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Polymer for Windows 7

The final version of my latest Windows 7 Visual Style "Polymer" for aero includes...

1) Windows 7 Theme...
2) ExplorerFrame.dll

Tested on W7 SP1...

Soon I'll be uploading alternatives to the ExplorerFrame...

Wallpaper included in the theme belongs to:

Comments and critiques are welcome (as always)...thanks to all the people who contribuited with suggestions...

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The way you did the min max close buttons is fantastic, It seems so many themes just use the circle buttons from osx and maybe change the color or something, That is getting real old real fast, its actually so old its turning to dust now. I wish more people would at least include the option of buttons that looks similar to the actual win 7 buttons, Like the _ [ ] X

I cannot stand using the osx style buttons on windows, If i wanted that id go and buy apples overpriced scam

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wow !!! simplemente genial  !!! me encantó este tema, pensé que  Glass Onion era el mejor, ahora ya tengo mis dudas, gracias !!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Please, send me a link to Taskbar icons :thumbsup::D
Does anyone know how i get it to work on my computer?
Does anyone know how i get it to work on my computer?
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Wow, this ExplorerFrame crashed my computer man!----So it's just for x86? Hard to tell this fact from just a casual reading of the description. You should re-name this to "Polymer for Windows 7 x86" so people will know right off-the-bat, bro, and not crash-out like I did. System Restore was my fix, but some people may not be so lucky.....
Great look by the way:D
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I forgot,im on the win 7 x64 bit
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Hi dude,your theme is awsome but i have a few problems:
first - butons (minimaze,maximaze and close) buttons on the top right corner are mising,i have the blank rectangle but the image buttons are missing
second - taskbar is ok,but my start button and pined icons are not the same as yours on the picture

Heres the picture

tnx !
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Looks amazing, downloading now.
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Aero snap Bug! plz fix it! :(
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working on it... Soon
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hey how do I change the icons?
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how do I replace explorerframe.dll? Windows won't let me.
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you must take ownership of your shell32 folder files is located in the c:\windows folder
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congratulations, awesome !! :D
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wow thanks...BTW...great avatar :p
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yeah thanks!!!
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looks great, might be better if you angled the caption buttons more, like the strait vertical sides were to be angled more
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I will..thanks man!!!
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Excelente tema hermano!! te luciste
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Gracias late que te guste!!!
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