easily replace the explorer back/forward / etc icons? I also want to blank the quicklaunch/taskbar icons in win7 64bit, the standby tbariconblanker.exe isn't working for me ):

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I found that your theme was nicely done and featured it here:

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wow :o that's really flattering...thanks!!!
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yeah thanks mate!!!!
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make a windowblinds version of this, this is awesome minimalist theme!
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I've never done anything for windowblinds but i'll try...thanks a lot!!!
ElwoodKlown's avatar
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Smaller font please :(
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Umm it wont work the same with me.
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what happened??
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Most beautiful ExplorerFrame on DeviantArt
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looks awesome! :)

but i still haven't really understood how to install visual styles on win7. could you tell me how?
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thanks mate!!!
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